Sunday, April 21, 2013

A-Z Blogging - My Two Favorite S Words

I actually may have more than two favorite S words.  The ones I want to talk about today are Spring and Summer!

It seems like I have been waiting forever for Spring to come this year!  We went to Florida over Spring Break and got a taste of spring.  We even had a little bit of it during the week after we got back.  Since then we have had Bi-Polar weather.  I wore shorts one day last week and the next day I wore my winter coat and it was sleeting outside.

This is not my idea of Spring!  I would love to see the weather stay consistent for a little while.  It doesn't have to be extremely warm just reasonably warm.  No, I really want extremely warm!!

I am just such a warm weather person.  At my grandson's baseball game today people were bundled up in blankets in the middle of the afternoon.  So not my idea of Spring!!

Even worse, last week we were getting monsoons!  I know all about April showers, but this was truly monsoons.  All of the high school games were cancelled last week because the field was standing in water.  

Actually, that wasn't a bad thing!  We were running back and forth to the hospital, and trying to get everything ready for my son to go to prom on Saturday.  Baseball games on top of that would have been difficult.  Each day they would wait until after school to cancel so I had to plan for games.  

Now to make up those games we have a game scheduled for everyday for a couple of weeks.  Still have to get all those boys feed for away games.  JV or Varsity will one or the other have an away game every day this week.  

Favorite things about Spring

  • Flowers, my tulips are blooming.  My clematises have buds on them.  
  • Warm days, we have had a few.  Less than last year, but I will take what I can get.
  • Spring Break, especially when we get to travel!
  • Green grass, and with all the rain our grass is really green this year.
  • Not running air conditioning or heat.  That's not working for me this year.
  • Mother's Day!  It's always fun to get a day to celebrate.  It was more fun when my own mom was alive.
I absolutely love summer.  I like hot temps!!  85 - 90 is the perfect temperature range.  Sometimes the humidity sucks!  I think I could live with year round summer.  Maybe I wouldn't appreciate it so much if I didn't have to live through the nasty winters that we have in Indiana.

Favorite things about Summer
  • School's out.  I always loved having my son home for the summer.  We have time to do lots of fun things together.  After this summer he will be leaving for college.
  • Hot temps!  
  • Wearing shorts and sandals every day!!
  • Feeling the sun on my skin!  I know it's not great for your skin, but I just love the warm sun heating up my skin.
  • Swimming.  Going to watch my grandson compete on the swim team.
  • Traveling with my son for summer baseball.  Usually by the end of several weeks of being away from home for 4 days a week I am also ready for it to end.
  • The Fourth of July holiday.  This is fun but it is also a sad time for me.  The anniversary of my first husband's death is July 3.  It was a several years before I could really enjoy this holiday again.
Spring and Summer make me smile, which is another terrific S word.  I hope you are all smiling today and I hope you get some great spring days soon.

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