Thursday, August 29, 2013

Feel the Magic!!

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Feel the magic

My magic powers!

I have been bestowed with magic powers!  I bet you wonder how, all of a sudden, I got these powers, don't you?  Well they were given to me by the ladies at Finish the Sentence Friday.  Our sentence for this week is  If I had a magic wand, the first thing I'd do is .........

So now that I am all magical and everything, I have to come up with the first amazing thing that I would do.  They didn't tell me if I could continue to use this magic or if they were going to grab it away from me after I used it once.  Hmm?  That could make a difference!

Peace in Syria  

Well, that makes it simple.  My first wish is to us the wand as much as I want.  That means forever!!!  Now I get to have all the wishes I want.  Ha!  Now I am really powerful!  Where should I direct that power.  Should I do things to help the entire world.  Maybe I should make instant peace in Syria.  That whole situation over there is just so awful.  This is supposed to be fantasy so, after that, maybe something a little more fun!

Feel the Magic

Cinderella and a Night in the Glass Slippers

Okay, now I have this wand and I can't think of any big things I want.  Do I want to be like Cinderella and go to the ball.  Not really!  Of course, I already have Prince Charming.  I have been married to him for a long time now.  You guys know about my relationship with high heels.  We split up a long time ago.  So no glass slippers for me.

Paris, the city of my soul

So, here goes!  I am going to magically transport myself to Paris.  I am going shopping along the Champs Elysee.  I don't know about the rest of you but it's all designer clothes for me from now on.  I remember shopping in one of the big designer stores when I was there in November.  A sales clerk knew that my friend and I  didn't really belong in there.  We were looking for some small item to take home as a souvenir.  She mentioned that maybe we would like to shop on the third floor.  Maybe I'll turn that store clerk into a rat or something!!

Reality Bites

Okay now reality sets in and I realize that I would do things for my family first and it would probably be just practical things.  I am a mom, you know!!

Your Turn

So what are you going to use your magic wand for?

Friendship Friday

  • If you had the time to do just “one more thing” each day – what would it be?
  • Do you tend to fill every moment of your day with “stuff”? What would a free day feel like?
  • Do you tightly keep tabs on your time (calendars, organizers, to do lists) or do you go with the flow?

Well these questions are easy!  

First, since my son left for college, I have loads of free time.  I always had something to do when he was home and involved in everything.  I did get a call from someone from the football team asking if I could help them with something, but mostly, all the things I have always done are through. 

I am starting to find things to fill my time.  My blogging takes some time.  I have also spent lots of time researching and growing my social media.

I have always been a go with the flow person.  I don't like planning too much.  I like to be flexible.

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  1. Oh yes, I like the magic wand idea. I'd sit on a large table and have all the foods of the world brought to me so I can taste everything. It might take a few years getting through it all but I'd have a go. Then I'd like to visit all the exotic places in the world that I can't afford to go to. I'd pay for all my family/friends to go first class and stay in really nice hotels and be waited on, it would be wonderful.

    Now, it's back to reality but that was a nice dream. As for filling my time, some days are busier than others. I do like things to be planned but also a little flexibility is needed sometimes. Blogging does take up a lot of time, so due to my lack of sleep I don't mind blogging at 4am in the morning before the day starts at times.

  2. I've always said that my first wish would be to have unlimited wishes! Is that cheating? :)

  3. Interesting question. I have sat here for the longest time trying to figure out what would be my one wish. If there could really only be one and you couldn't wish for lots more wishes -- I really don't know what would be that one thing. I keep changing my mind but thinking about it sure puts a lot of things in perspective! What is really important?

  4. I also love the magic wand idea I was reading and was going on the ride which ya. My one wish is gather me and my family and take a cross country ride in a beautiful decked out RV to the Grand Canyon and look at all the beautiful scenerys. The find a beautiful campsite with an open sky and go fishing, then when it turns night sit out and gaze at the beautiful open sky. Yes yes lol. Great post

  5. I like the magic wand idea... there is just so many things we could wish for with it... I guess we would have to be careful that it didn't fall into the wrong hands... By the way, I love the glass slippers... I couldn't wear them but they are cute:)

  6. THOSE SHOES! Wow. I mean, I love your ideas, but those SHOES are incredible :)

    1. I couldn't wear the shoes, but I think they are gorgeous too!

  7. My girls would love those slippers, but you are right being a mom reality does bite very often, but then again it does also have some great moments, too. Thanks for joining us and linking up again this week!! :)

    1. I think the slippers are super great looking. I couldn't wear them unless I was going to sit but they would look fantastic. I love your blog and the prompts each week.

  8. I love, love the idea of Paris...would love to go!

    1. I just keep wanting to go back to Paris. I am trying to convince my husband that he needs to go now.

  9. Paris is wonderful. I hope you'll go! And yes, I, too, would want a million more wishes!!

    1. I have been to Paris two years in a row now and I could go live there. We need lots of wishes, right?


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