Monday, July 8, 2013

What is a Healthy Weight? Figuring BMI!

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How do you decide what weight is healthy for you?

I know I haven't gotten to the weight that I need to be, yet.  But I have been thinking about where that weight is.  I am 5' 5" tall.  As of last Tuesday I weighed 161.5.  At my current weight and height my BMI is 26.9.  The overweight range for BMI is 25-29.9.  

I am still overweight.  To get to the Normal Weight BMI of 24.9, I need to weigh 149.5.  To get to the healthy range I need to lose 12 more pounds.  

Obese BMI

When I started this blog back in February I weighed 184.5.  I had a BMI of 30.7.  A BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese.


Above is the link to a BMI Calculator if you want to check your BMI.  There is a place to download the iPhone BMI Calculator is you want to have one on your phone.

Healthy BMI Range

The Normal BMI range is 18.5-24.9.  So this would give me the normal weight range of from 111 - 149.5.  So to be in the normal range there is a 38.5 pound variable.  So how do I determine where I want to be when I get to the healthy range for me.  

When I was younger I weighed around 110.  Is this where I need to be?  When I was 50 I weighed around 140 and wore a size 4.  I was working out very hard and had built lots of muscle.  Without the muscle would I be anywhere near a size 4 at 140 pounds?  


What happens when you are older and you get really thin?  I have seen people my age who have lost quite a bit of weight and the first thing I notice is how much older they look.  They are now all wrinkly!!!  Ewww!  Of course, I have wrinkles, but the extra weight helps to keep them fluffed up.  If I lose the weight will they deflate and really start to show up?

I guess the best way to determine what is healthy is to first get into the normal weight range and then to determine what feels good to me and what looks good on me and then to work to maintain that weight.

Getting ahead of myself!

I guess for now I just need to concentrate on keeping myself on track to lose the weight that I need to lose.  I think I like having a number in my mind, so I can say I have 15 pounds to lose and having a goal to work toward.  So I guess I shouldn't get to wound up in getting to some ideal number.  When I get to where I feel good I will then try to figure out how much and what I can eat to stay there.


I got that comment from my husband's mother and sister today.  My MIL is back in the hospital because she has some infections going on.  She had an infection where the G-tube was and another where her traq was inserted.  I hadn't seen either of them for about a month.  I came in and sit down in the hospital today.  There was a lot of activity in the room and no one said anything.  A little later they asked about a picture.  I got up to go get my iPad out of my purse and when I did both of them immediately said, Wow, Look at you!  What have you been doing?  My SIL said, Have you been working out?

Unfortunately, I haven't been working out that much, but she thought it looked like it.  So the weight I have lost is really starting to be noticeable.  How exciting!!!


  1. It's awesome when people start noticing... I've lost 15 pounds and it has made a big difference and I'm nowhere near as small as you...

    I to do not want to be too skinny... It does tend to show the wrinkles more as we age.

    My goal weight is something I will be comfortable with.. a healthy goal... nothing too small.

    Enjoy all the compliments ;-)

    1. Thanks Launa! 15 pounds is great! I love the encouragement I have gotten from everyone. I am sure you will get to your healthy goal weight.

  2. Congrats on people noticing! That's awesome!

    Yes, at almost 62, this weight loss, I'm getting wrinkles I've never had before. Well, at my neck. Not awful, but noticeable. And sadly, my forearms (sun side) now look a little puckered like oranges. I did not have either of these at 58 when I lost more weight than this.

    My BMI is we are close. I still want to lose 10-20 more lbs. But despite the wrinkles now, that will not stop me. My health and especially heart health are far, far more important to me than superficial wrinkles. Sure, I wish they weren't there, but they are living proof that I'm getting healthier, still not there, and that's what I choose to focus on. We each have to figure out what our own priorities are for ourselves. :)

    1. I hate this aging thing!! I don't know yet where I want to be. I don't want to get too wrinkled, so if I can lose the weight and get healthy without being too thin I will probably stop there. Here I am worried about stopping and I'm not there yet!!

      My husband is five years younger than I am. Everyone always thinks he is older than me so I would really like it to stay that way!!

  3. Hi Betty! I too was worried about wrinkles from losing weight, but it didn't happen that much--nothing like I had imagined. You have a rather full face, as I do, which protects us quite a bit from "total" wrinkles. Don't be overly concerned.

    :-) Marion

  4. It's wonderful that they noticed your weight loss.

    I read somewhere that gaining and losing, gaining and losing, can cause wrinkles because of constantly stretching and relaxing the skin, until it loses elasticity. That is motivation for me to get to a healthy weight and stay there!

  5. I don't mind wrinkles. I love the look of an older woman who embraces her wrinkles with confidence. I'd much rather be thin with wrinkles than heavy. It's just part of getting older.

  6. That is the best feeling when people start noticing all your hard work! Good for you!

  7. Congrats on people noticing your loss! That can just make your entire week. You're doing so great, don't worry about the wrinkles. You are so close to your goal weight that I can't imagine it will affect your skin all that much. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hi Betty, Marion is probably right about yours and her face. I notice with me though, as I'm shedding the final 25 pounds that my face is starting to resemble that of a concentration camp survivor, while my belly is yelling, "hey...wait for me!" I have a granddaughter that occasionally gets on Grandpa's lap to play flip the turkey neck back and forth. It's fun for her, not so much for Grandpa. Once I've established goal weight for at least six months to a year, if it still bugs me, I may opt for something called direct submentoplasty for the neck.

  9. What a great NSV Betty! You are rocking this no problem!! I agree with Marion and Marc that I don't see wrinkles showing up on you once you reach your goal weight. You are doing really great!!

  10. You're doing great with your weightloss! You have to find the body size that works for you, also remember that people look different at various weights. I weigh 130 (I'm 5'6), but I have a very large bust so people always guess my weight as much, much lower than it actually is. When I was 115 when I was younger everyone thought that I was sick. Different frames carry weight very differently. Don't worry about the wrinkles, I'm sure you will look great!


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