Friday, September 13, 2013

Easy Dinner Idea For 2

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Easy Dinner Idea for 2

Easy Dinner Idea For 2  #Steak Salad  #Cucumber Bowl  #steak

I was looking for an easy dinner idea for my husband and I.  Now that our son has moved off to college we are eating much smaller and easier meals.  

I found some packaged Angus Beef Steak Strips at the store.  They looked really good so I decided to get some to use for a quick meal.

When I make salads I don't usually measure the ingredients.  I just add things until I have it looking the way I want.

Here is the recipe 

Angus Beef Steak Strips
Lettuce, any kind of lettuce or spinach you chose
Shredded Carrots
Shredded Cheese
Croutons, if desired

Easy Dinner Idea For 2  #Steak Salad, Cucumber, Steak

I don't give exact amounts on things because I like to make the salad as large as I chose.  It depends on how hungry my husband and I are.

I heat the steak strips up in a skillet sprayed with Pam for 4-6 minutes.  If you like your steak cold then you don't have to heat them.

Break up the lettuce, chop some cucumbers and tomatoes and you have the start of the salad.

You can either buy shredded carrots or shred some right there at home.    I usually buy the cheese already shredded the packages are really convenient.  
Once you get the ingredients prepared you just start assembling the salad.  Chose your favorite salad dressing and enjoy.

To make the salad look fancier you can take a cucumber and sliced it long ways and wrap it around to make a salad bowl.  

This salad just takes minutes to make and you have a meal.  


  1. Your salad sounds delicious. Although I can't eat cucumbers (I love them, they hate me), I love the idea of using them to create a bowl.

    1. Thanks so much, Shawn! I think the cucumber bowl just makes the salad look like more fun!

  2. This sounds delicious... I would use chicken breast in place of it as steak is not really my thing... I am going to make this :)

    1. I hope you enjoy it Launna! I like steak occasionally for something different.
      I get bored so I have to change things up!

  3. This looks and sounds delicious right now! Thanks for sharing this. Found you through the Football Season Blog Hop. :)

  4. Cucumber bowl! What a great idea Betty! This looks so yummy.

  5. Love the idea of using a long cucumber strip for a bowl! Thanks for linking up at My Favorite Posts Show Off Weekend Party! Hope to see you again next week.

    Michelle @ On A Wing And A Prayer

  6. Subscribing from the I Gotta Try That link-up.

    I am definitely going to make this for my husband and me. He's a meat-and-taters man, not overly fond of vegetables, but does like salad, tomatoes and onions.


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