Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Buti (Booty) Workout! This looks like fun!!!

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The Buti Workout!!

This is a great workout with a mix of yoga, plyometrics, Zumba and Cardio Exercise.

Sample BUTI Sculpt Workout from Bizzie Gold on Vimeo.

Bizzie Gold has a great workout series!

When I was Linking With My Ladies I found a post talking about The Buti Workout.  Loren at My (Sub)Conscious Ramblings posted about it.  This was the first I had heard about it and I asked her if it would be okay if I posted about it and linked her.  She thought that would be great.

She has linked several of the workouts and she linked to FitSugar who has a great 10 minute workout video on her site.  It is a great yoga-dance workout.  Make sure you take a look at this video.  The link is on Loren's blog.

Above is a short video with some of the moves.  This just looks fun and it looks like a fabulous workout.  So if you are looking for something new to try, this could be it!!  Take a look at the video, then hop on over to Loren's site and see what all they have on YouTube.  If you would like to see the 10-minute sample workout that is pretty great too!!


  1. I plan to take a Zumba class this fall... this looks interesting;-)

    1. It really looks fun! I have to get busy and try it!

  2. I love yoga, this looks like it would be a great workout :) I love finding new way to work out!

    1. I have never been a big yoga person, I did love Pilates. I do like trying different kinds of workouts. I tend to get bored.


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