Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Miss You!

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

There are multiple people I miss in my life.  I miss my mother and my father.  I miss my first husband and my oldest brother.  I miss several friends who have died over the years.  I realize that life continues and although the people you love can't always be with you for your entire life, their memories are always with you.  If you can think of them and smile that is wonderful!  I remember all the wonderful times I had with the people who have passed on from this life.  They each left a part of themselves with me.

An Indiana State Police Memorial Service was held for Police Officer's Who Died In The Line of Duty on Friday, May 10.   They have these memorials annually.  My first husband died almost 34 years ago.  I attended the service this year with my husband, my daughter, and my youngest grandson.  Here are a few pictures of the memorial.

The pictures of the police officer's who had served at that post were displayed.  Family members placed roses under the photo's of their officer.  My daughter placed a rose for her father who had died when she was 6 years old.  Attending these services each year is a great way to remember our loved one, but it is also very difficult.



  1. I was just thinking it's beautiful, but must be very challenging on the heart.

    And I'm here to wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

    1. Thanks Rosey! Happy Mother's Day!

      It is a great thing, but really brings up the emotions. I am invited to a few different memorial services each year. I usually attend because I think it is wonderful that they choose to remember him.

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  3. What a beautiful thing. I could imagine it would warm your heart and be difficult at the same time.

  4. So sorry for your loss and how nice they do this annually.

  5. It does look like a beautiful service, but certainly difficult as well.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!


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