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I need to see how other people are doing and what they are using to stay motivated.  I am going to put people who are just starting, as well as people who have gotten to their goal and stayed for a long time.  This will be blogs of people at any level of weight loss.  Sometimes it helps to see other people's struggles, as well as their successes.  When you have a bad day and you see that you aren't the only one, you don't feel the need to beat yourself up as badly.  These blogs may not be all about weight loss.  Most of us talk about our lives.  Our lives affect our weight.  This is a list in progress.  If you want to be added to my list leave a comment.

Weight Loss Help

24 to 30
24-7 Low Carb Diner
282.5 Get Tough300 Pounds Down
700 Pounds Is As Bad As It Sounds
A Better Tina
A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss
A Deliberate Life
A (Future) Weight Loss Success Story
A Happier Girl
A Healthy Baking Blog
A Healthy Makeover
A Heart Like Mine
A Journey to Thin
A Portly Gentleman No More
A Step in the Right Direction
A Strong New Me
A Weight Watching Angel (No Longer a "WeightWatcher")
Amanda's Life As A Mother and Wife
American Women Didn't Get Fat in the 50's
An Unlikely Adventurer
At Goal Weight Watcher
Affection for Fitness
Asking...Why NOT Me!?!
All the Weigh
Banded And Going Strong
Being Primal
Believing in myself
Ben Does Life.Com
Beth's Journey
BFC and soon to be Little Ole Me:
Bohemian Burble
Brooke:  Not On A Diet
Cake Distraction
Calorie Lab
Carb Tripper
Carbs Don't Kill My Vibe
Carrots 'n' Cake
CeCe is Me!
Choosing Joy
Choppy Skinny
Chubby McGee
Coily Locks
Contemplative Fitness
Cooking to Lose That Belly
Cranky Fitness
Curvy Fit Girl
Daily Dose of Del Signore
danica's daily
Dawn's Daily Chocolate
Diana's Weight Loss Journey
Diary of An Aspiring Loser Maintainer
Diary of A Fat Mommy
Double Chin Diary
Drop It Like It's Hot
Dropping the Plus From My Size
Eat, Pray, Run, Repeat.
Elaine Escapes
Emily Bites
Erin Lewis Fitness
Escape from Obesity
Eventually Former Fatty
Everything Susan
Exploration of Beauty
Fabulous Chick Gets Fit
Family Fitness Files
Fat Girl Dives In
Fat Girl Wearing Thin
Fat Girl Won't Run
Fat or Fit?  Challenging the status quo
Fat on the Inside
Fat to Fit Confessions
Fat to Fit 41
Fat to Fit Geek
Festively Plump All Year Round
Fit by 40
Fit This, Girl!!
Fit to Fab
Fit to the Finish
Fitness Blondie
Fixing Myself Happy
Feed Me I'm Cranky
Fifty Pound Journey
Finding Radience
First Comes Love
Fit With A Purpose
Fitnasty For Life
For Life
From Fat to Finish Line
From Obesity to Healthy and Fit
Gains And Losses:  Life Through Sharon's Eyes
Garden Girl
Gary Taubes
Get Fit, Healthy Life
Getting Lean, Strong and Healthy
Giving Life the One-Two Punch
go goggy go - trying to get fit after 50
Grace Dishes - A Healthy Weight Loss Blog
Gravel and Rust
Half a Julie
Half Size Me
Happily Chaotic
Healthier Lifestyle With Nonny
Healthy Lovin'
Horfilmania's Hope
Hungry Girl
If someone else did it on their own merit, so can I!
Infinitely Indecisive
Iseminger Chronicles
It Sux To Be Fat
Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit
Jane Is Weighing In
Just Roni
(Just) Trying is for Little Girls
Katie J in on her way
Katie's BFC
Keep It Up, David!
Keeping the Pounds Off
Keeping Up With Katie
Kicking Kilos
Kim Applebee
KTJ Weighing In
Ladybugs, Butterflies, and Boxing
Lap Band Gal
Laura 705
Lauren's Menu
Leap of Faith
Learn Fitness I know it
Life is Samtastic
Living like a 2-year old
Living the Life
Loretta's Journey from 460 to 199
Losing 147
Losing My Scrap
Losing Shorty
Losing the Rolls
Losing Weight and Finding Crystal
Losing Weight......And Finding Myself
Losing Weight in the City
Lynn's Weigh
Lulu and Daisy
Mama D's Journey
Mama Shapes Up
Mama's Losing It
Mama Tay LeMay Gets Rid of Her Gut
Maria's Nutritious and Delicious Journal
Mark's Daily Apple
Me and Jorge
Meegan Patricia
Mommy Running Crazy
More Than Just Dessert
Motivating Mommy, Weight Loss It's A Journey
Moving the Mountain
Mrs. T's Wild Ride
My Belly Fat Cure
My Cruise Control
Muffin Top
My Bizzy Kitchen
my exploration with Paul McKenna's hypnotic gastric band
My Inner Butterfly
My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss
My Journey to Fit:  A Fifty Something's Weight Loss Journey
My Ride On The Wagon
My Unglamourous Life
My Weighting Place
My weight loss journey
My 2nd cup
Nerd Fitness
Nerky (Nur-kee) adj.
Nine Months
No Thanks to Cake
On The Road To Fit
Once Upon A Time In The Land of Cheese and Sunkist
One Man's trip to the Half
Onederland or Bust
Operation Skinny Jeans
Pinks Pantry
Primal Girl
Prior Fat Girl
Progress Report
Proving I Can
Reduced Fat Girl
Ron is Getting Healthy
Roni's Weigh
Running Like a Mother
Running My Way to a Full
Running With My Tiara On
Runs for Cookies
Simply Healthy Mama
Simply Sami
Sisu Strong
Sixty Minutes Sixty Years
Skinny Emmie
Skinny Girl Where Are Thou
Skinny Hollie
Skinny Jeans & a Healthy Me
Skinny Kimmie
Skinny Taste
Sky n Surf
Smart Way to Fat Loss
Something Brilliant is Brewing
Spunky Suzi working toward a healthier me
Staying in the Pink
Success Along the Weigh
Tatlock's Truth
That Fitness Chic
That's Just Me
The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl
The Belly Fat Cure....Purple Rosy Style....
The Coily Bombshell
The Chronicles of the Melting Man
The Diary of A Fat Mommy
The Get Fit Mom
The Fatscapades of a Red Headed Chick
The First Day...
The Fit Train
The Lean Switch
The Low Carb Diabetic
The Long and Winding Road to Wellness
The Miscellaneous Mom
The Mustache Diaries
The New Chapter of Lyn
The (never-ending) Adventure in Fitness (& Life)
The Paleo Mom
The Pounds Off Playoff
The Reluctant Weight Watchers Foodie
The Singing Bird
The Skinny on Staci
The Tippy Toe Diet
The Wallflower
The Weight It Is
The Widgeon Nest
The Workout Mama
The World According to Eggface
This Fat Chick's Gotta Lose Weight
This Time It's For 4 Real
Throwing the Yo-Yo Away
Tuttle's Tidbits
Two Big Fatties...
V Watts Thoughts
Welcome to My World
Weighting for 50's
Weight Watcher Wannabe
Wells Live Well
Who Ate My Blog?
Wisdom, Courage, Power
Your Lighter Side
You Shut Your Mouth
Yum Yucky



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  3. thanks for the inclusion, Betty! Great idea!

    1. Of course you would be included. You have an excellent weight loss blog.

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    1. Your welcome. You are one of my favorites.

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  6. Hi Betty I just stared following your blog. I love reading about you and would appreciate it if you could add me also. Thank you!

  7. Hello Betty! Please at me to your list :) thank you

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    1. I am glad! I have been enjoying making the rounds and seeing what everyone is doing.

    2. and I just thanked you again...LOL oops!

  11. This is the only list I have come across for weight loss blogs, thank you so much for it! Could you add me as well?

    1. Lydia, I went looking for Weight Loss Blog Directories. I didn't find much so I decided I would start my own. Then I thought maybe someone else would like to use it, so that's how it got started. Oh by the way, I got you added!

  12. It's an amazing idea and I'm really enjoying working my way through it. This list just screams "You're not alone!" Thank you again for it and thanks for the add!

    1. I am glad you are enjoying it. I keep adding new blogs daily so it will probably mess up your working your way through. There are so many great blogs and great people working on trying to make permanent changes to their lives.

  13. Thank you for including me - Betty:)

    1. Your welcome, Marc. You have a fantastic blog. We don't have too many men on here. Your insight is great!!

  14. Hi Betty! Thank-you so much for including me here. I can't wait to check out the others listed in your directory :)

    1. Your welcome, Tina. It is great their are so many fantastic weight loss blogs out there. Weight loss is something that is helped so much by support of your peers. You have a great blog!

  15. Hi Betty,

    I just found your blog when I was over reading Marc's (Fat or Fit) post. I thank you for including me in your directory. I've taken a five week absence to try to help my eyes but I'm going to try to get back to posting regularly.

    I'm always looking for good, inspiring people to read that are actually walking the walk and not just talking. Your list will be most helpful. Thanks again. :)

    1. Thanks Caron, I found your blog when I went looking for some inspiring blogs to put on my list.

  16. I want to thank you so much for including me. I love reading other peoples journey's. I feel like I can learn so much from the success other people have had which definitely keeps me motivated.

    1. Your welcome, Danielle. If you have any suggestions for any blogs to add, please let me know. I want to get a comprehensive list of all the best weight loss blogs. I find them helpful to me. My list is getting to long for me to get to everyone each day. I used to be able to catch up on what was going on with everybody, now I have to break up the list and hit some each day. I hope other people are enjoying the list.

  17. What a great idea to get all the resources together in one place.

    I would much appreciate it if you could add my blog please?

    It is just getting started but will be updated regularly



    1. I added you Colin. I am happy to get more blogs from men. I enjoy reading things from a man's view.

  18. Would love to have my blog included here as well! What a great idea :)

    1. I am happy to add you Alicia! I hope the list can be helpful to lots of people!

  19. I`m new to the game! Give me an add if you would!

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    Alyssa at

    1. You are welcome!!!! Thanks for the great compliment!!

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    Thank you for including my blog in your list. It is appreciated.

    E. Jane

    1. You're welcome! Glad to have your blog listed.

  27. Hi there, me and 3 friends have a health/weight loss blog, too:, we'd love to be on your list!

    1. Thanks for submitting your blog!! I have added you!

  28. I just began my weight loss blog. I would love to be added to your directory! The address is

    1. I got you entered a while back, just forgot to answer the comment.

  29. Great list. I've been looking for new blogs to read. Will add yours in my favorites. :)

  30. This is a great resource to have, thanks :) Feel free to add my blog:

    1. Sorry it took me so long. I sometimes miss these comments with all the new posts.

  31. Hi Betty!
    I just found your blog. I love this idea. I have a mini-version on my blog, because like you, I like to have my resources at my fingertips :) Please add me to your list.

    Thank you! Good luck with your weight-loss journey!

    1. I got you added a while back just missed answering your comment.

  32. Thanks for including me on your list! What a cool resource :) Hopefully some of your readers will find their way over to my blog if they're looking for a little competitive motivation. The next round of my Commit To It Competition starts on Monday! The more the merrier.

    Cheering you on!

    1. I try to find all the great weight loss blogs and get them added! Hopefully some of the bloggers will make it over to your Commit to It Competition.

  33. Thanks so much Betty for including me! I'm going to try to find some new bloggers I can identify with from your blog!

    1. I'm sure you will find some! There are lots of great weight loss bloggers here.

  34. Hey Betty, I was going to see if you could add me to your blog list.


    1. I thought I added you a long time ago. I looked and you aren't there. I will get you added.

  35. This is a fabulous collection of weight loss blogs!

    1. Thanks! I hope that it is helpful to lot of people. When I went looking for something like this I couldn't find one so I decided to make a list myself.

  36. Hi Betty could you add me? My address is:

  37. Welcome to the weight loss blogging community! I am very excited about adding your blog. I followed your blog so I could see your progress!

  38. I left a comment from my phone and I think it may have been on a different post. I am slowly working through this list and am super excited to have found it. Much thanks for putting it together!

    I would love to be added as well since I have just joined the fun:

  39. What a huge list! Please add me to the list.

    1. Cassandra, I just found your note. I tend to miss some of the comments and it takes me a while to see them. You are added!!

  40. great directory & GREAT idea!!! :)

  41. I want thank you a million times over for setting up this page on your blog. Like most of the comments above, I am also working my way through the list and have been inspired by several bloggers and don't feel so alone. Many thanks RM

    1. I am so glad you are finding the list helpful. There are some great people here at all levels of their weight loss journey.

  42. That's a long list. I'm a newbie blogger and my weight loss baby blog is still starting to pick up. Thank you so much for setting this weight loss blog directory - this inspires me even more to continue blogging. Can you add me?
    Its .


  43. Betty thanks so much for adding me!!! I love this awesome list that you compiled!

  44. Hi Betty, thank you so much for including me :) the list is great!!!


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