Friday, May 24, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Ugh! The Bad Stuff! Shh, It's a Secret!

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

This prompt is asking me to write the bad stuff about me.  Surely your not going to believe I have any bad traits.  You all think I'm perfect ? Right?
 So I will tell you a story and you can pretend it is about someone else.  You can do that, can't you?

First off, I am a procrastinator, I like to think it is because I work best under pressure.  Really it's because I just put things off.  Sometimes I put things off because I think I am not going to be able to do it that well, so if I put it off maybe something will change and I won't have to do it at all.  When I finally attempt the task it is easier to do than I expected and I wonder why I didn't just do it earlier.  By putting things off they cause way more stress.  If I had just gotten it done I would have saved myself the stress.

I am seeing this trait in my son and I am trying to get him to look at things differently.  I told him I try to set my own deadlines.  If something has to be done by Friday, I set a deadline to have it done by Wednesday.  That helps!  

I have mentioned before that I can be a control freak, that's not such a great trait.  It can be annoying to many people, myself included.  If I am controlling things it means that I don't trust other people to complete something.  So if I have to do my job and watch over everyone else doing their job then I am taking on way to much.   If I could just assign tasks and trust everyone to hold up their weight and complete their task successfully, I would have less stress.

I talk too much!  I am not going to write about it, because I would end up talking too much about it.  Maybe that why I enjoy blogging, it gives my a chance to speak uninterrupted.  I can say anything I 

So I guess these traits are not totally secret, but, really, can you keep this info to yourself?  The less people who know these things the better!  
Seriously, I should work on these things, but will I?

Do you have some traits that you don't like about yourself?


  1. Definitely a fellow control freak here, for sures. LOL

  2. I'm a know it all. I'm the oldest of 4 & I had to help a lot as a kid...I give unsolicited advice, & I know when I'm doing it & I can't stop myself. I mother a bad way.

  3. I'm a bit of a control freak too. I would rather do jobs myself so I know it's done to my standard. How bad is that? Must work harder on this. x

  4. A fellow procrastinator here. Definitely a hard habit to break.

  5. Number one was my greatest problem. Specific chores at home and work were put off, and it made things worse. I changed my thinking one day, and the chores I would put off—I now do first. Three decades later I still do so.

  6. I have some of those traits too, I tend to procrastinate. I don't talk too much which is a good thing since my husband never stops talking lol A trait I don't like about myself, I'm in the words of others a "neat freak." I can't stand clutter, I will be clearing the dishes almost before people are finished eating. Again my husband is the opposite he could live like a bad episode of hoarders! Have a great long weekend!


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