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How to Get Over 400 New Followers on Pinterest!

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How to Get Over 400 New Followers on 

How to Get Over 400 New Followers on Pinterest  #Pinterest #Increasing Followers #SocialMedia

Update on Pinterest Followers

Each month I have been giving updates on my growth of social media sites.  This update is for Pinterest.  My previous posts are I gained 375 Pinterest Followers in the Last Six Weeks and
600 New Pinterest Followers in 2 Months.

My post I Gained 375 Pinterest Followers in the Last Six Weeks has been very popular.  It has been read more than any other post on my blog.  It gave many pointers and included a video by some great bloggers who have been doing a series of Hangouts to teach new bloggers to increase their pageviews.  I have learned so much from them.  I am going to post the video again in this post so if you have time you will really learn so much if you watch it.

I started keeping track of my Pinterest followers on July 1.  

July 1 - approximately 1600
August 11 - 1979
August 31 - 2193
September 30 - 2610

So, in 3 months I have increased by 1010.  I am increasing at a faster pace as I go along.   

They great thing about this is as my Pinterest followers increase, my blog pageviews increase.  Pinterest is my number 2 source for pageviews.  

If you are interested in increasing your pageviews you will want to work on increasing your Pinterest followers.

If you read my earlier post I Gained 375 Pinterest Followers in the Last Six Weeks it will tell you how I started gaining and the strategies I used.

I really don't want to spend time repeating all those because I have new information I want to give you.  If you missed the previous information go take a look.

Here are my top 10 tips

1.  Make your photos pop!  You can do this by taking great pictures and by editing your photos with sites like PicMonkey and iPiccy.  I posted a couple of posts with tutorials on using PicMonkey.  How to use PicMonkey and PicMonkey What Can I Do?  There are several great videos on YouTube if you need to know more.

2.  Use Hashtags!  You need to use hashtags to make your pins searchable.  Your hashtags should be what someone would search for to find your pin.  If you are pinning something on Weight Loss, your hashtags might be #WeightLoss #LosingWeight #Diet , you get the idea.

3.  Go back to previous pictures and make them look better and repin with the improved picture.  I have done this with a few of my old posts and I have started getting pins from them.

4.  Make your boards inspiring.  It's important to work on your boards and make sure the cover picture is compelling.  

5.  Join group boards that have lots of followers that are in your niche.  When you post to the boards lots of people will see them and maybe come to visit your blog or follow you.

6.  Join Pinterest Linkys.  There are several good linkys to follow.  I have increased my following by doing this.  I mentioned some in the previous posts.  These linkys come and go so you may have to look around for them.  

7.  Many of the new blog hop/linkys are now pinning your posts.  If you link up with them you will have your posts pinned.  Some only pin the featured blogs of the week and some pin all the blogs.  You may also be pinned by fellow hoppers.  I have been a featured pinner in The PINcentive Blog Hop this month.  I was able to submit 2 pins to be pinned by 30 other pinners.

8.  Follow other pinners and repin some of their stuff.  This may encourage them to follow you back.  Find pinners that are in your niche and have pins that are recent.  You also may want to follow some of the people that followed them recently.

9.  Pin throughout the day.  You can pin 3 or 4 pins every 2-3 hours.  It takes only a minute to do this and you are seen throughout the day.  Chances are people will repin your posts and follow your boards.

10.  Pin your posts to multiple boards.  If you have a board for weight loss, another for fitness, a group board for sharing posts you can pin to all of them.  You may want to pin to them at different times of the day, not all at once.  I also will wait for someone to repin my initial post and then repin their post to another board. Apparently, it's better for you to repin someone else's pin.  

Here is the video.  If you want to learn about increasing your Pinterest followers you really should take the time to watch it.  It is a little long, but the information they give you is worth the time invested.

Are you ready to Get 400 New Pinterest Followers?


  1. Great post Betty I will be sure to watch this video later today when I go downstairs, because my laptop doesn't have sound. Great tips thanks so much

    1. Thanks for reading my post Trina! I hope you get lots of good information on Pinterest. I hope you get some good information from the video.

  2. There are some great ideas here Betty... I do go on to Pinterest almost daily but I is usually for only one to two boards and I don't put the effort in that I could. Oh and hashtags... those are foreign to me but I need to get into them as I am on Instagram and they are big there :)

    1. Launna, hashtags were so foreign to me a few months ago. Now I understand them and there really is nothing to them. All it does is make a searchable link. You just think about what someone would be searching for and what is in your post and make the hashtags for it.

  3. Thanks so much for the great ideas:)

    1. Your are welcome, Shannon! I hope you find some ideas that will help you grow your blog.

  4. Great tips- adding hashtags to Pinterest is now on my To Do list!

    1. I have lots of older pins without them. When I am cleaning up my boards I try to add some.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Rowdy Fairy! I hope you have some good luck in growing your blog.

  6. The hashtag..where exactly do you put it? In the post itself or conncected to the photo? I'm lost o this one...

    1. Since I have learned about hashtags I label my photos with hashtags too. The photos have a place to label in the Properties box. You put the title of your post in the title text. In the alt text box I put the title of my text followed by hashtags for the post. In the Pinterest pin you put the hashtags in the description box following your description.

  7. Great tips. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  8. I did not know all that!! Thanks for the info!

  9. Fabulous tips! It's so important to pin sporadically throughout the day. Hashtags are also another great way to attract new Pinterest users. Tweeting this article out for you.

    And found you through #LOBS!
    Jill Celeste

  10. Thank you for posting this. My blog is almost a year old and has stalled the past few months. I have been doing link parties and such which has helped but I still would like more of a consistent following. Keep us posted on you growth! FYI: I found you on The Pin Junkie Link Party

  11. Great tips! Found you through #LOBS and will follow you on Bloglovin! And now to get to some of your fantastic tips...


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