Saturday, March 2, 2013

How do you do it? Blogging and life!!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I am trying to figure out how people manage to keep up with their blogs, read all the blogs and go on blog hops and get to 160 or more blogs in a day.  Am I not doing something right?  

I still have to have time for my house, cooking meals, exercising and family time.

When I go on the blog hop I try to read everyone's blog and look around at some of their previous posts.  I take time to comment on each one.  I have followed everyone so I can get to know them a little bit and find my favorites.  That takes a lot of time.  Then I have all the people that I am already following and I need to read and comment on some of those.  I am still getting around to the Linking with My Ladies Thursday hop.
I also like to go and check out google plus so I can +1 the posts I like. 

So, can you tell me how you do it.?  How often do you do a blog hop?  How many people can you follow and do it justice?  Help!!!

Okay, I did get some exercise in last night and this morning.  I have the grandsons coming in just a little while so I needed to get it done before they come over.  They don't spend the night very often, they are so busy with activities.  My daughter's 40th birthday is next Saturday.  She and her husband are going out tonight.  They are both doctor's so they have a hard time finding free time.  His birthday is later this month.  With them both spending weekends on call and traveling for different things they aren't going to get time for a birthday party.

Well this is my short post for today.  I will get back in the swing by Monday, I hope.  Don't put too many expectations on me! 


  1. Just don't expect to be able to do it all the time! I blog hop when I remember which day I'm on, and the read those that hit me between the eyes as I travel down the list(s). Always answer those who comment on my blog, though - as in this case.

    Keeping track of my Cuddlies is part of the service I offer - and, am also hoping in the not too distant future to maybe convert some of the blog posts into childrens stories. Have set myself a target of 250 posts before I begin to explore the possibilities.

    Meanwhile, thanks for calling in. Will follow you, and hope you'll return the favour sometime while on another blog hop!


    1. Thanks for your comments! I think I was doing this like most things. Obsessively, I will just do what I can and won't feel like I am not doing enough.

  2. I only follow about 12-18 blogs; I can't handle more than that, and do justice to commenting on them with regularity. That's why I don't hop. Sorry I can't help.

    1. I am not sure where I am going to set my limit. I have so enjoyed hopping and seeing so much of what people are doing. I truly enjoy people. I think I will continue the hops and getting to know people. I am just going to set limits for each day.

    2. Hi Betty! Balance is a struggle for me too. I have started to set time limits on my blogging time -- a certain amount of time for writing posts, visiting and commenting, researching how to make my blog better and posting on other social media (facebook, twitter, instagram and pintrest). If I don't do that, then other areas of my life are in disarray when I am on the computer all day. I also try to remember that although I want a successful blog, my family definitely needs to come first. I want to have quality time with my family without them thinking that they come second to the computer. Do what you can do, and know that it is enough :) Also, I am a new follower!

  3. Thanks for stopping by the Weekend Social Mix Blog Hop! Want to know how I keep up with blogging? I don't have a regular, full time job. I had always worked full time, but got laid off from a govt contracting position 3 years ago. I started blogging not long after, then we moved, and I haven't had a regular job. I volunteer 2-3 days a week, but it still leaves me plenty of time! I also don't follow tons of blogs. I don't follow if they don't interest me. I just can't keep track otherwise. I'm always looking for new blogs though, because people stop blogging or I know longer read some that I do follow.

    Good luck on your weight loss! I want to lose a few pounds, but mostly just get healthy. My goal is to eat better, less crap, and be more active. I don't like to workout, so even just walking an hour a day is good for me.

    1. Thanks Kara, the comments have helped me rethink how I was doing things. I will continue to hop, I truly enjoyed it. I just won't feel so pressured to get to every one each time. I enjoy people so much.

      I feel like you do about weight loss. I want to lose weight and get to my goal someday. I am more concerned about being healthy and happy. I do enjoy exercise though!


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