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Get Twitter Followers!

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How do you get Twitter Followers?

My first social media post gave the amount of followers I had on my social media accounts.  

This week I have been doing an update on how to increase followers and to report how many followers I have increased.

I wrote a post about gaining followers on Pinterest and the way Pinterest works.  

I also wrote a post about the ins and outs of Google Plus and how to gain followers there.

My Twitter Report

I have been really interested in figuring out how social media works.  I am one of those people that really enjoy figuring out how things work.  I certainly haven't figured it all out yet. I have found things that I find interesting and I thought I would share those with you.  I am not a tech person just someone who is learning to use social media.  I hope it helps other like me.

I started on twitter sometime after the first of the year when I started blogging about my family history.  I followed a few people that were involved in Genealogy.  I had no idea how it worked.  I thought it was on of the craziest things.  What are all these @ buttons and #hashtags.  I really didn't do much with Twitter because I was busy working on my blogs.  Then I got busy trying to figure out Pinterest and Google Plus.

Since school got out in June I have started trying to figure out how Twitter works and how to increase my followers.  I have heard many people say that Twitter really sends readers to their blogs.  I started by following lots of Mom Bloggers.  I got some follow backs.  By the time I wrote my first Social Media post on July 1st I had just barely over 300 followers.  

Then I got a notice from Twitter that once you follow 2000 people you can't follow anymore until you have a ratio of following to followers.  I guess that is so you can't spam people.  You can only have 110% more people that you follow than people who follow you.  I didn't know that until then.  Like I said I am learning as I go along.  As of now,  I have 728 followers.  That means I have grown over 400 followers in the last six weeks.  Most of them in the last month.

First off, my problem with following too many people.  I found an app for that.  I got the app justunfollow for my iPad.  It was free and it will go through the people you are following and see if they are following you back.  I still am following 1336 people who aren't following me back.  The app justunfollow allows me to unfollow 50 of the nonfollowers per day.  If I wanted to take the time I could just go through the list and write down who they are and just go to Twitter and unfollow them.  I am hoping that if I just unfollow 50 a day I might just have some of them decide to follow before I get to them.  You can also buy an app from them that allows you to unfollow more per day.  I don't know the details on that.

Twitter is a site where people expect lots of interaction if they are going to follow you.  I had no idea how to interact with people.  The tweets really made no sense to me.  I started doing some research about twitter and found out what some of the things are about.  
When you want someone to know and be contacted that you posted something about them you put their twitter name @FamilyBetty. The @ tells Twitter that you are talking about the Twitter name that follows.  You can talk about a few people in one tweet and they will all be notified.  If you are all talking about the same thing or you have something that you want other people to be able to search you put a hashtag # in front of it.

When you do a hashtag # search on twitter you can find out what is trending or what a lot of people are talking about.  I found a group on Sunday evening that are a bunch of mom bloggers that talk about #SundaySupper.  They ask questions for people to answer.  
Share recipes that are on their blogs and just talk to each other. After my first #SundaySupper I picked up several followers.  

Here is a video talking about Twitter and how to increase your followers.  It's about 40 minutes long but it does have lots of good information.

I also found a great way to get new followers and meet people is through Blog Hops.  I had been doing regular blog hops for awhile when I realized that there were also blogs hops for Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook and Instagram.  

Here are some of the Blog Hops I have visited to gain Twitter followers.  I think all of these have multiple social media hops on them.

Hop Till You Drop

A Hump Day Hop

Twitter Hop 2.21

I just go through the list and follow each one of the hoppers.  Then I send them a tweet telling them that I am following them.  Something like this.  @FamilyBetty I followed you from #hoptillyoudrop with @Breex3333.

That way they know why you are following them.  If anyone searches for the blog hop they will find my page.  Also I can connect with others who are tagging the hop.

I have not attended a Twitter Party yet so I really can't tell you about them.  I assume it works the same as #SundaySupper.  People at the party are hashtagging the Twitter Party name.  I believe they have giveaways on those.  Anyone who has a good explanation is welcome to leave it in the comments.

My Other Social Media

I also have other social media accounts that I am still trying to figure out.  I use Instagram(just barely), Facebook(for personal use), I started a Facebook Fan Page, (I haven't been able to make it work independently of my Personal page), StumbleUpon, Digg, Klout,  and Sverve.  I still have to learn a bunch more about those before I can relay any information.

I am hoping to learn lots more.

I plan on posting all my numbers of followers on the first of each month so I can keep track of the growth rate.  I do accounting, I like numbers.

I actually delivered a resume for a full time job yesterday that looks promising so I may not have time to research those for a while.  

Since I haven't been working and my life has slowed down over the summer I have had lots of time to get into some of the social media information.  Please if you have written a blog post that explains any of the social media leave a link in the comments.  


  1. Hi Betty!

    I just don't really get into this at all, because, well, once upon a time I had an internet addiction, pretty much. I've tempered it, although I could spend even less time on the internet and it would be good. I want to get to the point where I read books more than I'm on the internet. So, like Lynda, increasing my blog activity is something I have no desire to do. I know how addicting all this can become, and I am not going back there for myself. Just to explain...


    1. I like to figure out things. Once I figure out how this all works then I will move to something else. I don't really get hooked into things long term. I have wondered for a while how some of these things work and I have time to get into it right now. If I go back to work there won't be much time for these things. I think it is also giving me a focus on something other than my son going off to college.i have also learned considerable things about the Internet that will help with my job if I go back to work.

  2. I never knew about the ratio of followers to who you are following... I don't randomly follow anyone but now I understand the unfollow app... I will have to use it a little more. I don't want my whole day being about my blog or the computer... especially since I am on this healthy kick but a few of these small ideas are great :)

    1. I understand. I am not working right now so I have lots of free time. I have found so many great people since I have started doing this. I love people! As I told Gwen this is a good focus for me right now until I adjust to my son going away to college. I am a person who doesn't really get down I just find new interests.

  3. Holy cow! You've learned so much!!

    I don't really do blog hops and such for a couple reasons. Mostly it's a time constraint thing, but there's also the fact that I truly don't know what I'm doing (outside of just writing!).

    Thanks for the lessons!


    1. Hops don't take as much time as you would think. I found a google add on that let's you load all the posts and just move from one to another. They usually ask you to view the hosts and cohorts and 3 other posts.

  4. I thought hash tags were really dumb until you just explained them. I still don't understand them fully though. Oh well, lol.

    Another great Twitter site is I use it to make sure I'm following everyone who follows me, and also to unfollow people who don't follow me. It's free. :)

    1. You know I thought they were some big deal and then I just realized they were very simple. Hash tags just help people search for that particular item and if you have it hash tagged they will get it in their search results.

      Thanks for the info on friend or follow.

  5. Hi Betty,

    This was a great real, although I have been using Twitter for a few years now with my personal account, and blog account. I still got some information from your post. I just downloaded the JustUnfollow app, so far I love it. Thanks for the posting!


    1. Glad you found helpful information. I like the app!

  6. Glad there was helpful information. I like the app.

  7. Thank you! I had hoped that it might be helpful to others!

  8. Thank you for sharing your bits of information on this topic. Don't you love the #learntoblog series. I am working with Kelli now, and I love it. I continue to learn so much from her!


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