Thursday, April 18, 2013

Updates on a couple of things and OH MY GOODNESS!!!


I just posted a picture of the prom dress my son's date was wearing to prom.  Flowers are ordered and everything is ready!  He comes home from baseball to tell me she has changed her dress.  Now I have a new picture.  I have ordered white flowers so I guess she is stuck with white flowers!  What color ribbon should I put with it.  They can probably switch ribbon is I call them!!!  It's a good thing for this girl that she is a foreigner! 


My husband's mother is not doing well at all.  She hasn't been coherent for some time.  They said her heart is functioning at 20%.  He is spending most of the time at the hospital.  My son and I spent the whole evening there with him yesterday.  My husband is getting worn out, but of course, he wants to be there all the time.   Please continue your prayers!


Well the parents threw some fits and threatened lawsuits.  So the kids get to come back to school on Monday.  They get to go to prom this weekend!!

I wonder what they learned from this!!!

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