Saturday, June 29, 2013

Is Sugar Killing Us? Sweet Suicide!!!

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Is Sugar Killing Us?

This 14 minute video talks about how sugar is killing us.

Sugar affects in your brain are similar to Cocaine.  Sugar may be the most addictive substance that we have.  

Sugar is contained in almost all processed foods.

Sugar may be responsible for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and many other health issues today.

Earlier generations got most of their sugar from fruits, the fruits had fiber which slowed down the effects on our bodies.

Sugar:  Our Reward Food

We treat ourselves and our children with sugar.  

Cookies, birthday cakes, ice cream and other desserts are given to our families as rewards or for celebrations.  

Are we overindulging in the foods that are making us fat and unhealthy.  Research says, yes!

Restrictions on Sugar

Should sugar be restricted like tobacco, alcohol and drugs?  Some experts say yes. 

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg is trying to limit the sales of soft drinks to protect the health of the residents of New York.

Percentage of Sugar in sweeteners

Sugar 99%
Brown sugar 97%
Honey 82%
Sorghum syrup 75%
Molasses 55%

To find out Top Ten Foods Highest in Sugar visit this site.

My Diet Update:

I had another good day.  I think I am getting the hang of this diet.  I am having good results and feeling better.  I will be looking forward to the weigh-in this week.  


  1. Hi Betty - Over consumption of processed and refined sugar is killing us, as well as prematurely aging us. Great informative post!

  2. I have been slowly eliminating sugar from my youngest daughters diet.... I know the awful effects..:-/

    1. Yes, I know! My 18 year old gave up sugar about 5 months ago. He feels so much better. My grandsons are constantly wanting sugar. My daughter is a pediatrician so she limits it. All their friends are eating sweets so they want them too!

  3. Sugar IS like crack. My kids are proof positive of that with the way they behave after eating something sugary. They're off the wall.

    1. I watched one video where they let a young child have all the sugar cubes he wanted and watched his personality change with the consumption of the cubes. It was amazing. I didn't realize it could happen so quickly!

  4. That was a great video. Thanks for sharing it. I plan to use it in my teaching.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it and find it useful. I have been watching lots of videos lately to help me make my lifestyle changes. I feel like the more information I have the better choices I will make.


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