Saturday, October 5, 2013

The 100 Diet is Paying Off!

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The 100 Diet is Paying Off!!!

The 100 Diet is Paying Off!!!  #100Diet  #WeightLoss  #Losing Weight #LowCarb

I had the time of my life yesterday!  I went shopping with friends.  I tried on all kinds of clothes.  They kept egging me on!!  I haven't had that much fun shopping since I was a teenager.  We all tried things on!  

I have been on the 100 Diet for a while now and I am amazed at the results.  I have lost weight before, but this time I am just losing so much body fat.  Everyone says it's because your exercising.  The truth is I haven't exercised consistently most of the time.  It is about the food that I have put in my mouth.  I have lost 36 pounds since February, but I started The 100 in June.  I lost 6 pounds the first week eating less than 100 sugar calories per day.  

The last two weeks I have been going to the gym and walking on the treadmill and lifting weights (mostly weight machines at this point).  In the earlier days of my diet I did a little bit of work with a kettle bell at home.  I just couldn't stay motivated by myself.  I looked around and thought of all the other things I needed to be doing.

Okay, now more about the exciting stuff!! I decided to try on a corduroy mini-skirt.  Well, guess what!  The size 6 was too big! I  had to try on a size 4 and it fit!  The problem was they didn't have a color I liked in the corduroy size 4. ! So, I got the denim, which I liked too!  My friend said, "You have to buy it, it's a size 4!"

The 100 Diet is Paying Off!  #The100  #WeightLoss  #LosingWeight  #LowCarb

Changing Sizes

My sizes on my tops have gone from an XL to a L and some M's.  I am pretty busty so it depends on how they are made.  It is so great to be wearing the smaller sizes.

I still have lots of shopping to do!  Without a job the money is my problem.  I still need boots to go with the jackets.  I have already bought a few pair of size 6 jeans.  I hope they fit for a little while.

Who would have thought for my 59th birthday coming up this week that I would be able to wear a size 4 skirt!

I will have to do a modeling session when I have someone to take pictures.  I wish I had thought to take pictures when we were trying things on.  That would have been great!  

The 100 Diet

I have posted some previous information on The 100 diet.  Here is the link to that post.

The 100 Diet is all about counting sugar calories.  Sugar calories are just grams of carbohydrates multiplied by four.  So if something has 2 carbs, it has 8 sugar calories.  Basically, you can eat 25 carbs each day.  

The carbs you eat should be mainly unprocessed foods.  It is really a Paleo/Primal/Low Carb eating plan.

The first four weeks Jorge Cruise details a suggested eating plan.  I tried to stick with that for 4 weeks.  After that, I planned my own meals.  It has become second nature to eat the way the plan suggests.  I have made changes that I can live with forever!

I am not linked to Jorge Cruise or The 100 in any way.  I have just lost weight using the plan and am anxious to tell my friends about it.


  1. Congratulations Betty, that is awesome for you :)

    1. Thanks so much Launna! You have been such a help with your motivational blog.

  2. You're correct! Your weight loss is coming from your diet, mostly (estimated, 80% from your diet, 20% from exercising). I hear similar things from you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise. My father is the one who keeps telling me that, but his ever-growing gut (he exercises a lot) says otherwise. Most nutritionists, dietitians, and fitness instructors, however, agree with the 80/20 rule. And even Arnold Schwarzenegger said the hardest lifting he ever had to do with with a spoon. :) But exercise helps! It boosts your metabolism, which does help with body fat loss.

    And congrats! Losing weight is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. It's great that you've made so much progress!

    1. Chelsey, I hear so many people say they can't lose weight because they just don't have the time to exercise. I have found that excuse just doesn't hold water. Exercise is really import for our bodies but it is not the most important thing in weight loss.

  3. It was so much fun reading your shopping trip story! I can just sense the joy in your words. You've worked hard for this and deserve it all! Cute clothes!

  4. Congratulations Betty you are so inspirational! Love the jacket and denim skirt.

    1. Thanks so much, Terri. I am starting to enjoy dressing for fall.


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