Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Weigh: Detailing THE 100 Diet Plan

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Third Week Progress on THE 100.

This is the end of my third week following THE 100 diet plan.  I have stuck with the plan pretty well.  The first four weeks is more restrictive, then you can add in a few more things.  I have had a few slivered carrots on some of my salads, which really isn't allowed yet.

Today, I really cheated.  I ate some raspberries and blackberries.  They are not allowed until after week 4.  

Here is a tomorrow's meal plan for week 4.


2 Fried Eggs served with 2 breakfast sausage links and coffee with half and half.


1/4 cup sunflower seeds


1 cup shredded Romaine lettuce, topped with 1/4 cup shredded deli turkey, 1 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese, and 2 Tbsp. Caesar dressing

1 hard-boiled egg


1 grilled chicken breast, topped with 1 slice fresh Mozzarella, 2 basil leaves, and 1 slice tomato, drizzled in 2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar


Up to 2 glasses red wine (I have not had any wine at all)

Sugar Calories

On this diet you count only sugar calories. Sugar calories are any carbohydrates grams multiplied by 4.   The menu above is 1524 Calories, but it amounts to 49 Sugar Calories.  The menus for the first four weeks all fall under 50 Sugar Calories.

Beyond Week 4

After you have completed the first four weeks, you can choose to plan your own menus.  You just limit the sugar calories to 100 per day.  Of course, most proteins have no carbohydrate count.  So you begin adding from the acceptable list .When you add more veggies and a small amount of fruit you can easily reach the 100 sugar calorie limit.    

The fruit I ate today would have brought me to the 100 sugar calories limit.

After I reach my target weight, I can up the sugar calories to 300 per day.   I think it is probably best to add a little at a time to reach the 300.  I wouldn't want to add too many sugar calories and then find out it was too many for my body.  I think I would start by adding 50 more each week until I reached the 300 sugar calorie limit.  

I don't see that there is any reason to add back processed foods containing wheat and sugar.  If any is added it should only be on special occasions or as an occasional treat.

My Weekly Weigh-In

Loss 25.0 pounds total

Starting weight - 184.5
Week one - 180.0
Week two - 179.5
Week three - 179.0
Week four - 178.5
Week five - 177.0 
Week six - 176.0
Week seven - skipped, was on vacation
Week eight - 181.5  
Week nine - 174.0
Week ten - 172.5
Week eleven - 172.0
Week twelve - 171.5
Week thirteen - 170.5
Week Fourteen - 172.0
Week Fifteen - 167.5
Week Sixteen - 169.5
Week Seventeen - 168.5
Week Eighteen - 168.0
Week Nineteen - 167.5
Week Twenty - 161.50
Week Twenty-One  161.0
Week Twenty-Two 159.5

Yipee!!  Into the 150's!!

Warning scale is 3 pounds light!  


  1. Congratulations Betty... I just love seeing that scale go lower and lower... everyone tells me not to deprive myself... my treat is seeing that scale move in the right direction :)

    1. It is so great Launna!! I hope your scale keeps moving too!! I is not deprivation it is getting healthier. I don't know why people feel a need to discourage.

  2. Great weigh in! Congratulations!

    I love sunflower seeds. Aren't they addictive? A co-worker called my sunflower seed snack "squirrel food", ha ha. She doesn't know what she is missing!

    1. Squirrel food! You are right, they don't know what they are missing!

  3. congrats on the loss!

    And be careful of the sausage (it's about as processed as foods get. Surprised it's allowed!)...and the wine. A glass is technically only 4 oz. which is pretty small. Surprised a full two glasses are allowed at this stage of the diet, though...that's really a lot of sugar.

    But you are doing GREAT!

    1. I believe the sausage is primarily protein. It is only an occasional item on the diet. Wine has only 1 gram of sugar for one cup. It has 4 grams of carbs. That makes it 16 sugar calories. The whole days sugar calories was at 49.

      I don't drink the wine anyway. It says up to 2 cups. I guess if you are a wine drinker it allows you to still have your evening glass of wine.

  4. Congratulations! It's so exciting to dip below the next 10!

    1. Yes, that seems to be a mini-goal for everyone. Just get down into the next numbers.

  5. Congrats to the skinny minny:)

    1. I wish!! But thanks! Maybe in the next few months I will like a skinny minny.

  6. Congratulations to you and the all the best going forward.

  7. Woot woot!! Congrats Betty!! :)

  8. Great job! I'm down a whole 4 pounds, but I only started a couple weeks ago so I guess that's ok..

    Linking up through Prowess and Pearls blog hop :)

    1. Keep up the good work, Ren!!!

    2. I added your blog to my Weight Loss Blog Directory!

  9. Awesome! with God, all things are possible!

  10. Congrats Betty! You are doing an amazing job. Like I said before you have so much dedication, it's wonderful!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I am pleased with my results so far!!

  11. Wine is only high in sugar if you buy Merlot or one of the less dry reds. Cabernet sauvignon has barely any sugar and is allowed on a lot of diets. I drink red wine with dinner so I don't have sugar cravings in the evenings :) It works for me, plus it's great for your heart in limited amounts (one serving of table wine-reds, whites, not port etc is 5 ounces, so two glasses would only be 10 ounces). I love sunflower seeds, they are a great snack! Your doing awesome with your weight loss, yay for the 150's!

  12. Congratulations on your weight loss! The 100 diet sounds interesting.


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