Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Exercise is Lacking!! The Weather Isn't Helping!!

I am not motivated to exercise.  My diet is going well, but the motivation to exercise is so bad.  I haven't exercised for a few days now.  I told myself I would get in 4 exercise sessions this week.  Well it is only Tuesday so maybe I still can if I would get off my butt and do it.

I have been really tired.  I sat down last evening, after we returned from visiting my mother-in-law at the hospital, to work on my blog.  I couldn't have been sitting for more than a few minutes and I was asleep.  I didn't get any work done on my blog.  I didn't get to read any blogs.  I just don't understand why I am so tired.  I slept in this morning too.  I usually stay up late and get up early with no problems.  I don't know if my body is just telling me it needs rest or what?  

I did get good news from my doctor yesterday.  She said they just have to watch me and I need a pap smear again in 6 months.  So, it is not an all clear, it's just an okay for now.  Thanks for all the prayers.

My mother-in-law is doing okay.  It may be a while before we get to take her home and that could be very hard.  They are still keeping her sedated.  She is slowly improving, and they are going to try weaning her off the vent.

Okay, back to the motivation.  Any ideas??  

They baseball game got rained out today so I didn't even walk.  


  1. Hi Betty! Well, today I did 280 pushups at home, in between stuff I was doing. Wash some dishes, then do some pushups. Sort the mail, then do some pushups. Stir the food on the stove, do some pushups. Wash some clothes, then do some pushups. Etc...You don't have to do your exercise all at once. You can do little sets all through the day--which is technically called "staggered sets." I get exercise done that way on busy days.

    :-) Marion


    1. Betty TaylorApril 16, 2013 at 7:16 PM
      Good idea! I have done that with just getting up and taking a few trios up and down the stairs. My energy level just seems to have dropped the last few days. I don't know of its mental or physical. If its mental and I did something it just might get me going

  2. Betty, I'm happy to hear that your pap is okay for now. Thats great news. I hope everything also works out for your mother-in-law.
    As for motivation, have you tried joining any fitness sites? I hear those are great for motivation! I've been on a site called fitnessblenders.com, they have so many free/full workout videos. It's a great site, I did one of the workout videos today, and felt great afterwards. I hope your motivation comes back soon, I was feeling that way last week.

    1. Thanks! No I haven't been on any of the sites. I will check that one out. Hopefully something will click soon. I really need the exercise. I think if the rain would go away it just might help. I ready for some beautiful spring days. I has just been so cold, damp, and cloudy.

  3. Don't they say it takes two hours of exercise to burn off a snickers bar? You have a lot on your plate. Its probably good to concentrate on diet. I am definitely no expert, though,


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