Thursday, April 11, 2013

A-Z Blogging Challenge - My Kids and The Physical Challenge

I am up to the letter K in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.  Since one of the most important thinks in my life are my kids, I felt that they were the appropriate thing to write about for the letter K.

I started out as a young mother.  I had my daughter when I was 18.  My 2 sons followed pretty quickly, the three kids were just under 2 years apart.  So by the time I was 22, I had three children.  My husband died when I was 24.  I was pretty busy raising those three for quite a while.  

I married my second husband and had my last son as I was turning 40.  He is now 18.  

I have spent 40 years raising my own children.  It is going to seem really strange to have no children at home when my youngest goes to college in the fall.  I'm not sure how I am going to handle that.  I think I am going to enjoy having time to do things with my husband and just enjoy life.  My youngest son is so close to his father and I, so it may be much harder than I am expecting.  

Empty nest!  I've had a long time with chicks in my nest, I just don't know what it will be like.  

My son has 4 baseball games this week.  I'm busy with feeding the baseball team for all away games.  My son, and activities surrounding my son, take up a good deal of my time.  

I have so enjoyed being a mother and raising my children.  I am really close to all of them.  My daughter was valedictorian of her high school class, she graduated college with honors, and she is now a pediatrician with 2 sons.  My oldest son is still single, with an engineering degree,  and has a very good job, with lots of responsibility.  My third child, also single, has his degree in business management and has been at the same job for about 12 years.  They were all good students.

My youngest was selected by his school as an "Athlete of Character" which is a great honor.  He is also a very good student and will be going to Indiana University with a partial scholarship in the fall.  

I am so proud of my children.

Go Ape!!!!

My daughter texted me yesterday and asked me if I wanted to Go Ape for Mother's Day. 

The older kids took my youngest son to the ropes and zip line course for his birthday last fall.  I went along and stayed on the ground and took pictures.  He was very nervous, being up in the air  took him way out of his comfort zone.  He loved it after he got started.  I watched it all from the ground and took pictures.  I can't seem to find my pictures now.


My daughter, who is 40, has never been a pound overweight in her entire life, and she exercises regularly.  My sons are all in great physical shape.  

I told her today that I just don't think I am in good enough physical shape.  I would like to do it.  I know it is pretty strenuous, and I am not ready.  I told her I would work on getting in better shape and set a goal to do it for my birthday in October.  

That gives me six months to get rid of weight and get into better physical shape.  Can I do it??  I am not sure.    

There were some women close to my daughter's age that were in the group behind my family and I saw that they were struggling with it.  I am 20 years older than what they were so I really need to get into decent shape to be able to keep up.  

My new goal is to Go Ape in October!!  I plan on being ready to go by then.  Would you Go Ape?


  1. I am enough of a klutz on the ground, let alone in the air! I would be tempted to try the ropes and zip line course anyway, though, just to say I did it. You can make a lot of progress by October!

  2. You have amazing children! Congratulations!

    GO APE!

  3. Definitely GO APE!!

    Interestingly, I'm headed down the same path, my two older children are 22 and 19 and Little Man is 16 months. DH and I have been dreading when Little Man leaves us since before he was born! I hope that wears off before we reach the time that it actually happens.


  4. Going Ape sounds like it would take me pretty far out of my comfort zone too! I think this is a great goal and one that is worth striving for.


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