Sunday, March 31, 2013

I lost ten pounds in one day!!!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

April Fool's!!!!

I just wanted to talk about all of the ads that are out there that promise unreachable results.  We all know that it is probably impossible to lose 10 pounds in a day, but these ads grab our attention.  We all want instant weight loss and rapid results.

The problem with rapid weight loss is that you can lose the weight, but in all likelihood you will regain it back pretty quickly.  Permanent weight loss is about learning new habits and making life changes that you can live with for the long haul.

You can use diet pills, but is that something you want to do forever to take the weight off and keep it off?  Is taking pills really helping you to be the healthy person you want to be?  Even the use of shakes is not starting a new better eating habit.  Changing forever consists of eating healthier foods and exercising regularly.  You do not have to change everything about your food habits.  Start by making small changes. Make changes that you can live with.

If you make small changes and lose weight more slowly you can learn to maintain this.  It can take a while to lose this way, but you can make new habits that last a lifetime.

What do you overindulge in?  My biggest issue is sugar.  I started by eliminating sugar completely.  I have learned over the years that sugar is a problem for me.  I have to totally stay away from it for now.  I don't know if I can ever have small amounts of sweets.  Can I just eat a small piece of cake on a special occasion? I don't know.   That's something I will have to figure out after I get my weight down to where I need to be.  I don't tend to overeat other foods.  I can just eat smaller portions of most foods and learn the correct portion for me.

I believe this is the best way to get to a healthy weight and stay there.  My doctor has encouraged me to lose only 2 to 3 a pounds month, which just seems so slow, but if I lose the weight permanently I can wait a little longer to reach my goal.

I am not weighing in this week.  I will be weighing in next Monday.  I hope vacationing isn't slowing me down.

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is spending time with their families today and enjoying the holiday.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The New Mad Libs inspired Blog Hop!!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

My Easter Hop Mad Lib

There is a brand new blog hop being hosted by Chill Thoughts and The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingersnaps.  It is inspired by Mad Libs.  I always enjoyed doing Mad Libs with my son when he was younger and now my grandsons love Mad Libs.  I think it is something that you never outgrow.  So I filled in my blanks and they gave me the Mad Lib.

Here comes Jeff Cottontail
Sewing down the Zebra trail
Smart hoppin`,
Easter`s on its way

Bringin` every Table and Hot Tub
Girls full of Easter Anger
Things to make your Easter
Love and Fear

He`s got M&Ms for Carter
Colored Pizza for sister Kelli
There`s an Geranium for your mommy
And an Easter Sweater too

Oh! here comes Jeff Cottontail
Laughing down the Zebra trail
Smart hoppity,
Sadness Easter Day

Here comes Jeff Cottontail
Racing down the Zebra trail
Smart hoppin`,
Easter`s on its way

Try to do the things you should
Maybe if you`re extra Blissful
He`ll Walk lots of Easter Lobster your way

You`ll wake up on Easter Noon
And you`ll know that he was there
When you find those Strawberry Elephants
That he`s hiding everywhere

Oh! here comes Jeff Cottontail
Hoppin` down the Zebra trail
Smart hoppity, happy Easter Day
Smart hoppity, happy Easter Day

Happy Easter to Everyone!!  Enjoy this wonderful day with your familes.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Watching your Weight on Birthdays!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I think I have figured out how to get through another birthday party.  My husband is having a birthday now.  My son and I have both given up sugar.  He gave it up for Lent and I gave it up to get rid of my ring of fat encircling my belly, and other areas of my body.

I asked my husband if he needed cake for his birthday.  He said I won't be able to eat if by myself.  He had a forlorn look on his face.  I think many people feel like it's not a birthday celebration without cake and ice cream.  I know that is part of having a birthday for my husband.

I thought about it for a while, we weren't going to have anyone else over.  My daughter was getting ready to head out of town, and everyone is really busy.

I remembered this really great cupcake shop that my husband has always talked about going to.  We eat at a restaurant down the street.  He has mentioned going to get a cupcake every time we pass it.  I thought If I got a cupcake for him there would not be any leftover cake to sit and stare me right in the face.

I went to Gigi's and picked up cupcakes yesterday.  Yes I did say cupcakes plural.  I couldn't decide which one he would like the best so I picked up two.  They are both his!  He can celebrate two days in a row.

When I got the cupcakes out, he was very pleased.  He said, "I know you love me!"  Then he mentioned that he doesn't like cake without ice cream.  Well I had already thought of that.  I had also purchased him ice cream to go with his cupcake.  
I had one nice big candle and we sang Happy Birthday and he had one of his cupcakes.  He has the other one for when he gets back from his quick jaunt to Chicago for work today.  I forgot to take a picture of the first cupcake, it was a dark chocolate with buttercream frosting and chocolate chips on it.

The second cupcake is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  I bet some of you can bake great cupcakes like these, but it is difficult to bake just one or two, so it was easier to go buy one of these delicious smelling cupcakes.  Its okay!  I am allowed to smell them. 

Friends Friday - Picnicking with Steven Tyler

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I have decided to use Friday to highlight some of the great things I've read this week, or thank people who motivated me.  I have now been around for a few weeks and have found a few blogger friends.  Each week I will be linking a few of the people who have been helpful to me with weight loss tips, or blogs I really enjoy.  Sometimes, I will highlight a post I found particularly good.   I really enjoy reading blogs and seeing what is going on with other people.  I like posts that just make me smile, sometimes.  Please take a moment to visit the links and see what you think!

The Owl's Skull:  Spring Break Projects - I missed this a couple of weeks ago.  I love the stairs!

Janine's Confession of a Mommyaholic  - I found a great blog hop there!  Finish the Sentence Fridays.

Sky n Surf - Msg part 1 - Gwen is educating us on the unhealthy additives that the food giants are adding to our food.  

Grandma's Briefs - I just found her blog this week and I love it!

Notions from Nonny - Another blog I have found recently that has lots of great posts!

Check out these blogs!!!

And now for the Question of the Week from Finish the Sentence Friday Hop #13

And now for this week’s sentence to finish:  “If I could hang out with any celebrity, it would be…”
Next week’s sentence to finish: ”A typical day in my life looks like..”

About 10 years ago, I was in Washington D.C. for National Police Week.  My first husband was a police office who died in the line of duty.  Each May there is a national memorial service in our nation's capital.  It is actually a week long event.  

On the night of May 13, there is a candlelight vigil when all the names of the new officer's are read, the names have been added to the wall before the service.  Usually the President or Vice President is in attendance.  

There are a few days of seminars that are lead by grief counselors to help the survivor's.  The families of most of the officer's who have died the previous year are in attendance.  

On May 15, there is a huge memorial service on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol building.  The week ends with a picnic at the U.S. Coast Guard facility.

On this particular year, when I got to the picnic, word was going around that Steven Tyler was coming.  Apparently, that afternoon some of the kids had been at The Hard Rock Cafe down the street from the Police Memorial and Steven Tyler had come in.  He took time to sit down and talk to the kids.  

The adult that was with the group told them they had to get going or they would be late for the picnic.  Steven said, "I want to go to a picnic!"  So they invited him to come along.  He came to the picnic with the kids!  It wasn't planned, he just decided to come.  There was no publicity, it was never reported in the news.

Steven came to the party and hung out for quite a while.  He talked to people, took pictures with people, and believe it or not before he left he sang to us.  There was a police band on an outdoor stage performing as he walked around and talked to people.  Before he left he walked to the stage and asked the lead singer, a female police officer, if he could perform with them.  Well, of course, she said, "Yes"!  

He jumped up on stage and asked them if they knew "Walk this Way".  They said they did.  So he sang to the group at the picnic.  It was certainly a memorable event.  

I really hadn't thought much about him before this event, but since then I have paid much more attention to him.  He has some issues that he has to deal with, but he seems to be a sincerely nice man.  When I watched him on American Idol last year I said that is exactly the way he acts.  He is just a fun at heart type of guy.

So, if I got to hang out with a celebrity I would chose to spend an afternoon hanging out with Steven Tyler.  I am not a big celebrity type person, I just think he is a incredibly nice man.

I wish I knew where the pictures were I took that day, but since I am packing for vacation I haven't had time to look for them.  I also have beautiful pictures of the memorial services I have attended in Washington D.C. that I may have to post some day.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prom Dates!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

My son is a senior this year and it is nearing time for prom!  He could have gone last year but he decided not to ask anyone.  He is pretty shy.  With the expectations that are put on boys now, it is difficult for him to ask someone to prom.

The girls are expecting some big, innovative gesture!  You are not supposed to ask them directly.  It has to be a surprise.  You should have someone deliver the invitation to them in some grand style and then you show up.

Last year, a few boys went through the whole process and the girls accepted and then a few weeks before prom they changed their minds.

One of the boys last year had a pizza delivered that had "Prom?" spelled out on it in pepperoni.  He waited outside her house until after the pizza was delivered and then went to her door.  She said yes.  Then later she changed her mind.  

Here are a few acceptable ways to invite a girl to prom:
  • Laminate a note and freeze it into a large ice cube, and have someone deliver it.
  • Use tea light candles to spell "Prom?" in the girls driveway, then text her and ask her to come out.
  • Have a treasure map delivered to her and when she gets to the treasure spot you are standing there waiting to ask her to Prom.
  • Deliver a puzzle to the girl, when she puts it together it says, "Will you go to Prom with me" followed by your name.
  • Get friends to hold up signs for you asking her to prom, one word on each sign.
  • Cut out black shoe prints and make a path to somewhere she will be going and put a Hershey kiss on each footprint.  At the end place a sign that says, "I have kissed the ground you walk on, now will you go to Prom with me?"
  • Get to her house before she comes home and put huge letters on her garage door spelling out "Prom?"

Now I hope you understand what pressure that puts on boys.  It is more like a marriage proposal than a prom date.  

Well, all stress aside, my son decided to ask a girl to Prom this year!  He decided to ask the German exchange student.  He doesn't know her very well, so he was a little apprehensive about asking.  He told me she doesn't speak English very well.  I said, "Well, she's perfect then!  You don't have to carry on a conversation with her."  He laughed and said, "Yeah, that's right!"

He was thinking about writing something up in German.  He thought about using Google translate, but he was worried that he would put something down wrong and say something offensive.  He doesn't have any German speaking friends so he decided not to use that idea.

When it came down to it, he decided to make a small poster with the invitation on it, and take her a single red rose.

She circled  YES!  He has a prom date.  Now we have to worry about a tux and flowers, and where he will take her for dinner.  Do we need to rent a fancy car?  He has a lot to get done in three short weeks.  It's been 18 years since my last son went to Prom, so I am looking forward to this, maybe more than he is. 

They do a red carpet walk up to Prom,  They drive up to the long sidewalk and dad's valet park their cars.  Then the principal announces them.  There is a crowd gathered on both sides of the sidewalk taking pictures and yelling their names as they walk up to the entry to the school.  I have gone out the last few years, as do lots of townspeople, to watch them come in dressed in their formal attire.

I think I can get my husband to go this year!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Out to Lunch!!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I met my friend for lunch today and we went bathing suit shopping.  This restaurant is our favorite.  And no, I didn't buy anything from the bakery counter!!

Another Liebster Award!!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I have been nominated for another Liebster Award!!  Thanks to Miriam at My Adventures With My 2 Kids.

"The Liebster Award is an award given to Bloggers by other Bloggers!  That makes it even more special!"

Here are the Rules:

1.  Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.

2.  Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.

3.  Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.

4.  Go back to their page and tell them about the award.

5.  No tag backs.

My Random Facts:

 1.  I'm a travel baseball mom.
 2.  I want Indiana University (IU) to win the NCAA championship.
 3.  I am a huge Colts football fan.
 4.  I tried out for Card Sharks once and made it to the final cut.
 5.  My husband is 5 years younger than me.
 6.  I love to travel, just about anywhere.
 7.  I am a horrible dancer.
 8.  I have thought about going back to school.
 9.  I love lifting weights
10. I stood on the back of a pickup truck and played paparazzi when I was in Hollywood.
11. I went to Hawaii with 2 friends to vacation when I was in my 20's. 

My 11 Questions to Answer:

1.  What do you enjoy most doing with your kids? Just about anything now that they are older.  I just really enjoy spending time with them.

2.  Do you have any favorite TV Shows, if so, how many?  Probably about 3.

3.  What season do you dislike the most and why? Winter, I just don't like cold.  This winter is going on forever.

4.  Do you have any pets? Yes, my little Puggle, Sophie.

5.  Would you go to your HS Reunion? Yes, I went to my last one and had a blast!  I can't go again until I lose weight!

6.  Your favorite back in the day TV show? That's sad, but I don't remember.

7.  Do you exercise? Not enough.  I love exercising.  I just have trouble making the time.

8.  Car or Motorcycle? (If you had no kids)  Definitely a car!  I have never like motorcycles.  I feel too vulnerable.

9.  Favorite color? Red, It just makes me feel alive.

10.  Prefer a house, condo, or townhouse? I have always had a house, but maybe someday I would like to try living in a condo or townhouse.  In a few years, I would like to downsize and travel more.

11.  How many kids did you want? Originally, I wanted two, now I have four and I can't imagine anything less.  

Questions for my nominees to answer.

1.  What state or country do you live in?
2.  Where is your favorite place to read?
3.  Easier to raise?  Girls or boys?
4.  What color is your kitchen?
5.  Where do you go for fun in the summertime?
6.  Do you get regular manicures?  Pedicures?
7.  Do you color your hair?
8.  Where is your favorite place to shop?
9.  What is your favorite dessert?
10.  Name one thing your husband or boyfriend does that drives you crazy.
11.  How many Liebster awards have you been given?  Did you complete all of them?

My nominees:

1.  Loonysuse
2.  Sky n Surf
3. Healthier Lifestyle with Nonnie
4. What Happens at Grandma's
5.  Zero to Sixty and Beyond
6.  Thankful Me
7.  Shopfreak
8.  Encourage 24/7
9.  Refine Me
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11. Victorious He Stands

These are the great blogs I've nominated for a Liebster Award.  Please check out all of them.  They are great blogs and written by wonderful women!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day! Plus Weekly Weigh-In!!!!

Well, they were right about the snow this time!  We got around nine inches, so we are snowed in again.  We stayed in yesterday because they kept saying the snow was coming.  We didn't really get any until evening.  Then it snowed all night!  School is out and my husband is home from work.

I love having them home, but it sure messes with my schedule.  They want food constantly.  Can you make me hot chocolate?  Do we have anything good to eat?  I pretty much give up on doing anything for the day.  No housework!!  I'll wait until I have the house to myself.  I still haven't gotten my workout in, but I do intend to do some in a little while.

Okay, today is weigh-in day.  I haven't felt like I have done very well this week.  I have been so busy!  We are getting ready for a trip to Florida for Spring Break.  My friend and her 18 year old son are coming to stay at our house to take care of my doggie.  I am starting to get really sad about leaving her.  She will be so stressed out without us.  At least she gets to stay in her own home. My friend loves her, so she will take good care of her.  

I haven't tried on any of my warm weather clothes, I have to get that done.  I may have to go shopping before I go.  I think I probably have enough size ranges that I can find enough for a week and maybe do some shopping in Florida.  I still haven't gotten a bathing suit.  I think I just keep putting that stuff off.  I told you how the week went last week, so I really feel like I am still off-kilter.  I am so ready to go away.  

Oh, I have been putting off telling you about weigh-in?  I didn't do a good job of exercising last week, and my eating wasn't great.  I think I have gotten into a fairly decent eating routine and not really going way off track.  I just feel bad when I eat something that I really don't think I should, but I told you I intend to enjoy life and make this a life long routine, so I will just make small permanent changes.

Well here goes!

My weight - in for the week is  176.0.

Starting weight - 184.5
Week one - 180.0
Week two - 179.5
Week three - 179.0
Week four - 178.5
Week five - 177.0 
Week six - 176.0

Well my loss is up to 8.5 pounds.  Still seems incredibly slow to me, but is right in line with doctor's orders.

My regular readers know that my scale weighs three pounds light and I like it.  I will to out of the 170's much quicker on this scale!  I know, I know, it will only be in my imagination, but that's okay with me.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fun Day With My Grandson!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

Today was a fun day!  I picked up my grandson this morning and we are doing a fun day for his birthday!  He just turned 10 yesterday.  My daughter asked me not to buy her boys very much for their birthdays this year.  Since they weren't long after Christmas and they get so many things, she just didn't think they needed more things.  So I agreed to give them each a special day, instead.  They both had their birthday parties a little early so there was nothing planned for the weekend, his dad had to go out of town.  Since I was taking Grandson #1 for the day, my daughter took Grandson #2 to see Elmo on stage.  That way both boys had some special time and no one felt left out.

Grandson #1 insisted that his special day include my 18 year old son.  Well, of course, the baseball coach had other plans.  He decided on a four hour practice for Saturday morning, starting at 10 am.

I picked my grandson up at about 9:30 in the morning, he couldn't spend the night because of a late baseball practice on Friday night.  We stopped at Barnes and Noble to hang out for a little while.  Then we went to my house to play with my dog.  He loves playing with my dog, since dad won't agree for them to have a dog.  We spent time talking about things.  We had a good morning, along about 12:30, I saw that he was getting a little bored.  I asked him if he wanted to go watch his uncle's baseball practice.  I knew they were going to be scrimmaging with the JV team.  He seemed really excited.  I stopped and picked him up a pizza and breadsticks to snack on while we watched practice.  We had a little picnic there.

He was really excited about watching them scrimmage.  It was still cold out, but the sun was shining so it was nice being outdoors.  I think it hit mid 40's.

Finally, my son got to come home and we got ready and went to Dave and Buster's.  Grandson #1 had selected that as part of his fun day.  My husband, son , and I went to Dave and Buster's with him.  Of course, he mainly just cared about spending the time with his uncle.  He looks up to him and thinks he is great.  My son really is a great uncle.  He plays with the boys and makes them feel special.  I have always told him that since he is so much younger than his siblings, he will probably spend more of his life with the younger boys during his life than with his brothers and sister.  I hope he is close to them them growing up.  In a few years the 8 years age difference won't really be much.  He is 18 years younger than his closest sibling.  His brothers and sister have always taken him to do things and treated him very special.  I guess he understands how important it is to treat the younger boys that way.

After Dave and Buster's we took Grandson #1 home.  He wanted to stay the night, but with the weather coming in (6-9 inches of snow predicted) we thought he probably should go home.  We live about an hour away from them, so it might have been difficult to get him home the next day.

We stayed and played with both boys for a couple of hours, then we left to do some shopping and eat dinner.  We had to get some shoes and things before we leave for spring break.  We didn't know if we would be able to go anywhere on Sunday.  We may be snowed in for a day or two.

We got back home around 9:30 p.m.  A long and tiring fun day.  I loved it and can't wait to do it again. Grandson #1 is ready for his day.  I told him after spring break maybe it will be warmer and it would be more fun.  I don't know what he is going to chose to do.  I am thinking this could be much more memorable to them than gifts.

My sweet little girl has been feeling a little neglected I think.  She decided she needed to help me write this post.  She has to be beside me most of the time.

This post has been linked to the GRAND Social linky

Why do Friday's Just Seem To Go Haywire?

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

Friday was one of those days that I couldn't seem to get anything done.  I didn't exercise.  My diet was totally off track.  I wouldn't be surprised if when weigh-in comes this week I have gained.  My day started out with a home repairman in the house for the entire morning.  I had to keep talking to him and I certainly wasn't exercising with him in the house.  

Next, my friend that has been having issues called me five times that day and I needed to talk to her for a long time.  She is just so upset right now, she needs a friend.  In addition to her marriage problems, she found out Friday that she has cancer.

As soon as school got out, we had to get ready to go to my son's high school baseball scrimmage game.  Great fun at 38 degrees, and windy!  I absolutely love watching my son play, but my goodness, couldn't we have a little spring weather for it.  I guess it is averaging out for last year.  When we had our first scrimmage last year in March it was 85 degrees and we were sweating.

Then after the game we went to eat.  When I finally got home for the day, my friend called again.  I spent the rest of the evening reading other people's post.  I needed some happy thoughts for the day and I enjoyed reading what other people were writing.  When I don't feel like writing, I read other posts.  I am amazed at all the wonderful posts that people create.  I don't think I read a single niche of posts, I like reading all different types.  Some make me laugh, some make me think, and some make me feel like other people are going through the same things that I am.  

I need to get more organized on my writing so that I have some posts to publish on days like this.  How do you keep up with your blog when life seems to get in he way?  Do you have some back up posts ready to go?

I probably have tried to do too much for just getting started.  I need lots of help from veteran bloggers to tell me how you organize your blog posts and how you keep up?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Friends - When I Was Bored Out Of My MInd!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I have decided to use Friday to highlight some of the great things I've read this week, or thank people who motivated me.  I have now been around for a few weeks and have found a few blogger friends.  Each week I will be linking a few of the people who have been helpful to me with weight loss tips, or blogs I really enjoy.  Sometimes, I will highlight a post I found particularly good.   I really enjoy reading blogs and seeing what is going on with other people.  I like posts that just make me smile, sometimes.  Please take a moment to visit the links and see what you think!

The Wondering Brain - Weight Loss The Mommy Way!

Frazzled Shell

Crazy Little Love Birds

Menopausal Mother - I Need a What?

Mom to 8 Blog - Ask! Ask! Ask!

Finish the Sentence Blog Hop #12

I am participating in the Finish the Sentence Blog Hop #12 from Janine's Confessions Of A Mommyaholic.  I thought this sounded like a fun thing to do!

The sentence this week is "One time when I was bored out of my mind, I didn't stay that way very long.  I have never been someone who spends much time being bored. 

When I lost my job a while back I was wondering what in the world I was going to do to fill my time.  It didn't take me long to figure out.  I started researching my family history.  Years ago when my mom was still alive, I had spent time asking her to help me fill out my family tree in my Bible.  She did a good job with what she could remember.  I used the information she gave me to get started.  

I found more information on the computer, at and  and then started going to libraries and courthouses to find more.  It wasn't  long before I decided I needed to get more information.  I started calling my cousins who I hadn't seen in years, or some I had never met.  They were all happy to hear what I had found so far.  I asked them all to dig out pictures and allow me to copy them.  Well, there were so many more pictures around than I had imagined.

After talking to all my cousins on the phone, I wanted to see them.  I called up my brothers and sisters and talked to them about what all I was doing.  I told them I was ready for a family reunion.  I spent most of my summer working with them and putting together a family reunion.  In October we had a family reunion, we had over 75 in attendance.  It was great!  I went to Europe in the fall, I had been to France in the spring.  

After returning from Europe, I was at the point where I thought, okay, I have run out of things to do again.  So I had been reading about other people researching their family history, and they were writing blogs.  I decided, maybe I could do that.  Well after Christmas, I started my first blog.  I started writing about My Mother's Family History.  

Soon, I realized I was leaving out my family on my dad's side, so then I started The Plummer Gang Revisited.  

I was spending time at the libraries going through old newspaper, and I found the articles so interesting.  I thought about that and decided I could put some of them on the internet.  The papers in that time frame, in my local area, have never been put on the internet.  So, I started another blog Indiana News From the Past.

Well now we get to this blog, I thought about needing motivation for weight loss and I was already blogging so I thought, why not do a weight loss blog.  So I started this blog and now I have decided to make it more of a blog about me.  So here we are now.

As you can see boredom isn't a problem for me.  I usually take on way too many things and spend time trying to figure out how to put them all in one day.  I still have a husband, a son still in high school, 3 grown children, and 2 grandchildren to keep up with.  

I am the team mom for the baseball team.  I always volunteered at school on my days off.  I was busy feeding the football players before every football game.  

I don't know if I am ever going to have time for another job.  I have recently been thinking maybe I should try to make money blogging so I have time to do what I have come to love.

Next weeks sentence to finish is "If I could hang out with any celebrity, it would be..."

That's a fun question, I already know who that would be!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A New Blog Title! I'm Making Changes!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

First off, you may have noticed my blog name has changed.  I am already getting bored with just writing about weight loss.  So I want everyone who comes here to realize this is not just a weight loss blog.  I am going to write about whatever I feel like writing about.  I have been doing that already, but I just felt I should change the title.  I have only been blogging for about six weeks, so I haven't really figured out where I am in blogging.  I have a touch of ADD so I have problems staying with one subject.  So I felt like I need to open up my blog to be more about life.  My weight loss is really attached to everything else in my life.  It is not a separate issue!  Everything that goes on in my life is attached to how I deal with food.  That may not be the healthy way to look at it, but it is the truth.

If I go on vacation, that affects my eating.  If I am sick, that affects my exercise.  If I am just depressed or angry that affects how I handle food and exercise.  I am working on changing the triggers, but for now they exist.  I am human, I don't know that I can change all the triggers.

Recently, I have been dealing with some friends who are having major issues with their husbands.  I have  been getting multiple phone calls daily, hearing what is going on in their lives.  I can't be very specific in case they read my blog.  I am not giving up any of their confidences.  One friend had me really scared last week, life was getting too hard for her.  This affects me, I know it shouldn't but it does.  I have had less time on my blog, less time to do things for myself.  My two friends need a support system right now, and I need to be available to them.  When I lost my husband to an accident several years ago, I don't know if I would have survived if I hadn't had friends who were here for me.

And the part about Gaining my INSANITY seems to be true.  My husband tells me all the time that he thinks I am losing my mind.  I guess I am going to take that one on and be proud of it!  There are times when I certainly believe it.  I think it is more that I am at the point in life that I am going to chose to do what I want.  If other people think that is insane, that's their issue, not mine.  I have spent too many years trying to please other people.  That is gone now!  I am going to do what pleases me.

So that being said, if my blog sounds like something you want to read, please stay around.  If you just wanted to read about weight loss only, I'm sure there are blogs out there that will meet your needs.  I am going to keep doing my weigh-ins on Monday.  I will be talking about exercise that I love.  If I read interesting weight loss articles I will write about those.  I will share recipes that promote healthy eating. So weight loss will still be a primary part of my blog, just not the whole thing.

I don't know whether if will be fortunate or unfortunate for you, but you will get to know the real me!
Maybe tomorrow I will write about trying on all my summer clothes to see if I have anything that will fit me to take on spring break.  That should be a really fun day.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ob-Gyn and Colonoscopy!! Fun Times Ahead!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

Today, I am off to the gynecologist for all the annual check-up stuff.  At least I really like my doctor.  She is great.  I started seeing her the first month she started her practice, so we have become fairly close.  I still don't want to get on the scale there, though.  I think I am up 10 pounds from the last time I went in.  That always makes me feel like a failure.

They called today for me to schedule my appointment for a colonoscopy.  I am past due on getting one, so I need to make the appointment.  I am sure it is worse in my mind than the actual procedure.  I have read that the prep for it is the worst part.  I don't really want to do that either.  I am going to get it soon, though.  I took my husband for his last year, and he didn't complain too much.  My doctor told me he wasn't too concerned that I had any real issues since I seem to be keeping my weight up.  Yeah, thanks, doc!!

I am so tired of this weather.  It is getting down to 18 degrees at night and barely making it to the 30's during the day.  Average temps this time of year should be in the 50's.  What the heck is going on?  Where is my spring weather?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Buying a Bathing Suit!! I'd Almost Rather Skinny Dip!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

Why is that buying a bathing suit is one of the biggest ordeals for many women?  I dread it like the flu.  We are going to Florida in a couple of weeks and I will be spending time on the beach.  I love the sun.  I can wear something to cover up until I lay down.  That way I can avoid been seen in it for a while.  I seriously would rather see my body flat out nude than in most bathing suits.  I think it is because its all the globs that stick out of bathing suits.

The funny thing is, when I was in my 20's, after having three children, I modeled bathing suits.  I ran 5K's and 10K's.  I worked out consistently.  I had a 22 inch waist at a time back then.  There was a very exclusive women's shop at the time and they asked me to model bathing suits for their style shows.  I did not have a problem with it at all.  There wasn't anything sticking out back then, except maybe a little cleavage.  Make that a lot of cleavage, I have always been very well endowed.

Now buying a bathing suit and putting it on is worse than going to the dentist.  I keep thinking maybe I should see if I can wear my old ones, then I won't have to go to a store and try one on.

I talked to a lady at the gym, she told me about a place that customizes bras and bathing suits.  I don't know if that would help.  Maybe, they can figure out a way to keep everything contained.  Do you think they might be miracle workers?  Has anyone been custom fitted for a bathing suit?  The biggest problem with that means I have to have someone there when I try them on.  Ewww!

If my son isn't home I go in the hot tub nude, just because I don't like putting a bathing suit on.  Do you suppose that would be a problem at the pool and hot tub at our condo?  Yeah, probably not a good idea!

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best bathing suits to buy to cover up my globs?  Any suggestions would be gladly accepted.  I do have to feel sun on my body though, so a complete cover-up just won't work.  After the long winter, I just want to feel the sun seeping in.  Of course, I know I should wear sun screen.  I'm not so good about that either.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Making Choices!! Weekly Weigh-In!!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

Making Healthy Choices!!

Do you know which foods are healthy?  If you are like me I was counting calories from the time I was a young teenager, even though I weighed 110 pounds at the time.  I thought I was fat!  I have gained and lost weight my whole life.  I have dieted, I have exercised almost to the extreme, but here I am today, overweight again.  I am around 70 pounds heavier than I was as a teenager.   How does that happen when I know the calorie count in almost every food that exists?

It is true that today's foods have many more additives that alter our food.  The thing is any packaged food has the serving size and calorie count right on the package.  When you eat out there are probably a lot of hidden calories in their foods.  Even with that, you can get nutrition facts on most chain restaurants.  Do you really think that weight loss in about counting calories?

I believe that most women have been learning about healthy foods and counting calories since they were teenagers.  It is something that girls face as soon as they start developing.  I laugh when my husband and son decide they are going to eat healthier.  My husband will say he is eating something because it is healthy.  I will look at him with a look of incredulity, then why are you eating that, I will say.  He says this has fruit in it, or it has vegetables.  I will explain to him the calorie and fat content, and he will be disappointed.  My son now has studied healthy eating in health class so he is better, and he will ask me if I think it is a good choice.

This is a different story for most women.  We know what is healthy, for the most part.  If not, we know how to check the content and figure it out pretty quickly.  Why are most weight loss apps used by women, most weight loss blogs written by women?  It is really harder for women to lose weight, that's no secret.  We have less muscle and muscle burns fat.  Lucky men!

No, the biggest deterrent to weight loss is in our minds.  It is about making our own healthy choices.  If I go out to eat, there are choices that are better than others.  I just need to make the selections that are best for me.  Everyone enjoys going out with other people and having a good time.  Should trying to be healthy keep you from doing this.  No!  Spending time with other people and having fun is a big part of having a healthy life.  Healthy living isn't just about a number on a scale.  It is a whole lifestyle.

Today, I am going to look at weight loss with a new mindset.  As I make choices for myself, I am going to say is this what I want to put in my body?  I doesn't matter what the people around me are choosing.  They are deciding for themselves, as I am choosing for me.  I know there will be times when I don't make the appropriate choice, I am only human.  If I make the best choice at least 90% of the time, I will be much better than I am now.  I will lose weight and I will get to a point that I have learned to make a lifetime change.
 I need a 10% error factor, so I don't beat myself up and think I just can't do this.  I don't want to get down and stop working at it when I don't make the perfect choice.  I want to enjoy life, and feel good about myself.  If my weight loss takes a little longer and lasts a lifetime, that's okay.  I have lost weight quickly before and not been able to maintain it.  This time is different!  I am going to be imperfect and lose the weight as it comes off.  I am in charge of my body and my health.  I am going to take my life by the reins and head forward.  There are always going to be choices put in front of you, things that look wonderful, you have to make the choice for yourself.

Weekly Weigh - In!!!

This week I have peeked at the scale way too much!  It exhilarates and depresses me.  My weight fluctuates so much from day to day and I know that.  I get on one day and it will be down two pounds, the next up 2 pounds.  This causes me to get upset every time it goes up.  I am only weighing in weekly for the blog so I can get the true trend.  I need to stay off the scale.  I know weight is an indicator that you are doing well.  I just don't seem to trust that my clothes are fitting better and I am feeling good.  Why is an exact number so important?

My weight - in for the week is  177.0.

Starting weight - 184.5
Week one - 180.0
Week two - 179.5
Week three - 179.0
Week four - 178.5
Week five - 177.0 

My doctor told me last week to stay at about 1/2 pound a week.  I just do not like being told what to do.  I always rebel against it.  I don't know that I really did anything different this week.  It just doesn't make sense, how it just changes all of a sudden.  On Thursday and Friday I was even down below this, but after eating out Saturday I jumped up some.  That was probably due to sodium.

Okay, I know I have to get a new scale.  It is three pounds light.
I just like seeing the lower number.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Living with men! And trying to diet!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I have been living with men since my daughter went away to college in 1991. My older two sons were there for a few years and they could eat a whole extra large pizza and have six pack abs.  I have my youngest son still at home now, 18, and hungry all the time. Of course, he too is thin! He doesn't have the natural, lanky, thinness my older boys have, he body builds. He is muscular and has a very narrow waist.  The last man in my life is my husband, and no he isn't moving out next year, well not that he's mentioned yet.  It going to be rough on him when our son leaves, it's his only child, and they are close. He could probably lose ten pounds, but he is not really concerned about it.

There always has to be loads of food around for them.  They get hungry!  They like to go out and eat!  

This week we went to my son's dinner for being added to the academic hall of fame. They had dessert sitting on the table at each place. Well my son has given up sweets for Lent and I am trying to give up sweets for life. So, my husband takes all three dessert sand eats them. He can't let them go to waste.  Like I said, he doesn't have a weight problem.  If he feels like he is getting a little heavy, he cuts back for a couple of weeks and he's fine.  

Wednesday night my son was busy, so my husband wanted to go out and eat.  He had a coupon for a free dessert. We went out, I ate a healthy meal and then he orders his dessert.  It is a chocolate molten cake with ice cream.  It is huge!  Of course, he wants to share!  He is one of those people who is always sharing food off his plate.  He has his feelings hurt when you don't accept.  My son and I always tease him about it.  Well, his feelings would get hurt if I didn't have some, so I took a few bites. Not a lot, just enough to keep him happy.  Thankfully, it didn't give me sugar cravings.  I really didn't each much at all.

Then comes Saturday evening.  My husband and son are hungry. They want to go to a restaurant for an evening snack.  My son isn't home very often on Saturday nights any more.  So we go to Barnes and Noble for a while, then to a restaurant at nine o'clock.

I should have just ordered a salad, but I didn't. They were getting hot wings, cheddar fries, and breaded mushrooms.  Okay, I admit it! I had some of each.  They were good.

Now, it's time for the morning after regrets! I stepped on the scale this morning! It's not my weigh-in day but I was curious. Not good! Not good at all.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

When I am with my daughter she eats so well.  She has never been overweight in her life.  Her husband is a cardiologist, they always eat healthy.

When my son moves out we are going to have a better selection of foods, my husband will just have to suffer.  I know these are all just excuses, but they are the circumstances in which I live.  I have told my husband that we should start sharing a meal when we go out instead of ordering two meals.  Sometimes, we do.  At times, he wants to eat things that are just not on my eating plan, eating if I just eat a part of it.  

So, I am going to work harder at avoiding traps like this in the future.  I will just order a salad and sit and smell their delicious hot foods.  That's another problem for me, I really relish the smell of food.  I think I have always had a good sense of smell, so when I smell something it starts working on my taste buds long before anything else.  When it is cold I just am not excited about getting a salad.  When it is hot outside a cold salad tastes refreshing, but not in the winter time.  I need hot, spicy foods.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Working out with a Kettle Bell!! It Works!!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I got the KettleWorx Six Week Body Makeover set on clearance for $20.00.  I started with KettleWorX a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't have a Kettle Bell so I had to go buy one.  When I looked at them there was a variety of sizes.  I didn't want to start too large or too small.  After listening to the Getting Started DVD with Ryan Shanahan I had decided on a seven pound kettle bell.  The options at my store were limited.  The seven pound ones there only came with a DVD.  This DVD was put out by Bob Harper.  It was called the Body Shred Workout. The Body Shred Workout DVD is a 30 minute video with Tone, Strength and Cardio. 

Well this meant I had two workout programs, now I no excuses for missing a workout.  The KettleWorx includes 7 DVD's.  

I have been using the DVD's almost daily for a couple of weeks now.  I have used the KettleWorX and the Body Shred Workouts.  I have pros and cons with both.  I really like the exercises on the KettleWorx, but I feel like the DVD was poorly put together.  It just has lots of clips pieced together, and there is a large repetition of those pieces.  As I have moved up the levels that seems to have gotten better.  Since it is a six week workout, it has different workouts for each week.  I feel like I am getting a great overall workout, if I just concentrate on the exercise and forget about the quality of the DVD.  The video quality is fine, just the repeating of clips.  The exercise's are based on Core, Resistance, Cardio, Fast Abs, and Fast Fat Burn.  Each DVD concentrates on one of these areas.  Of course, that is the concentration, but you work all of them on each of the DVD workouts.  On reaching level 3, I have found the exercises to be great.  I am sore everywhere on my body.  Almost every exercise works your core, and your legs are constantly working.  During one exercise he mentions it is working 400 muscles.  At first, I thought, yeah, sure, now I believe it.

The Body Shred Workout is a much better made DVD.  You feel like you are going through a workout with Bob Harper.  It goes from start to finish without film repetition.  It is much better to watch.  I have to admit that I just don't like his workout as much.  I am not sure what it is that I don't like, I am sure you get a good workout.  It is probably just a matter of personal preference.

I have another birthday party today!  My grandson who will be 10 this coming week, is having his friend party today.  I don't feel threatened by cake anymore.  I think I have the sugar out of my system for now.  No cravings!  I only have 2 more family birthdays left in March.  March seems to be our birthday month.  Then we are done until September!  

Two weeks until Spring Break!!!  We will be heading off to the beach.  I can't wait!!  This weather just does not seem to be springlike.  We have consistently had below normal temperatures and lots of moisture.  They are calling for freezing mix again tomorrow.  I guess I will appreciate the beach and warm temps that much more.  Thankfully, I have a friend coming to stay at my house, to house sit and dog sit  while we are gone,  my little Sophie needs company.  I have posted pictures of her here before.  She would be very lonely without anyone.

I am excited about my weigh-in on Monday.  Things have been going well this week.  I hope I can resist blowing it on the weekend.  I have to stay away from sodium, which is very difficult because we eat out so much on the weekends.

By the way, the review on the DVD's is my own personal opinion and I am not being paid by anyone, and anyway they might not like my opinions.