Saturday, March 16, 2013

Working out with a Kettle Bell!! It Works!!!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I got the KettleWorx Six Week Body Makeover set on clearance for $20.00.  I started with KettleWorX a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't have a Kettle Bell so I had to go buy one.  When I looked at them there was a variety of sizes.  I didn't want to start too large or too small.  After listening to the Getting Started DVD with Ryan Shanahan I had decided on a seven pound kettle bell.  The options at my store were limited.  The seven pound ones there only came with a DVD.  This DVD was put out by Bob Harper.  It was called the Body Shred Workout. The Body Shred Workout DVD is a 30 minute video with Tone, Strength and Cardio. 

Well this meant I had two workout programs, now I no excuses for missing a workout.  The KettleWorx includes 7 DVD's.  

I have been using the DVD's almost daily for a couple of weeks now.  I have used the KettleWorX and the Body Shred Workouts.  I have pros and cons with both.  I really like the exercises on the KettleWorx, but I feel like the DVD was poorly put together.  It just has lots of clips pieced together, and there is a large repetition of those pieces.  As I have moved up the levels that seems to have gotten better.  Since it is a six week workout, it has different workouts for each week.  I feel like I am getting a great overall workout, if I just concentrate on the exercise and forget about the quality of the DVD.  The video quality is fine, just the repeating of clips.  The exercise's are based on Core, Resistance, Cardio, Fast Abs, and Fast Fat Burn.  Each DVD concentrates on one of these areas.  Of course, that is the concentration, but you work all of them on each of the DVD workouts.  On reaching level 3, I have found the exercises to be great.  I am sore everywhere on my body.  Almost every exercise works your core, and your legs are constantly working.  During one exercise he mentions it is working 400 muscles.  At first, I thought, yeah, sure, now I believe it.

The Body Shred Workout is a much better made DVD.  You feel like you are going through a workout with Bob Harper.  It goes from start to finish without film repetition.  It is much better to watch.  I have to admit that I just don't like his workout as much.  I am not sure what it is that I don't like, I am sure you get a good workout.  It is probably just a matter of personal preference.

I have another birthday party today!  My grandson who will be 10 this coming week, is having his friend party today.  I don't feel threatened by cake anymore.  I think I have the sugar out of my system for now.  No cravings!  I only have 2 more family birthdays left in March.  March seems to be our birthday month.  Then we are done until September!  

Two weeks until Spring Break!!!  We will be heading off to the beach.  I can't wait!!  This weather just does not seem to be springlike.  We have consistently had below normal temperatures and lots of moisture.  They are calling for freezing mix again tomorrow.  I guess I will appreciate the beach and warm temps that much more.  Thankfully, I have a friend coming to stay at my house, to house sit and dog sit  while we are gone,  my little Sophie needs company.  I have posted pictures of her here before.  She would be very lonely without anyone.

I am excited about my weigh-in on Monday.  Things have been going well this week.  I hope I can resist blowing it on the weekend.  I have to stay away from sodium, which is very difficult because we eat out so much on the weekends.

By the way, the review on the DVD's is my own personal opinion and I am not being paid by anyone, and anyway they might not like my opinions.


  1. Yeah, I gotta get to the store and get both a kettle ball, and some small weights. PRETTY ones. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I want to try it, thank you for sharing! It's a constant battle, sometimes I wish I could just eat ice cream and forgo a workout!

  3. Hi Betty~ Just wanted to let you know I finished answering your questions you set for me when you nominated me for the Liebster Award. You can check it out @ Again Thank you for the nomination:) Lynn

  4. I have a kettle ball and I love using it :) It really does make a great workout!

  5. I am following you back with WSM blog hop! Thanks for stopping by my blog:) Good job on pushing toward a healthier body! I'm pushing 40 and I had to give up sugar this year bc I saw how the hypoglycemia after having sugar affected my mentality! I couldn't think straight! Now I only use honey and far so good! Thank you God! ( I love sweets:) Keep up the good work! If you were in Panama I would invite you to go for a walk:)!!

  6. I have been using free weights for so long I just can't get used to the kettle ball concept...your post makes me want to mix it ip a little and give it a try!!!

  7. Hello and Thank you for following my blog, At My Counter. I am folioing you back. I am also losing my gut, have fun at the beach.

  8. Love the sound of that workout (you have inspired me to run this morning, despite the cold temperature here).

    Have a wonderful day.

    Kate x

  9. I like reading honest opinions about the popular workouts! The kettle bells interest me but I haven't tried them yet.

    Hurrah for workouts, the beach, vacations, and cute little dogs. :)

  10. I'v never been a fan of kettle bells but I might change my mind now :) Maybe I'll get those dream biceps these days :) Although your soreness scared me a bit, hehe

  11. I have never used a kettle ball. I may have to invest. I KNOW that I need to start working on my upper body more and do some more toning. :-)

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