Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Great Outdoors!!! Sizes in my Closet!!!

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The Great Outdoors!

I have had more time to spend outside this summer than I have had in over 10 years.  The last 10 years we have spent traveling with my son and his travel baseball team.  The last 3 years my husband has stayed home and I have traveled with my son.  My husband retired from his job of 30 years and took a new job so he didn't have the vacation time any more.  

I spent 4 days a week traveling most of the summer and then 2 weeks in late July in Florida last year.   I was also working 3 days a week.  I just didn't have much time to do anything else.  I have had much more time working in my garden this year and much more time to sit on my deck.  I take my iPad out there and keep up on all my blogging friends.   The last few days have been a little hot to be out there much during the day.  We have had the hottest temps of summer over the last few days.  I have been sitting out in the evening.  

My Deck

I decided to just take some pictures of my deck today and post them for you all to see.  This is my place of quiet and refuge.  I think I need to do some decorating to make it more homey.  What do you think?  Any ideas?

Daily update on my dieting

I have gotten into a routine with my eating now.  I have been doing very well in the food category.  I don't crave things with wheat or sugar.  My weight just seems to be at a standstill, but I really can tell a difference in my belly fat.  It is just melting away.  When I started my diet back a few months ago, I was in a size 12 pants, and now I am comfortably in a size 8.  Actually, I have been still wearing some of my size 10 and 12 shorts around the house.  I don't want to go buy more size 8's because I plan on getting smaller before I buy much of anything new.    I had a few size 8's from the last couple of years.  I think I have a few size 6's somewhere in there too!

My husband said I would have much more room in my closet if I just kept one size.  The problem is I have been going through a few sizes each year.  I think last summer I was down to a size 8 by this time also.  That's about the time I started back up.  I believe the 2 weeks in Florida did me in last year.  I really don't think I will have that problem again this year.  My only worry is feeling a little lost when my son leaves for college next month.
When I get to the size I plan to stay, I think it is time to purge all of the extra sizes from my closet.  

Have you gotten rid of the sizes you can't wear right now?  Are you going to?  Do you keep them hoping you will fit them in the future?


  1. Plants! That patio needs plants! :) (it's gorgeous, though!)

    I have gotten rid of all pants more than one size up from where I currently am. So the 16's and 14's and 12's are gone. I'm about to move into the petite 8's, so then the only pants left will be the 10's.

    but for tops, I'm reluctant to throw that many (large, and some extra larges) away. And I feel guilty for that. But I HAVE yo yo'd the past 20 years, so right now I feel I need to wait until it's been a year. We are talking over 30 tops. That's alot to throw or give away until I'm convinced I won't need them again. Which makes me start to self-doubt...not my belief in primal, but perhaps my own faith in myself? I've been pondering that.

    On the bright side, I never got rid of the smalls or mediums, or the size 6 or 8 petite pants. I had faith in myself re THAT. :)

    1. You know I had more plants on it last year. I have been working in my plants in the yard so much more and haven't put very many on the deck. I usually have quite a few more so maybe that's why it seems bare to me.

      I forgot I still have 14's too! A couple of years ago, I got aggravated one day, because my 12's were getting too tight. I went out and bought a bunch of 14's and threw out the smaller sizes. I had decided I was just going to embrace the fact that I was older and heavier. No sooner than I did that I started losing weight. I still had some tags on the 14's and they were too big.

      I am so large chested I usually can't go much smaller in tops. I might be able to get rid of the extra large, but I would have to get lots smaller to get below a large.

  2. I got rid of everything that is too big for me. I only have one size now - my size. This is the first time I'm confident I will not regain the weight! It is an amazing feeling too.

    1. I want to be like you, Lynda!! I hope to get to that point in the next year. I bet it does feel amazing.

  3. You have a great deck with lots of space. You know me, i would have tons of flowers in containers on it :-).
    I find it scary to throw out all my bigger sizes and have kept a few pieces. One day, I do want to keep only one size in the closet.

  4. Twinkle lights! :) And flowers in pots!

  5. The deck does look nice! We did a little traveling at the beg. of summer but we're relaxing now. :)

  6. Since I've food journaled, my weight never emotionally bobbles into different sizes anymore. And it's great! I know *exactly* what's going to fit me in my closet. It's never pulling out 2 sizes and hoping for the best anymore. I did not realize how much I would LOVE staying a consistent size. It's awesome! And it takes much less time to get dressed. So, Betty, when you get down to the size you want, be consistent so you don't need a bunch of sizes.

  7. It is really pretty, How about some dwarf japanese red maple or some bamboo and jasmine.

  8. Hi Betty, I will purge the larger sizes once I get down some more. It will only be the pants though as most of my tops are ones that will fit for quite a while...

    Congratulations on losing the inches, I don't think I lost too much this week but I definitely feel it in the inches:)


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