Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog Every Day in May - My Typical Day!!

Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)

Taking photo's of my typical day is very hard to do.  There is no such thing as a typical day for me.  Every day seems to be different.  I seem to always have something going on.  Right now I am working in my yard every time I have a little time.  And I am spending every evening at a baseball game.  So I guess that is typical for now.  So I just took pictures of everything I did today.

I spent a lot of time talking with my friend who is split up with her husband.  She is having a bad time right now.  Then I spent a good portion of the day working in all my flower beds.  Still have a few to get cleaned out and mulched.

My first clematis bloom.  About 5 blooms opened up today!

This one above needs lots of work!   I dug it up completely and started over.

The one above is a mess!  I worked on it tonight and got it all replanted.  Tomorrow I have to haul more dirt and mulch this one.

This one is on the back side of my detached garage.  I haven't started it yet.

The tomato plants are in!

 I worked on getting the chemicals regulated on my spa.

Later in the day I finally took time to eat something, but I forgot to take pictures.

Then I went to the baseball game and feed the boys after the game. Tonight's game was terrible.  They lost 12-1 in 4 1/2 innings.  One of the worst games they have played this year.  They have been playing every single day except Sundays.  I think they are getting worn out.  Wait, maybe that's me!!

I stopped at the store and bought a couple more plants on the way home.  I got home grabbed a bite to eat and then worked in the yard until after dark.  

Then it was time to work on my blog!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! Thank goodness! I have lots to get done in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Hi Betty! I'm hoping to get *half* that amount done today!

    :-) Marion

  3. It sounds like you stay pretty active. A garden can be nice unless you're a plant killer like I unfortunately am.

    My days are becoming too much the same. Some unique things coming soon. Hope it's fun and not overly weird.

    A Faraway View


    1. Betty TaylorMay 17, 2013 at 9:50 PM
      Lee, now I am curious. What unusual plans do you have. I love staying active. Sometimes I take on too much though.

    2. I'll just say my wife has planned a vacation, but I'm not real excited about going. I'm sure I'll write a post about it when I get back, but for now I don't want to say much about it.

  4. All the gardening pictures made me wish I had a real yard! Soon. There is nothing like a home-grown tomato!


    1. Betty TaylorMay 17, 2013 at 9:52 PM
      I hope you get your own yard soon! I love home grown tomatoes. I eat lots of fresh ones!


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