Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chores, Chores, Chores

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Chores, Chores, Chores

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Don't you just love the smell of fresh linens?  I like to pull the warm sheets and towels from the dryer and smell the fresh smell.  That is probably why washing the linens is my favorite chore.  I could wash sheets and towels every day.  I think the whole house smells better when you have fresh linens.

Another favorite chore is cutting the weeds around my yard.  Of course, that is a part of my gardening, which I love!

I am not crazy about mopping the kitchen floor.  My floor is a dark walnut wood and it shows every spot.  I need to clean it constantly. My dog goes in and out the back door so she has to walk on the floor when she comes in.  My floor is beautiful when it doesn't have any spots on it.  Rainy days and snowy days are bad because she tracks water in all day and spots it every time she walks across it.  I need to teach her how to wipe her paws!  

Which chores are your most and least favorite?  

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Tell me about your chores.


  1. I like cleaning the kitchen, hate ironing, and am ambivalent about vacuuming!! We have 7 kids so laundry is a never ending endeavor!

  2. I need a good weeder/worker for our rock / bush/ flower garden. I'll give you 100 bucks to do the entire thing;)

  3. I like washing the linens as well. I too think that it leaves a crisp fresh scent in the air.

    I want to get into gardening this fall (ummm is there a particular season one should start?) So we'll see how that goes.


  4. If I have a comfortable place to iron... I love ironing... I could iron for hours with a little music and making everything crisp...

    Folding clothes is my absolute least favorite chore on the planet...

  5. I love yard work. I love being outdoors with my flowers and the hummingbird that comes to visit. I hate cleaning bathrooms. HATE!

  6. I refuse to mop because we have white floors which show the dogs muddy paw prints! My dog is a digger so he always has the dirtiest paws!

  7. This might sound weird but I like washing the clothes but it always takes me forever to fold. I hate that too because I like the warm feeling of the clothes and the fact that I can keep them from getting wrinkled when I fold them immediately when they are finished drying. The problem is I often can do things only bit by bit. My toddler keeps me busy and I try not to stay too hard on myself about getting most things around the house done all at once :-)

  8. maybe you could get your doggie to push a towel around the floors lol


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