Monday, May 27, 2013

Blog Every Day In May - Hey Guys!!

Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers
I think this is a great challenge, I get to write a letter to my readers.  
You see, I think you are great.  I don't know how many of you there are out there.  I know how many people view my blog each day, but are those all readers and do some people view more than once in a day.

The people I consider to be my readers are the people who comment and interact with me on a regular basis.  I know I read blogs and don't always comment, so there may be some of you that read regularly and don't comment.  This letter is to you also.  I wish you would comment occasionally so I know you are out there.

I really want to thank my readers for being interested in what I write about and making me feel like I have something to say.  I appreciate the time you take to read my blog on a routine basis.  I appreciate the newcomers who just stop by to check out my blog, too.  

So, if you consider yourself a reader, please know that you make me feel like my blog is worth something.
Thanks and I appreciate you and your blog.  I have learned from some of you, I have laughed with some of you, and I have enjoyed your blogs over the last few months.  Keep posting and please keep reading!

For those who read that noticed that I didn't post my weekly weigh in I apologize.  I weighed this morning , but the day was just too busy to put together a post.  I hope to write about my weight loss tomorrow.

Thanks Readers.


  1. You are pretty great yourself! It has been great getting to know you!! :D

    Take care!!

  2. When I pour my heart and soul into a "deep and meaningful" post, nobody comments. When I write about my hair, 30 comments. (Well, half are mine.) I get the most pageviews for "cool things to make out of duct tape."

    Have you written about your hair yet?

    1. I missed the duct tape post! Now I will have to search for it.

      Maybe my hair will be one of my next posts!

    2. Ha ha, I had to respond to this because I have two blogs, and I have noticed the same thing. When I am serious and put time and emotion into a post....*crickets*. When I get goofy on my other blog and just whip something out with not much thought, I get comments tripping over each other. I guess sometimes people are just not in the mood for heavy reading!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog. Writing is good mental exercise. Please keep up the good work.

    Have an old leaky nuclear reactor? —try 3M Nuclear Duct Tape! Costs a little more but who wants leaky reactors?


  4. I'm one of those readers who comments on certain blogs...others I don't. Some blogs I've read for a long time never commented or emailed back or anything, so I don't really comment anymore but I still read because they have great content. I found you on g+, because you always plussed my stuff so after a while I recognized your name, after that I popped over a few times, then I subscribed because I kept wondering what you were doing :) bet you do have a lot of readers that you don't know about. You are really social, I tend to read and comment the people that socialize because I feel like I know them. To me the difference between a blog and a website is social. Don't you think?

  5. well I enjoy your blog! I get weighed and measured today.

  6. Thanks, Betty. It's nice to receive a letter these days!


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