Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weight Loss Success!

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Weight Loss Success

Another Successful Week!

I have had another good week.   I have seen pretty consistent losses and it is really starting to show.  I have had lots of people comment on my weight loss recently.  When I look in the mirror I really see it in my face now.  

I have been following The 100 diet, which is basically a Paleo/Primal/Low Carb type of diet.  The diet allows you to have 100 sugar calories per day.  All carbs are sugar calories.  You take the number of carbs in something and multiply it by 4.  

I try to eat mostly non-processed foods.  Fresh foods are just so much better for you.  This has been the easiest diet I have ever been on.  I really don't even consider it a diet, I have just changed my lifestyle!  

I did have some pizza on Saturday.  We were with friends and they bought pizza.  I was really hungry and I did eat a piece.  I didn't overdo it at all and I had no cravings afterwards.  This will not be a common occurrence.  I intend to continue losing weight until I get to where I feel the best.  I haven't decided what that weight will be. I am almost to a normal BMI range.  I think I would like to be further into the range and not at the upper edge.  

At my current rate of losing an average of a little of a pound a week it could take until the first of next year to get to the weight I intend to maintain.  As of now, I am wearing a size 8 that is getting lose on me so I am happy with my weight now.  The additional weight will just get me into a better weight range.

My Weekly Weight Loss

Loss 31.0 pounds total

Starting weight - 184.5

Week one - 180.0
Week two - 179.5
Week three - 179.0
Week four - 178.5
Week five - 177.0 
Week six - 176.0
Week seven - skipped, was on vacation
Week eight - 181.5  
Week nine - 174.0
Week ten - 172.5
Week eleven - 172.0
Week twelve - 171.5
Week thirteen - 170.5
Week Fourteen - 172.0
Week Fifteen - 167.5
Week Sixteen - 169.5
Week Seventeen - 168.5
Week Eighteen - 168.0
Week Nineteen - 167.5
Week Twenty - 161.50
Week Twenty-One  161.0
Week Twenty-Two 159.5
Week Twenty-Three 160.0
Week Twenty-Four 159.0
Week Twenty-Five 157.5
Week Twenty-Six 156.5
Week Twenty-Seven  154.5
Week Twenty-Eight 153.5

My scale is 3 pounds light! 

weight loss success


  1. You are doing sooo great! I'm glad it feels so natural for you - you will have great success maintaining for sure!


  2. Congratulations Betty... this is awesome :)

  3. Hi Betty - that is amazing that you have lost over 30 pounds this year! Congratulations on beating up that scale and showing it who has the power:)

  4. Very inspiring but those Vacation Weeks get you every time Am I right?

  5. Great loss! I am up near your starting weight right now and you are very motivational for me :)
    Thanks for linking up!


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