Sunday, April 7, 2013

Back Home Again In Indiana - Leaving the Beach Behind

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

It is nice to be home again, but I already miss the beach, the warm weather, and the sunny skies!!

I will be back to my normal routine here soon.

Baseball starts this week.  We have games scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Three of those are away games.  I am responsible for getting the team fed for all away games, so that means I am going to be busy with that.

Is there ever really a time when things slow down and do I really want them to.  I like being busy.  It just seems that things all hit at once.  I am going to be getting ready for an open house and graduation for my youngest son.  That is going to take lots of planning.  I am going to keep it simple.  Last year parents were getting bands and renting tents so they could have outdoor entertainment.  One lady made to go boxes for all her desserts.  She had everyone taking home to go boxes because she had so much food.  It just seems to me that everyone is so busy outdoing everyone else on everything any more.  This goes back to those prom invitations where you have to go overboard and outdo everyone else.  Oh, don't get me started on that again!  Here are the previous posts about that.   #1  and  #2.

We also have to get ready for prom.  My son has to get a tux ordered, but we have to get with the girl and coordinate that.

Here I thought I was going to get back to a normal routine.  I guess maybe this is my normal routine, something going on all the time.  I will probably be lost when my son goes away to school.

I did all these things back in the 1990's with my other children and I am telling you it was so much simpler.  Why has everything gotten out of control?

I guess I need to go back to the beach and just lay in the sun and hang out.  Maybe in the fall after my son has moved to college that would be a great idea?  Oh I forgot, he will be taking all our money to college with him.

I guess I can afford a lawn chair and lay out in the sun at home, but by fall it will be too cool.  Okay, I am out of ideas.  Anyone else have any great ideas for me?

Also any suggestions on feeding 25 people cheaply for the post game meals.  I am looking at doing sandwiches, cookies, chips, and water or Gatorade.  They have to take the food on the bus with them after the game so it has to be portable.

All suggestions appreciated!!!


  1. I love being busy, especially now that I have energy to tolerate it.

    1. Yes it is great! I get bored without something to do.

  2. I don't think everything does have to be on a grand scheme. Good times, good people, and a sincere party are what will make the memories, not a bunch of hoopla. We just don't do it (the hoopla) and no one has ever regretted it once.

    Lots of fun things going on over at your place! And those boys are good looking young men, Betty!

    Welcome back from vacation. We just got home too and I am playing catch up, but I don't mind. :)

  3. We are older parents and we just don't feel like we have to fit in with all the hoopla. Our son isn't all about that stuff either. We will just have a nice celebration. Thanks, the boys are great. We didn't know the other boy that well, but my son is usually pretty good about picking good friends.

    Welcome back too! Hope your vacation was great. I read some of your guest bloggers, they did a good job.

  4. Betty!! Hi Sandy from

    Thank you for joining my blog, I joined yours and oh my!! You have your hands full! Games, the prom! I think the portable lunches you suggested are foods that all the boys will enjoy, sandwiches, chips, cookies and a healthy beverage. Very nice!! Hope you enjoyed your vacation, sounded like you did! I am about 50 miles inland from the ocean...San Diego area would be the closest to me. I miss it a lot....freeways are a no no for me, too weird anymore and now that I am older, I am wiser and more cautious! Ha Ha.....Have fun!! I am sure the kids just love you! Sandy

  5. hi Betty! following you back! thanks for stopping by my blog! love the background and i am looking forward to your health tips :)

  6. Nice to meet you,thanks for coming to the blog party,I am certainly feeling like a blogging dinosaur.I remember raising my 3 boys ,with us it was football(rugby league) and a house full of visiting team members.LOL!
    I have to say looking back that I loved those times!

  7. Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation, and may need another real soon! :) I agree to keeping it simple; the most memorable occasions your children will remember is the time, your heart, and the love you put into it! :)

    Blessings; stay calm in the upcoming weeks!


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