Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why do Friday's Just Seem To Go Haywire?

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

Friday was one of those days that I couldn't seem to get anything done.  I didn't exercise.  My diet was totally off track.  I wouldn't be surprised if when weigh-in comes this week I have gained.  My day started out with a home repairman in the house for the entire morning.  I had to keep talking to him and I certainly wasn't exercising with him in the house.  

Next, my friend that has been having issues called me five times that day and I needed to talk to her for a long time.  She is just so upset right now, she needs a friend.  In addition to her marriage problems, she found out Friday that she has cancer.

As soon as school got out, we had to get ready to go to my son's high school baseball scrimmage game.  Great fun at 38 degrees, and windy!  I absolutely love watching my son play, but my goodness, couldn't we have a little spring weather for it.  I guess it is averaging out for last year.  When we had our first scrimmage last year in March it was 85 degrees and we were sweating.

Then after the game we went to eat.  When I finally got home for the day, my friend called again.  I spent the rest of the evening reading other people's post.  I needed some happy thoughts for the day and I enjoyed reading what other people were writing.  When I don't feel like writing, I read other posts.  I am amazed at all the wonderful posts that people create.  I don't think I read a single niche of posts, I like reading all different types.  Some make me laugh, some make me think, and some make me feel like other people are going through the same things that I am.  

I need to get more organized on my writing so that I have some posts to publish on days like this.  How do you keep up with your blog when life seems to get in he way?  Do you have some back up posts ready to go?

I probably have tried to do too much for just getting started.  I need lots of help from veteran bloggers to tell me how you organize your blog posts and how you keep up?


  1. Just whenever I can. If I have time I usually will do two posts and not publish one to keep in reserve. I might do a post piecemeal (a little at a time all day.

  2. I don't have back-up posts, but I jot ideas down whenever I think of something I might want to write about, so I always have a couple dozen ideas to sort through. Also, recently, after doing a series of posts with a pediatrician on things that have changed since we raised our children, I've been doing a series of posts inspired by a book a couple pediatricians wrote about myths our mothers told us. Finally, I have a book about interesting things that were launched in our lifetimes on specific days, so I have interesting product or tv show anniversary days to write about.


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