Monday, April 22, 2013


When my son finally got around to getting up on Sunday he texted me to tell me "Prom was Awesome!!"  He stopped right before he went to bed last night and told me, "Thanks for help making it such a great weekend."  It was worth every penny we spent!

My son and his date.

My Son.

His Date.

The group he went with!

The guys.

Who are those hot chicks?

The kids all having fun!!

The following pictures are the red carpet walk.  They valet park their cars and they are announced as they walk the long walk to the entrance to the prom.

My son and date.

His friend.

His tall friend!

My five year old grandson going out to give his uncle "five"!!

I'm glad it was a great and memorable evening for the whole group. My son said he danced during almost the entire time at prom.  After prom the dates wore matching t-shirts, (Mr. Rodger's in the Hood, from Mr. Rodger's neighborhood).    I didn't get pics!  

They went on a school bus  to a children's play area, with tubes to crawl through, bouncy things, arcade, laser tag and all that stuff to play all night.  They got home around five.  I ended up with the boys sleeping at my house most of the day.  A tiring, but awesome weekend!

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  1. Wow, looks like they had a fun-filled evening. The pics are beautiful, and they capture the moment so very well. Have a great week!


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