Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kissing, Hand holding, Getting Pinched, and A Reverence For the House of God

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Finish the Sentence Friday

Next week’s sentence is, in honor of the BlogHer 2013 conference: “The best and worst parts of blogging are….”

This week's sentence is in Church(Place of Worship) I learned to...........

The church I attended as a young child. 

Kissing, Hand holding, Getting Pinched, and A Reverence for the House of God

I thought about doing this from a funny view, but I was always taught church was serious when I was growing up.  I had to go every Sunday morning and evening and I had to go on Wednesday night.  My mom took my sister, brothers, and I.  My dad seldom went.  

There were lots of great people in the church.  They really were caring and friendly.  My mom took us to a small church and people were really close.  They always talked about the church family.

I learned to have reverence to God.  I learned to be careful about what I said.  Words hurt people.  I learned to act like a lady.

My mother sang in church.  I learned that I did not have a singing voice.  I could memorize long parts better than anyone else in the children's group.  They decided that I should sing the parts one time.  They put it to music and tried to teach me to sing it.  Well, they all learned that was a big mistake.  I could not sing.  I could practice for weeks, but I could not sing.  I knew all the words, I just couldn't do anything with the music.  They decided it would work much better for me to just speak the words.   Thank goodness!!!  

Okay, now you get the the irreverent parts.  I learned that if you talked in church you would get stern looks from your mother.  And I learned that if that didn't work, my mom would pinch me on the back of the arm and it hurt!!

When I became a teenager, I had a boyfriend at church.  I learned to hold hands with a boy.  I learned about jealousy from other girls.

At one of the church youth group activities, I learned to kiss a boy. He decided that I needed to learn to french kiss.  I was very naive. At the time, I though it was terribly disgusting.

I spent much of my growing up years in church or at church activities.  We spent our free time with people from the church.  I guess it only makes sense that I learned many things at church. 

This Week’s Theme Is Seasonal Blogging

When it comes to blogging, have you ever noticed an ebb and flow to how frequently you blog – or to the number of visitors who stop by your blog?
That’s what this week’s questions are all about!
  • Do the seasons tend to impact your blogging habits?
  • Do you tend to blog steadfastly year round, or do you blog less at certain times?
  • Are you blogging more, less or the same than usual this summer?
Please share your thoughts with us this Friendship Friday! 

I have only blogged for close to six months.  I haven't really had too much time to decided if there is a slow down.  I have heard people talk about there being a huge drop of visitors this summer.  I haven't really had that, I have had a slow increase as the months go by.  I'm sure since my number of visitors is still pretty low that I can expect a gradual increase.

I have noticed that I have less time this summer to work on my blog.  I probably don't read as many blogs as I did during the winter. I still try to get around to all of my consistent blogging friends.  I have noticed that some of them aren't posting as often.  

I am blogging about the same.  If I hadn't just gotten started I may have cut down to 4-5 times a week.  It has been a very busy summer.  

How about you?  Have your blogging habits changed this summer?



  1. Sounds as though you learned a lot, though (from the sound of it) could've been a little more about love and compassion. Sorry your arms got pinched.

    Sounds as though you had some good experiences though, over all :)

    1. I probably didn't bring that out but as I said it was a great church family. My mom was just old school. She believed that you sat quietly. She was a fantastic loving person. She has been gone for 15 years now and I miss her every day.

  2. Betty sounds like you learned quite a bit in church and I thank you for sharing here and linking this up with us today!!

    1. Church was a big part of my life when I was growing up.

  3. Summer is a toss up for me. I either have more to do and don't blog, or I'm avoiding doing it so I blog a lot! (and read along the same lines too!) :)

    I have to say, the only thing I learned in church was how much I didn't want to sit on those hard pews or on my knees! LOL Oh, and coffee. I tried coffee as a kid under a buffet table at easter with a bunch of other kids.

    1. I get the part about blogging to avoid other things. I do that too!

      I laughed thinking about you kids trying coffee under the table!! I guess we all tried things when we got the chance.

  4. Great post Betty! You know, you are a great storyteller? I also went to church a lot growing up because my Mom is a very staunch Catholic. To be honest, I didn't pay attention most of the time and kind of zoned out. I'm sorry you got pinched too!

    I have been blogging even less time than you so at this point it is hard for me to figure out the ebb and flow of blogging. Right now, I am enjoying reading yours and other blogs and not blogging myself so much. :)

    1. Thanks Linda. The pinching wasn't so bad. I wish my mom were still around. I would let her pinch me if she could be here. She was really an angel. You just didn't mess around in church. Her father was a minister.

      You know I think reading blogs is the best part. I like the interaction with other people so answer comments is fun too.

  5. Interesting about church.....I think some people who are brought there "religiously" as a child might drift away for awhile after they grow up. However, it is said that when they reach advancing years, they gratefully return to the peace and wisdom of faith.
    I think it's a blessing to have those experiences in your background!

    1. II agree. I also grew up with strong values which I have passed on to my children. I am glad my mom saw the need to give us a strong basis for faith. When my first husband died I think that is what got me through.

  6. My mom pinched the backs of our ears when we weren't behaving in church so I totally get the painful arm pinch thing. And I think it's sweet that you first kissed a boy in church!

  7. Hi Betty... I find I blog a tiny bit less than last year due to how much I am exercising these days... I have more viewers... some days are low... not sure of the trend at all.

    I love reading, commenting and writing a blog :)

  8. Summer is definitely slower, the same around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am also bad about posting as frequently during the summer since both of my boys are home during the day :) Right now blog stats are crazy thanks to all the google changes, a lot of big blogs have taken number hits thanks to changes in ranking.


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