Monday, October 21, 2013

10 Reasons Not To Lose Weight

10 Reasons Not To Lose Weight

  1. You get to spend less time visiting your doctor. Don’t you just love going to visit your doctor so the doctor can tell you what your BMI number is. “Oh, let’s see, you fall in the obese category.”
  2. Pills! You might have to get off your blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I mean, doesn’t everyone live to take all those pretty little pills and pay an arm and a leg for them.
  3. Who wants to have to shop for new clothes. Do you really need stylish thin girl clothes? Wouldn’t you be happier in big oversized sweatshirts and sweatpants?
  4. Comfort! Should your clothes really be that comfortable? You just might miss that snug fit of your jeans cutting into your middle.
  5. Do you really want to have people talking behind your back? “She’s had a tummy tuck!” Who wants to have their hard work talked about that way? It’s just easier to stay heavy!
  6. My shoes are too big? They are slipping off my feet. Great! When you lose a bunch of weight you even go down in shoe size. That means buying stylish new shoes to go with the new clothes. Wow! Now it means I have to decide which boots to buy? So many decisions!!
  7. When you lose weight you feel like you have to spend time exercising. No more sitting around like a couch potato. Going to the gym and hanging out with all those other skinny, fit people. Who wants to do that?
  8. Energy! What am I supposed to do with all this new found energy? I used to be happy just sitting at my computer, now I want to get up and do things. Gosh, does this ever end!
  9. Compliments, don’t you just really get tired of them? “Oh my gosh you look so good!” “You’re hot!” I didn’t have that problem before I lost the weight!!
  10. Now, I have to put up with that look in my husband’s eye when I put on my new skinny jeans! You know that look!! I hadn’t seen that in a while! I though that was gone forever!
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blog Hop Blitz #7

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Kinda sums up our hop! Just like this post from Menopausal Mother, she makes a love/hate relationship with football list that I'm sure plenty of us are feeling as we enter week #7. 

Oh, by the way, welcome to Week #7. 

This is the hop where you link up your best post of the week, tailgate recipes, DIY decor, whatever you want, then go and enjoy the games. 

Say hello to our wonderful hosts:
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Terri & Shawna
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Check out our versatile Most Valuable Bloggers (MVBs):
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Perfect for the fall season, yummy bread pudding nestled in a pumpkin! Courtesy of Create with Joy.

Awesome example of what it means to walk the talk! Taylor Made Ranch gives us a living example of marriage vows.

Foody Schmoody gave us a wonderful meal that could be prepared ahead of time and frozen, perfect for a weekday meal!

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Blog Hop Blitz

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