Saturday, August 17, 2013

Date night: We're the Millers!

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We're the Millers

We laughed so hard and gasped a few times.  I saw things in this movie I have never seen before.  What does a tarantula bite to the testicles look like?  Not sure if the bite was realistic but I never want to find out!  This movie is rated R for nudity and bad language.  It has plenty of that!

I would watch the movie again!   My husband doesn't like many movies but this one had him laughing.  This unlikely scenario makes for a funny plot, and it even has a happy ending.  The four main characters are a group of misfits that try to pose as a family and after all their escapades they have become a real family.

The best scenes are the above mentioned spider bite and according to my husband, the Jennifer Aniston strip tease.  If you have seen the movie I hope you give me your opinion on it!

Date Night....

My husband and I have started going to movies again!  We haven't gone to movies for years.  Our son is moving away to college and it's just going to be the two of us.  I guess we are dating again.  

First we had to run and help out our older son.  He had car problems so we went to jump his battery.  He took it to the auto supply store and got a new battery.  Yes!!  That was all he needed!

We went on to the movies.  Of course, we went to a matinee.  We have a hard time spending money for an evening show.  We have at least 4 years of college yet to pay for.

The movie was crowded.  Most of the matinee fans were married couples and older women in groups.  I told my husband most of the couples could only afford the matinees.  Their kids have all their money and the kids get to attend the prime time shows.  We were some of the first people in the theater and by the time the movie started there were people all around us.  We had hoped to have a little space to ourselves, but people filled in the seats beside us.

After the movie we went to the Red Robin nearby.  We were sitting in the restaurant talking and I got a text from my youngest son.  He told me he was at the same shopping center we were at.  He was with his girlfriend.  I told him we were at Red Robin.  He sent back and told us so was he.  We were sitting in the bar.  He and his girl were waiting for a table.  We couldn't invite them to sit with us because in Indiana people under 21 can't sit in the bar.  

After dinner, it was back home to feed the dog and let her out.  We were home by 8.  It was certainly not like the date nights of our younger years, but still very enjoyable.

I didn't have any popcorn or snacks at the theater.  My husband ate the popcorn by himself.  


  1. I haven't seen the movie, I actually haven't seen a movie for many years... and I was such a movie buff.... It's nice that had a date with your husband and that you two enjoyed the movie :)

    1. It was fun! We held hands and everything.

  2. I bet my grown boys would like that movie. :) Hurrah for dating again, lol. Enjoy. :)

    1. Yes my son suggested it. He thought his dad would like it. Dating is fun!

  3. Just added the movie to the Netflix queue! Thank you! We don't even do matinees anymore - they are just to darned expensive around here at least! Only $2 less than the evening movies!


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