Monday, February 18, 2013

It here! Weigh in! my first week results.

Thank goodness, I have made it through my first week. I think the first week is the hardest. I had several challenges this week and I hurdled them all. There was Valentines Day and two birthday parties. I stayed away from cake on three separate occasions. That is a major victory!

I haven't gone to the scale yet. I am putting that off. I decided to write first then go weigh in.

They called last night to remind me of my doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I cancelled it! My husband said I was bing stupid. I need a few more weeks to get in better shape before I go. Maybe just two or three. I just don't want to have my weight this high when I go in. I know my husband is right, it was dumb. It was just a reaction, before I gave it any real thought. I had been thinking I was scheduled for early March. It came as a surprise when the call came. So I just reacted.

Okay, before we all get to excited, my scale is three pounds light.  So that means I am at 180.0.  Last week I weighed 184.5.  So I am down 4.5 pounds.  Since this is the first week, there is probably a lot of water loss in that number.  But hey, 4.5 pounds is 4.5 pounds lighter than I was last week.  I don't expect to continue at this rate, but I hope this is motivation for a few days.



  1. silly ... go to the doctor's!!! 4.5 pounds that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  2. It's still more than I weighed at my visit six months ago. I know he won't be happy with me. I'll schedule another appointment soon. I have to get my prescriptions updated. It was just a knee jerk reaction when the call came.


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