Thursday, April 18, 2013

A-Z Blogging Challenge - Getting ready for Prom!!! $$$

Today's letter is P.  I considered several different things to write about before I decided to write about the preparations for Prom.  I considered writing about my Pageviews.  I was excited this week because I reached 5000 pageviews a few days ago.  I just started posting on February 8 so I am excited to have so many pageviews so soon.

One of my readers suggested I write about personality.  She seems to think I am an extrovert.  I hated to tell her that I am really an introvert, just not as shy as I used to be.  With age that seems to change.  I have gotten to the point that I really don't think I care too much what people think, which makes me less introverted.

I have been trying to help my son get his prom details all completed.  His dad has been at the hospital with his mother most of the time so he hasn't been able to be involved.  He did go with us last week to select the tux.  My son chose the Vera Wang tux, which was, of course, the most expensive.  At the time we went his date, the German exchange student, hadn't purchased her dress.  So, he decided to go all black.  Black shirt, black tie, black vest and black tux.  He is wearing a regular tie, not a bowtie.  I couldn't find a picture with a black shirt and regular tie, but this is the tux.  My husband and I were not too sure about all black.  The lady that was helping us said that it was pretty popular and she really liked it.  So, it's all black!  And it cost $210.00 to rent!!  I asked what it cost to buy!!  $800.00.  So I guess we are renting.

His date got her dress a couple of days ago, and I think it's beautiful.  She is a little petite girl so I think she will look great in it.  Pretty in Pink.  Very feminine.

He has been busy with baseball and we are about out of time, so I went to the floral shop and ordered the flowers.  I order white roses, with an iridescent ribbon and some thin ribbons in pale pink.   I ordered her one of the souvenir bracelets to put it on.  It was a very pretty, delicate bracelet with rhinestones.  This cost me $42.95.

I also ordered his boutonniere, which I thought the girl took care off, but I figured they needed to match, and I hadn't heard anything about her buying it.  Since she is from Germany, I wasn't sure if she knew anything about doing it.  So here is a picture of his boutonniere.  Cost $20.00.  This is their sample pics so the colors are not right.

Tonight, when he gets home from baseball around seven, we have to go so he can try on his tux.  We also have to buy matching t-shirts for them to wear to post prom.  I don't know what that is going to cost yet.

We decided since he has a fairly nice car we were not renting a limo or other transportation, which many of the kids do.  He needs to get his car washed, and cleaned out.  He needs to make sure he has his gas tank filled..  He has a game scheduled for tomorrow night and a least one on Saturday.  He has been trying to visit his grandmother in the hospital when there is time.

On Saturday, he will pick her up and meet with some of the other kids that they are going to dinner with.  They are going to meet at the park so the parents can get pictures.  The whole group will go to dinner.  I expect this will cost us around $100.00 tip and all.  

After dinner they come back to the school for the "Red Carpet" treatment.  They will walk in with people lined up like a holiday premiere.  People usually take lots of pictures as the kids walk in.  My daughter and grandsons will be coming up to see them come in.  

After the prom the school has a post prom with all kinds of fun activities.  The school takes them all from the school on a bus and returns them to the school after the activities.  The post prom parents pay for everything so there is no cost to the students at all.  They won't get back home until 4 or 5 in the morning.

I haven't taken time to figure out what all this is going to cost.  My son said, "Since I didn't go last year, average it over two years."  I hope my husband can be here to see him when he is ready for prom.  He is staying at the hospital most of the time with his mom.  This is my husband's only child so he gets pretty excited about all of the things our son does.  I know he will want to see them dressed up.

I will post prom pictures!!!!!


  1. Prom was always exciting. The getting ready part anyway, and the dancing...

  2. I think my son thought the getting ready part was a little stressful. Once he got ready from then on it was fantastic.


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