Friday, May 24, 2013

Finish the Sentence Friday - Why! Why! Why!

I am participating in Finish the Sentence Friday with Janine's Confessions Of A Mommyaholic.  The prompts are all so fantastic!  You should read some of the posts.  There are so many different interpretations of the sentences each week.  This is one of my favorite blog parties!

This weeks sentence is:  I blog because.........

I blog because I enjoy writing about my life.  Some days I wonder why I am blogging.  There are days when I can't even think of anything to write about.  I grab my laptop and sit down and just start typing and then sometimes I have more to say than I probably should.  

When my job downsized about a year and a half ago, I was really depressed for a while.  Depression is not something that is normal for me.  I try to always look at the bright side of life and not get bogged down.  When I lost my job, I felt totally rejected.  I had never lost a job before in my life and I was in my upper 50's.  I had always been highly respected for the quality of my work and my work ethics.  All of a sudden they were more concerned about money than quality of work.

After spending years at work, I really didn't have any friends around to spend time with anymore.  So not only had I lost my job, I lost my friends that I worked with.  When I started blogging it was to help me lose my excess weight and find a little support and encouragement.  Now, I feel like I have found a community of people to interact with and I feel like I am growing friendships.  

I am always interested in what is going on in the lives of my blogger friends.  I can't wait to get to their blogs each day and read the latest installments.  As time has gone by, I have reconnected with my local friends.  I now feel like I know several bloggers and will continue growing my on-line friendships too.  

So, why do I blog?  I blog to be a part of a community.  I blog to write some of my thoughts and feelings down.  I hope to keep these posts and someday make a book of them.  These daily writings are really telling the story of my day to day activities.  It's like a journal or diary that I can pass on as a family history.  

In the past many people kept journals and those have been treasured as records of the past.  Maybe someday our blogs will be valued as how people lived during our lifetimes.

Why do you blog?  Do you think your blog is a daily story of your life and times?


  1. I know that feeling so well and felt so similar when I was excessed from my teaching position. Blogging does so help with giving me an outlet and self-worth for sure and happy to know that others feel like yourself feel similar. Thank you so very much for linking up with us again today!! :)

  2. I blog for much the same reasons, for community and for support, and to keep up with the online friends I have made. I also like the accountability of it.

  3. It keeps me honest (in my getting healthier efforts.) Period.

    Well, and to meet awesome people like you, Betty!

  4. I'm glad you found that after losing your job- it can be sort of a lifeline, can't it? I love the feeling of community I get from blogging, and I'm glad you've experienced that too. Thanks for linking up!

  5. I hadn't really thought of the 'future history' context. I guess we're creating the sources of information for the future - not written by the victors, for the first time ever. I like that :)

  6. I blog because I really, really like it. :)

    Just swinging over to day hello. :)

  7. Amen, sister. Beautiful response!

  8. I blog to be a part of the community, too. I'm glad that we both are doing so. It's important.

  9. "...Do you think your blog is a daily story of your life and times?"

    ayiiee!! I have not thought about it in that sense... god, I hope no one thinks like that! (lol) (Hey Kristi just kidding!! I know everyone is reading this FTSF... hell, it's Saturday morning and I am still at the keyboard....)

    Good Finish the Sentence Friday Post!


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