Saturday, April 20, 2013

A-Z Blogging Challenge R U Ready???

I made a list of words when I started this challenge and most days when I get ready to write the word doesn't work for me anymore.  I really think that has a lot to do with feeling like I have ADD.  It seems I lose interest in things pretty easy any more.  Do you develop ADD as you  get older?  It really makes me wonder.

I started out with thinking about using the word resolve.  I was going to talk about our resolve with weight loss.  Resolve means fixity of purpose.  I think it important to have resolve when you set a goal.  Getting healthier and maintaining a healthy weight takes some resolve.

Next I thought about writing about my readers, who are all great.  My readers are very important to me.  They are becoming great friends.

The next word I thought about was replies.  We are constantly sending replies to the people who comment on our blogs.  I think it is so important to reply to the people who comment on a post.

Today, though as I thought about it there wasn't really an r word that inspired me.  I thought this is ridiculous, with all the r words why is nothing really coming to mind.

Could I write about restaurants and ask people what is your favorite restaurant?  Are there any healthy restaurants that you would recommend?  That might work!  My favorite restaurants are seafood restaurants.  They can be healthier than some places.  I can get a salad and a veggie along with a grilled or broiled seafood 

Ranting is another great r word.  There are many times that I feel like I go on a rant when I write a post.  Do you ever feel like you go on a rant about something when you are posting?

Reward is something that I think about when I am doing things to improve my life.  Is the results of your healthy eating and taking care of your body a reward in itself?  Do you feel a need to reward yourself with additional things?  Maybe new smaller clothes?  I certainally don't think you should reward yourself with a high calorie meal if you have reached your goals.  That can cause you to put yourself right back into the unhealthy cycle all over again.

I decided to let you chose your favorite of the r words that I have written about.  I chose for myself the word ridiculous.  I personally like the idea of something's being ridiculous and sublime.

I m not sure what that might be but I'm sure I'll think of something!

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