Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Weigh - Losing 18 Pounds in 2 Weeks!

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I really need to get the book, The 100 read.  The subtitle says COUNT ONLY SUGAR CALORIES AND LOSE UP TO 18 LBS IN 2 WEEKS.  

I'm not sure that I could lose that much, but I would happily take a lose of 5 lbs over the next two weeks.

These last few weeks I have not gotten anywhere on my weight loss.  All my fault, of course!  I was 1/2 pound lighter 3 weeks ago!  Then I had the bout with the birthday cake and I lost!  It was a total knockout!!  I have slowly come back from the 2 pound weight gain.  And I mean slowly!!  On the positive side I am 16.5 pounds lighter than when I started.  I am wearing a smaller size and I look thinner through my middle.  I feel better, too!!

I am just hoping something new to focus on will jump start my weight loss again.  I know I have eaten things that I should not have, but I really haven't eaten that much.  My exercise has been down.  I have been spending so much time working in my yard and running to baseball games, swim meets, and open houses for the last few weeks.

Next weeks goals: 

 Pay very close attention to what I eat, probably need to journal for a while so I can see what is slowing me down. 

Get some form of exercise in!  Need to get back to the kettle bell.  I was doing quite well when I was using it.

By the way:  I am not supported in any way, by this book.  I have received no compensation for writing about the book.  I just find the book very interesting and I am anxious to read and put into practice his methods to see if I can lose more weight and get healthier.

Loss 16.5 pounds total

Starting weight - 184.5
Week one - 180.0
Week two - 179.5
Week three - 179.0
Week four - 178.5
Week five - 177.0 
Week six - 176.0
Week seven - skipped, was on vacation
Week eight - 181.5  
Week nine - 174.0
Week ten - 172.5
Week eleven - 172.0
Week twelve - 171.5
Week thirteen - 170.5
Week Fourteen - 172.0
Week Fifteen - 167.5
Week Sixteen - 169.5
Week Seventeen - 168.5
Week Eighteen - 168.0

Now Heading For The 150's!!!!  It's slow going, but I will get there!!

Warning scale is 3 pounds light!  When I get below 150 I will buy a new scale.  Right now I like seeing the lower number!  It's kind of like the book The Secret.  This is my vision board.  If I lose 5 pounds this scale will say 160, I know it will be 163, but I'll see 160.  Okay, humor me here.  I am going to get there, this way I just get to see it sooner!


  1. I'll be interested to watch your results from the book. I'm rooting for you, girlfriend!

    1. Thanks! I really need to get going again!

  2. I like your perseverance and how you keep trying new things. They say that that's the way to keep yourself motivated! It sounds like it's working for you! Good luck! I'm routing for you!!!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I get bored with things pretty easy, I need things to keep me motivated. I

  3. I am interested in how it goes too! Also cheering for you!

    1. Thanks Linda! I know there is no miracle solution, but if I learn something new that helps me a little, that's fantastic!

  4. Hi Betty - and congratulations on consistent weight loss. I'm picturing it in my mind on a graph. Very impressive!

    1. Thanks Marc! At least there is a fairly consistent downward trend.

  5. I'm certain you'll get there too, wooot!


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