Friday, September 6, 2013

The Definition of Advice

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The Definition of Advice

I decided to look up advice before I give out any advice. 

Advice - guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative.

After reading this I am not so sure I have sufficient knowledge in anyone else's life to give them advice.  So, I will give advice to myself, since I am most knowledgeable about my own life.

So, the advice that I will give to myself is this:  

Make sure you appreciate those people that you love and let them know how much you love them every day of their lives. You aren't guaranteed that they will always be there.  

As I told you before, my first husband went to work as a police officer one night, and he died that night on the job.  Thank goodness, I told him I loved him before he left that day.

I probably could give myself some other advice, but who knows if I would listen.  Most people don't want to listen to advice from other people, but are we any better at listening to our own advice. 

What is your definition of advice?

Do you feel equipped to give out advice?  Have you given out advice recently?  Do you take other people's advice?

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  1. I have to agree with you on I don't typically give advice as I know everyone's situation is different. Not everyone can take the advice I have, based on what worked for me, and apply it to their lives. I try and live on a no judgments basis with people and only give my opinion (aka advice) when it is asked for otherwise I just listen. Thank you for sharing such a personal event in your life with us, it is a good reminder to not take your loved ones for granted.

  2. I do give advice... not sure that I should... lol

    I just wanted you to know I put up a before an after of 12 weeks on my Instagram (launnak) ... 40 pounds difference.

    Here is the funny thing, I don't see much of a difference but other people do... I told David maybe I will see the difference in another 12 weeks... hahaha (no... David did not get to see the before and after yet)

  3. Oh gosh. I didn't know that about your first husband. So sad. But yes it's wonderful that you told him you love him.

    Advice from anyone (even ourselves) is best looked at with discretion. Although, if you're learning from good advice that you've experienced yourself then that's a win every time.

    Hope you'll share more tidbits as advice like this again soon. xx

  4. Love your blog, you have moxie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Following you in your journey. Hugs, Beverly Tea Cottage Pretties...

  5. I tend to only give advice if it is asked for, and even then I am hesitant. I listen to advice if I think it is good, but I think a lot of people give advice just to hear themselves talk :/

  6. I am certainly no expert on anything! In real life, I give advice only when asked for...on my blog, I do give out decorating advice. However, even then, my biggest piece of advice is to follow your own gut and ignore the rules! :) So sorry about your first husband. I agree, it's sound advice to cherish what you have now and show one knows what tomorrow brings.


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