Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can Paleo Save America??? Eliminating Processed Sugars & Grains!

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Can Paleo Save America?

This is a 25 minute video.  If you have time this video is very informative.

If America is put on a low carb/Paleo diet we can reverse the weight epidemic and improve the health of Americans. 

What does eating carbs do? 

Carbs help to make people fat by causing increased insulin production.

Some people don't process carbs as well as others, you can tell who those people are by how their bodies look.  If they have gotten fat from eating carbs, then they cannot eat carbs and eating paleo should reverse the problem.  If we continue the way we are going the health care system is going to be overloaded and the American economy will suffer largely.

People who are naturally thin and exercise can get by with eating more carbohydrates without gaining weight.  Even they will have problems with eating too many processed carbs.  They will be able to eat lots of fruits and other non-processed carbs and maintain a healthy weight. 

Insulin causes fat gain and weight gain.

Eating processed carbs causes an spike in insulin.  If you have a low level of insulin your body will stay thin.

Obese persons have high levels of insulin.  Thin people have low levels of insulin. 

Type 1 Diabetis, which is a insulin producing disorder, doesn't allow the sufferer to produce enough insulin.  Children with Type 1 Diabetis died from starvation before the medical industry came up with an injectable insulin. 

 I am not a doctor or nutritionist.  I am just giving my take on what I am reading and viewing.  

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is Sugar Killing Us? Sweet Suicide!!!

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Is Sugar Killing Us?

This 14 minute video talks about how sugar is killing us.

Sugar affects in your brain are similar to Cocaine.  Sugar may be the most addictive substance that we have.  

Sugar is contained in almost all processed foods.

Sugar may be responsible for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many other health issues today.

Earlier generations got most of their sugar from fruits, the fruits had fiber which slowed down the effects on our bodies.

Sugar:  Our Reward Food

We treat ourselves and our children with sugar.  

Cookies, birthday cakes, ice cream and other desserts are given to our families as rewards or for celebrations.  

Are we overindulging in the foods that are making us fat and unhealthy.  Research says, yes!

Restrictions on Sugar

Should sugar be restricted like tobacco, alcohol and drugs?  Some experts say yes. 

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg is trying to limit the sales of soft drinks to protect the health of the residents of New York.

Percentage of Sugar in sweeteners

Sugar 99%
Brown sugar 97%
Honey 82%
Sorghum syrup 75%
Molasses 55%

To find out Top Ten Foods Highest in Sugar visit this site.

My Diet Update:

I had another good day.  I think I am getting the hang of this diet.  I am having good results and feeling better.  I will be looking forward to the weigh-in this week.  

Friday, June 28, 2013

The New Science of Skinny!!

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The New Science of Skinny!

I am using the book The 100 written by Jorge Cruise to diet.  I have read the book by Gary Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories and I have found many things in the two books that make sense to me.  Watch this short video and listen to them talk about the new science on skinny.  If these men are right we have been told by the health and food industries to eat the wrong foods.

I have not been able to follow his menu plans exactly as he has laid out, but I have been able to eat most of the foods on each days plan.  I haven't been hungry and I am losing weight.  The good thing is this it the fifth day on the diet and I have no cravings at all. 

I went to my grandson's baseball game today.  After the game my husband and son wanted to stop for pizza for dinner.  I told them that it was okay, I would be able to find something that I could eat. For dinner I had a chef salad, with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, and bacon on it.  I had a creamy Italian dressing with it.  Since I was unsure if there were any sugar calories in the dressing so I barely ate any of it.  Had I been able to have an oil and vinegar dressing I would have been able to eat a couple of Tablespoons.

One of my biggest carb challenges is pizza, but I was okay with not having any.  We were at a new pizza place near the ballpark. My husband kept telling me how great the pizza was.  Instead of pizza sauce he had them put on barbecue sauce.  I knew that it wasn't something I could use on my diet.  He told me I could eat some of the toppings off of it.  I didn't even want to taste it.  

When I am ready to have pizza there are many great paleo/primal/low carb recipes out there to try.  The first four weeks the diet is limited and then you can customize your menu from the food lists of low sugar calorie foods.  I know I am already losing weight.  I will weight in on Tuesday to see how I have done for the first week.  Stay tuned!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Lose Weight Quickly Update and My Best 4th!

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Lose Weight Quickly!

My daily adventures with THE 100 diet is coming along pretty well.  I started the morning with Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Sausage.  My son and I went out of town today so I had to make a quick McDonald's stop today.  I got a Quarter Pounder with Cheese  and removed the bun.  By the time we got to stop I was really hungry.  When we returned home, my dinner was a veggie only salad and a chicken breast.  I cheated and looked at the scale this morning.  I am making progress!  Yeah!!!  This morning after 2 days on the diet, I was down 2.5 pounds.  Hopefully by the time I do a weigh-in next Tuesday I will see lots more progress.

Finish the Sentence Friday!

This week's Finish the Sentence Friday sentence is:

The best Fourth of July I had was.......

The Fourth of July should be a fun time.  It hasn't always been that way for me.  My first husband died on July 3rd.  It took me many years to really enjoy the 4th again. 

In the last several years, my youngest son has played travel baseball and we have traveled all over the country most of the summer.  We spent several of the 4th's at baseball tournaments.  We were with the same team for several years and had loads of fun with all the wonderful families from the teams.  So our 4th's were lots of fun!  We didn't do fireworks.  I can't remember the last time we went somewhere for fireworks.  Maybe it will fireworks this year!!!

Friendship Friday!

The theme is vacation.  

I would like to have a vacation this summer, but I'm not sure if that will happen.  We went to Florida for spring break.  We have to go to college with my son for orientation in July.   My son and I went on two trips to Europe last year.  We went in April 2012 and November 2012. 

 My husband is worried about paying for college, so I think he would like to stay at home and save money for a while.  My son was trying to talk him into another family vacation in August before he leaves for college.  He would like to go to the Northeast.  My son and I went there a few years back, but my husband has never been.  I don't think he will get anywhere with that idea, but he can try.

I have just been blogging since February, so I have never taken a blog vacation.  Maybe the next time I take a trip I will take a blog vacation.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

7 Bloggers That Will Help You Lose Weight

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7 Bloggers That Will Help You Lose Weight!

Gwen at Sky n Surf - Gwen has lost several pounds this year.  She has made total changes in her life.  Gwen has a whole new outlook on eating and weight loss.  She is nearing her goal, and she has written her day to day story on how she has gotten there.   

Lynda at Living the Life - Lynda has changed her life and her weight has been down for over a year now.  She has many good recipes on her blog to help you switch over to the Paleo/Primal/Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle.  The pictures of the food she makes shows you that you can eat healthy and have fantastic meals.

Mark at Mark's Daily Apple -  Mark is the author of The Primal Blueprint and he has many fantastic posts on losing weight and primal living.  He includes many success stories on his blog.

Holly at 300 pounds down - Holly was at one time 417 pounds.  She had weight loss surgery and has been a true success story.  Her home page has her before and after pictures.  Truly Amazing!!!  She tells you about the changes she made in her life and how she has learned to live without all the weight.

Erika at A Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss - Erika has a fantastic blog with lots of information for everyone about how she changed her life.  She lost 170 pounds and has kept it off.  She is a real success story and she wants to pass everything she has learned on to other women.

Marion at Affection for Fitness - Marion was approaching 40 and not very healthy.  She decided to give herself a 40th birthday present of being healthy.  Once she set her mind she has become unstoppable.  She lost the weight and has become an exercise superhero.  When you read some of her post you will see what I mean.  A real superhero!!

Diane at Fit to the Finish - Diane is a mother of seven children.  She lost over 150 pounds and has kept it off since 1998.  That is the result of eating healthy and avoiding sugar.  Diane is a super role model for weight loss.  She is another one with fantastic before and after photos.  Amazing!!  If you need tips, she has them.

I have found many great blogs in my search for weight loss blogs and there are many other great stories.  There are people who are just getting started and people who have struggled to get a few pounds off and are still having a day-to-day battle.

My weight loss update:

I haven't been able to eat exactly as the diet prescribes again today, but I felt like I did really well.  My diet has to fit my lifestyle for me to stay with it.  It is difficult to eat exactly as the diet menu plans lay out.  

I wasn't hungry at breakfast and the book The 100 tells me if I am not hungry I don't have to eat.  

A friend called me this morning and asked me to go to lunch.  So I went and enjoyed lunch with my friend.  We went to Paradise Bakery which allowed me to custom make my salad.  I had a mixture of lettuces and spinach with tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, chicken and bacon.  This is basically the same salad I would have made at home according to plan.

My son went out tonight with a friend and my husband wanted to go to dinner.  He chose to go to Red Robin.  I got a burger wrapped in lettuce.  I had them remove anything that wasn't on my plan.  I had a salad with it.  It was a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers.  They had put on croutons, I removed them.  I used about a teaspoon of balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  

At home, I decided to eat a hard boiled egg in the evening.  No cravings!!!

I worked out with the Kettle Ball!  It was really fun!!

Over 200 Weight Loss Blogs!!!! More Added Daily!

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Are you looking for a weight loss blog for support or to see how others are doing it?

Take a look at this list and find other people who are trying to lost the weight or have already lost it and are maintaining their new bodies.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Workout Wednesday - Getting My Husband to Try The New Diet!!

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Workout Wednesday - I haven't started working out with my Kettle Bell this week.  I have designated tomorrow as Workout Wednesday.  I have been doing some yard work so I have been getting some decent exercise.  I have been carrying around pavers and digging.  I will work out with my kettle ball tomorrow.  I am making a commitment to myself.


I asked my husband to join me on the diet and to try to lose some weight.  Of course, I said I just wanted him to be healthier.  He could probably lose 20-25 pounds.  I really think it would be easier if everyone in the house was eating healthy.  My son is doing a fantastic job, but he can eat so much more than I can.  He gave up sugar this year for Lent and hasn't eaten any obvious sugar since.  He still eats things like catsup and barbecue sauce. 

Well guess what his answer was?  "I can't eat the stuff you eat!"  I told him, you mean you can't eat steak, chicken, and other meats.  You can't eat salads or vegetables and fruits?  He just looked at me like I was crazy.  The he said, "I just can't eat the stuff you eat!"  

I really think the idea of diet makes him think it's something he doesn't want to do.  Since my son and I have given up sugar he has been eating more sugar.  He buys more dessert items than he ever did.  He has never been a big dessert eater and it seems he has now become addicted to sugar.  It's like he has to make up for us not eating it.  

I just think he would feel better and have more energy if he starting eating healthier.  Do you have any suggestions to get him to eat healthier with us?


Now, getting to my progress on the diet today.  I have decided that there is no way that I can follow the meal plans exactly as they are laid out.  I just like being able to select my own meals.  

That said, I did pretty well with eating only things from the days meal plans.  I just moved the meals around a little bit.

2 Eggs Scrambled with 1/2 cup Cheddar Cheese
2 Slices Bacon
(Still didn't add the veggies)

I wasn't hungry again at lunch.  I ate again at 4:30, I had a combined lunch and dinner.  I ate a salad and a chicken breast. 

I made the salad with about 1/4 of the cucumber and cut up the tomato, bacon, and egg.  I cooked the chicken breast in olive oil.

I am only drinking water.  I have decided not to have any diet drinks.  I usually drink some light lemonade that has 15 calories per serving.  I want to try to get through the first four weeks without anything like that.

After I got home from my grandsons' swim meet, I had my snacks for the day.  I had a hard-boiled egg and 1 string cheese stick.

I haven't been hungry and I have had no cravings at all.



Monday, June 24, 2013

My Weigh - First Day of New Diet

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My Weigh In For the Week

I am weighing in today since I started my new diet.  Next week I will weigh in on Tuesday.  

My new diet didn't go so well today.  I didn't get to go to the store and get supplied so I had to work with what I had at home.

I ate what the diet called for at breakfast, just not the vegetables in the scrambled eggs.  I was supposed to eat red bell peppers and spinach in my eggs, too.  I was also allowed coffee and half and half, but just drank water.

My snack was a stick of string cheese allowed by the diet.

I wasn't hungry at lunch so I didn't eat.  I was supposed to have a salad with Shrimp.

In the evening, my husband and son wanted to go to Olive Garden to eat.  I decided to go with them and have salad only.  I ate quite a bit of salad.  No croutons.

After I got home I was concerned that I hadn't eaten enough protein so I made myself a steak.  My plan called for a flank steak, 2 cups spinach, 5 cherry tomatoes and olive oil/red wine vinegar dressing.  What do you think of my plate?

My steak was a small filet.  

I don't think I missed to much of what was on the diet, just a few veggies.  The diet provides a shopping list so I will try to get to the store and do the shopping.

I think I will have another stick of string cheese for a snack later.

Loss 17 pounds total

Starting weight - 184.5
Week one - 180.0
Week two - 179.5
Week three - 179.0
Week four - 178.5
Week five - 177.0 
Week six - 176.0
Week seven - skipped, was on vacation
Week eight - 181.5  
Week nine - 174.0
Week ten - 172.5
Week eleven - 172.0
Week twelve - 171.5
Week thirteen - 170.5
Week Fourteen - 172.0
Week Fifteen - 167.5
Week Sixteen - 169.5
Week Seventeen - 168.5
Week Eighteen - 168.0
Week Nineteen - 167.5

Now Heading For The 150's!!!!  Hopefully the new diet will help me get there quicker!

Warning scale is 3 pounds light!  

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

My New Diet!! I'm Ready To Lose The Weight!!!

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I'm Ready to Start!!!

Tomorrow I start the new diet!  The 100!!  I will weigh in tomorrow instead of Tuesday so I have a starting point.  I will switch back to Tuesday next week.  My weight was good this morning but I did eat Pizza this evening, since I won't be having any on this diet.  Probably not the best idea, but I just wanted to have a little.  It was thin crust and I didn't have much.

My goals for this week:

Eat according to the Diet Plan for The 100.

Work out 3 days with my Kettle Bell

Work in My Garden

Have Lots of Fun!!

Plans For Summer:

Go to College Orientation With My Son

Get Him Moved Into College In August

Genealogy Research 

Travel to the Places Where My Grandparents Were Born

Go to Lots of Baseball Games and Swim Meets With My Grandsons

What Makes Me Smile:

My 10 year old grandson went to St. Louis for the weekend for a baseball tournament.  They brought back the championship!!!

What Inspires Me:

My Garden

My Family

Being Healthy

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Losing Weight Quickly: Will It Work???

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The Obesity Epidemic:  

My information comes from the book:  The 100, Count Only Sugar Calories and Lose Up To 18 lbs. in 2 Weeks by Jorge Cruise.

"The spike in weight coincided with the lowering of fat in the diets, while raising the consumption of sugars and carbohydrates" says Jorge Cruise.

"It's important to realize that all forms of carbohydrates are simply and ultimately sugars."  Jorge added.

In reading the book it becomes obvious that we have been told to eat the foods that would make us become fat.

I am not a doctor or scientist, but all this information seems to make sense.

Type 2 Diabetes has been on the rise since we have been told to eat this way.  By the 1990's one in four Americans had become obese.

Now, around 68 percent of Americans are obese or overweight.

So, how are we going to change this trend?

Jorge says the answer is simple.  Consume no more than 100 Sugar Calories a day.  

The big difference here is his definition of Sugar Calories.  All carbs are sugar calories.  He suggests distributing the sugar calories throughout the day and not to consume them in one meal.

I am going to start the diet on Monday.  I get 2 choices:

Option 1:  Follow the 1 Menu

Option 2:  Follow My Meal Planner

Now the thing is to decide which Option to start with.  I can actually mix the two options if it works better for me.  He suggests planning your meals for the entire week and making a shopping list so you are prepared and ready to go.

Jorge says some of his most successful clients prepare as much of the food as possible ahead of time to make their meals effortless.

His menu for Option 1, Week 1, Day 1,  consists of 1501 Calories, but only 33 Sugar Calories.

His meal planner first day consists of 1178 Calories, or 41 Sugar Calories.

As you can see, you get a decent amount of Calories and you can eat Freebies until you are no longer hungry.

Once I start eating the new plan, I will show you what I am eating and let you know how the plan is working.

I am excited about trying out this new diet and can't wait to see how well it works.  

He says this is not a Low-Carb Diet, nor a Low Glycemic Index, Diet, rather, a best of both worlds.

Jorge has one big surprise in the book:  He says that exercise is not effective at helping you lose weight.  He says it is great for overall fitness and has many other benefits, it just doesn't help you to lose weigh.  

I for one know that it makes me look better when I exercise.  It helps to get rid of the flab.  I guess when you are building muscle it stretches out that flabby old skin.

Well, I am about ready to go!

I hope you will be coming along to see how this works!!

My previous posts about what I have learned from book are here.

My New Diet Plan For Fast Weight Loss

My Weight:  Losing 18 Lbs. In Two Weeks

The 100!  Can You Really Count Only Sugar Calories and Lose up To 18 Lbs in 2 Weeks?

This is not a sponsored post.  I am receiving nothing to do this.  It is my own personal research for my own weight loss.

One last thing: 

I told someone at one of the blog hops that I would post my senior picture on my blog.  So here goes:

Yes, that it!  Way back in 1972.  

Friday, June 21, 2013

FTSF: My Dinner Partner! Who Would You Choose?

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Here I am back with another Finish the Sentence Friday.  Janine from Janine's Confession of A Mommyholic is hosting.  This is such a fun link-up.  I love reading all the finished sentences.  I am so amazed at the many original responses. 

This Week's Finish The Sentence Friday is.......

If I Could Have Dinner With Anyone In History It Would Be....

I had to think about his one for a while.  I have been studying my family history for about a year.  There are several of my ancestors I would really love to know more about.  I didn't want to go that route though.  So I had to think more along the lines of historical figures. 

Since I made a trip to London last fall and got to see so many of the historical sites there, I chose King Henry VIII.  Now ol' Henry was an interesting man.  He wasn't very easy on the wives though.

Henry only lived to be around 56 years old.  Unfortunately, some of the wives didn't get to live very long, due to Henry.

He had six wives and this is what happened to them:

Catherine of Aragon-Divorced, Died under Guard
Anne Boleyn - Off With Her Head
Jane Seymour - Died After Giving Birth
Anne of Cleves - Divorced
Catherine Howard - Another One Who Lost Her Head
Catherine Parr - Hah!  This one outlived the Bastard!

So, if I had dinner with him, it would be in this day and age.  He wouldn't have any power.  I could tell him what an idiot he was!  

I don't know now that I think about it if it's such a good idea to be alone with him.  My head is pretty special to me!!

After seeing the picture, I don't think they went for his looks.  Must have been his money!

Yep, I guess I will just have dinner with my Great, Great Grandmother, Rachel Huddleston.  She was born in North Carolina in 1788.  Her father served in the Revolutionary War.  They were Quakers.

Rachel took her children and traveled west to Ohio, away from an alcoholic husband.  She had a brother and some sisters who had already moved West.  She eventually moved on to Indiana.  She was a strong woman, who worked hard to survive.

I would enjoy talking to her and finding out about her life.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Dad's Letter To His Son - Very Emotional!

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A Dad's Letter To His Son - 

My husband is a very sentimental person.  He has always been the kind of dad who hugs a lot.  My son is the same kind of guy.  He says I love you to me when he walks through a room.  Every time I get a text from him, he says I love you, Mom.

A few days ago, my husband wrote a letter to our son.  Our son graduated high school and will be leaving for college in less than two months.  My husband brought the letter to me and asked me to type it for him.  He wanted to frame it and give it to our son.

I typed it and helped him to frame it in a scrapbook frame and backed it with a scrapbooking paper.  We put the original in his handwriting in the back of the frame so our son would always have the letter in his dad's handwriting.

Our son is out of town with friends for a few days.  My husband bought a body pillow with our son's college logo on it.  He put the pillow our son's bed and propped the frame up on it.  He wants him to find it and read it without anyone around.  Talk about a loving, caring father, he is one!

Here is the letter:

June 2013
Nothing I have ever done has given me more joy and rewards than being a father to you!  The day I found out you were going to be born was the happiest and scariest moment of my life.  Up to this point, I only worried about me and now I had to start thinking about you too.  As you know, I never knew my dad and now I had to be one.  No manual is given on how to raise a child, but I was going to do everything I could for you.  I think I have done almost everything possible for you, even to a fault at times, but I don’t believe I would change a thing.
I have always been tight with money, because I grew up without very much.  Adam, with you, I have never considered cutting back.  The wonderful thing is, you’ve never wanted very much.  I know at times I demand and expect a lot from you, but I only want you to be the best person you can.  I couldn’t love or care about anyone more than I do you!  You make me so very proud and grateful to God that he allowed me to be your “Dad”.  I think your mom is amazing and is one of the most patient persons I have ever known.   I worried about her being older and pregnant.  I hope you appreciate everything she has done for you – she loves you so very much!  After all these years, I know your mother feels the same way I do, you are a blessing to us.
I have always pushed you in sports, but I believe sports are a life lesson.  I have enjoyed watching your sports, sometimes I didn’t think you gave your best, but I was so proud of you!   In school, you have worked hard and you have been rewarded with all the honors at the end of high school.  Again, I’m so very proud of you in school.   I notice how you interact with your friends and what a great young man you are!
There are so many things I could write about you, but I just want you to never ever doubt how much joy you have given me.  You are a priority over all the demands that life throws at us, you are the most important investment I have ever made in my life.  I look forward to you moving on to college to find out where your life journey will lead.  Please don’t forget why you wanted to go to college and get the most out of it.  You can be the first person in my family to graduate from college.  Don’t worry your mom and I will support you as much as you need us to.  Please know everything you do is important to me.
In closing, I Love You, Adam, and I am so proud of the man you have become and being your Dad.  Go chase your dreams and never let anyone say you can’t achieve what you set your mind to.  Find your passion, keep looking and searching, never stop.  I am so excited for I.U. and whatever future endeavors you do, my son!
“I love you with all my heart!”
Where ever you are in life, you can come home.  I will be here as long as God allows me.  You will be my son forever!
Crying is a natural emotional response to feelings.  We all do it – you know me, one of the biggest of all time, especially now!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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I have been a scrapbooker for years.  I love scrapbooking.  Here are a few pages I have done recently.  These were taken on my trips to Europe over the last year.  I spend hours putting together the right lay outs, cutting out letters, finding the perfect embellishments.  Scrapbooking is quite costly.

My pictures of my pages are not the best.  I don't have a 12 X 12 scanner so I took pictures with my iPad.  The lovely tan background is my kitchen countertop.  I wish I had a better way to photograph these. 

I really enjoy scrapbooking, but when you have babies and small children it is hard to find time for scrapbooking.  Do you have a hard time keeping up with your baby book?  Do you think you might get time to fill it in when they are getting ready to head to college.  Sometimes life is just too busy to get things done!

Do you post pictures of your babies on Facebook or Tweet your friends about the fun things they do?  I have found an iPad app that allows you to just take those things you have already done and turn them into great scrapbook pages. 

Layout done with Social Scrapbook Pro.

You can move your statuses from Facebook and your tweets from Twitter right into your scrapbook. 

You can get photos from your camera, your Library, Facebook and Twitter.  Once the picture is there you can pinch to zoom in and out, twist to rotate and move forward in the layout.

Next you select custom backgrounds.  The background are focused on babies and their month to month accomplishments.  As you can see I was able to use them to do a layout with my 18 year old son.  Just think what you can do with baby photos!!

Then you can add text, with multiple fonts and font sizes. You can overlay text in the front or over a corner of an image.

Layout done with Social Scrapbook Pro.

There are multiple layouts with openings already made up for your pictures or you can do your own layouts.  Just move the pictures and fonts around until you get what you like.

You can select clip art to embellish your pages.  It has really fun clip art for babies and they are going to be adding more for holidays and other family times.  

There are even borders for your pictures!

When you are all done you can print the pages or email them to family or friends.  Wow!  What a great time and money saver!

I will use this app to make scrapbook pages with my grandsons.  My daughter won't allow their pictures on my blog so I couldn't use them for my samples.  I will be able to do lots of their pictures for my own use and I can sit down and catch up very quickly.

Take a look at this video!!  

Social Scrapbook Pro is available at the iTunes App store for $2.99.

I was given a copy of Social Scrapbook Pro for doing this review.