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Social Media - Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest

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Social Media

Until a few months ago, I was not on any social media.  I am 58 years old, it wasn't something I thought I needed.   I had a fear of social media!  My husband was very against it.  He was upset when I helped my son set up his Facebook when he was in 8th grade.  I had to be able to get on it at any time to see what he was posting and receiving.

I started with Pinterest to find recipes about 8 months ago.  I didn't do anything else with it.  I only followed the number of people I had to follow.    

After I went to Europe in November, I decided to get on Facebook.  I saw people sending home information daily and I thought I should learn to do that.  After I got back, I set up a Facebook.  I only friended family and close friends.  My Facebook only has a handful of friends.

In December, I decided to start a blog for my genealogy.   In order to start the blog I needed to start a Google+ account.  Oh, my!!  Did that ever get me started.

I started 4 blogs.  This one was my fourth one.  I really don't post very regularly on the others.  I need time to research the family history to write those posts.  This one has become an every day blog.  

When I started blogging I used Captcha.  I thought it would protect me from scary people and spam.  It didn't take long for me to decide that I hated Captcha on other people's blogs.  My eyesight makes it almost impossible to solve those horrible Captchas.  I didn't want people to feel that way when they wanted to comment on my blog.  I got rid of that thing.  I went with just allowing people to post for a while.  Then the spammers started so I had to go to comment approval.

Anyway, my social media love had begun.  I have been collecting Google+ followers.  Now I am up to over 1000.  Then I started following lots of people on Pinterest.  I think I have over 1600 followers there now.  It's only been a couple of months.  I just like connecting with other people.  I have become a social media addict!!  People are the greatest!!  

I was concerned about all the horrible people I thought were out in the internet world.  I am sure there are plenty of those, but what I have found is a mass of wonderful people.  People who are similar to me.   People who are concerned with their health and weight.  People who have families and care about them.  

Well a couple of months ago, I started Twitter.  I didn't have a clue what it was all about.  I still don't understand all that hash tag stuff.  Crazy me, I figure if I just start using it I'll figure it out someday.  So in the last couple of weeks I just started friending everyone.  I now have about 300 and some followers.  It is so much fun!!  

Now I have seen my son using Instagram.  I am starting to think what is that all about.  I know it's something about posting pictures.  I don't think it's anything like Pinterest though.  I don't know if I am quite ready for that yet.  

Oh gosh, how many more Social Media sights are out there?

My Facebook is still personal.  I try not to add people that are not close friends or family.  I get pictures of my grandsons and my nieces and nephews children on there.  I don't want too much stuff to weed through.  Now maybe if I could start a second Facebook I could start friending everyone on that one. Hmm!  

Have I become a Social Media menace?  I don't think so!  I think I am just enjoying getting to know a lot of great people. 

Did I tell you that Pinterest is fantastic!  I have found out ways to do everything.  I can't believe all the superb ideas out there.  Where did all these people learn to do so many things.  

I sprayed my tomato plants with Epsom salts today.  It is supposed to give them magnesium so they will produce more fruit.  I have to spray them again in 10 days.  I also planted Marigolds beside them so the bugs will stay away.  I hard-boiled my eggs in the oven this week.  Who knew???  You would not believe the list of things I have yet to try!!

I hope you are all enjoying Social Media as much as I am!  I love followers, so my Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ buttons are somewhere on this page if you want to follow me.

I guess I will hook this up with a few blog hops!!

Modern Hippie Momma


  1. I love/hate social media! Just wanted to tell you that you can set up a facebook fanpage for your blogs. It's managed through your regular fb, so no extra log ins. Not that we need any extra social much as it sometimes feels like a job, social medians is a wonderful tool!

    1. I don't know if I am ready for a fan page yet. I'll keep that in mind though. Thanks, Amy!!!

  2. I love social media... it does take too much time sometimes but I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people :-D

  3. Hi Betty! So you're the person I should ask about stuff like started Facebook. Good to know that. I don't know what to ask yet, but I'm glad to have all of your experience in a blogging friend. You are certainly a great connector, and I could learn better how to do that. I feel that my blog, being started 2 years ago, still has a considerably small readership and want to increase that. I'm not sure how, but the fact that I'm not on Facebook could be an issue there. So when I know what to ask, I'm going to ask you. :D

    :-) Marion

  4. Like it or not, social media is vital for todays business. I'm on Facebook more now than ever since starting my new venture. But just on my fan pages. As for my personal page - B O R I N G.

    I have tried twitter and I don't get it. And I like Pinterest but keep forgetting to go over there - lets face it, I spend more time networking with online social media than I do in the flesh!

    It's a new world...

  5. Is it a man thing? My daddy doesn't like it and neither does my husband. They both assume I'm so deep in it for marketing purposes but I was a blogger before I blogger before I became an author. The different SM outlets are definitely helpful in getting the word out but like you, I enjoy meeting new people through it all too.

    1. My husband retired after 30 years on a police department. He knows all the bad stuff and none of the good.

  6. Hi Betty! Well in a short time, social media sure became a friend and because of that, you have alot of friends that connected to you! It is pretty awesome! I had a Facebook page but didn't have time to spend on it but like you, had only family and personal people that I connected with. I have a twitter account but don't go on it much. Mainly, just blogging is it for me! You are great! :)

    1. Thanks Linda! Since I'm not working anymore, I have more time than before. If I go back to work in the fall, I will have to cut back on all of it. I'm sure I will stay involved though, I enjoy all the people and getting to know them. If I hadn't been doing this I wouldn't have found great people like you.

  7. :) Great post! I have recently gotten into more social media myself. Pinterest is a lot of fun once you know what you are doing :)


  8. Thanks so much for this post! You are an inspiration to me! I just started on Pinterest and love it. For Facebook, maybe you could start a page for people who want to follow you from your blog. We have one for our farm. Oh, and my dog has one, too! I totally understand about keeping the personal page personal.


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