Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Life

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My Life

My Life Story

I was born in the middle of a cotton field in a small town in Missouri.  Actually I wasn't born in the town just the middle of the cotton field.  The doctor showed up to help with the birth and then went back and failed to record it.  I was the eighth of nine children so my mom was used to birthin' babies.  

When I was 10 and we lived in Indiana they decided I needed a birth certificate.  Did you know when your birth hasn't been recorded you can't get a real birth certificate.  Well, you can't. My birth record is a copy of court record with affidavits saying they could attest to the fact that I was born.  Try getting a passport with that!!

Good thing we got out of Missouri!  We moved back to Indiana when I was around 2 years old.  I have lived in the good ole Hoosier state ever since.

The next major occurrence in my life was my first marriage.  I got married at 17.   It wasn't long into marriage that I started popping out kids.  Three of them in under 6 years.  

When my youngest was 2, disaster hit!  My first husband was a police officer and he went to work one night and didn't come home. I will tell you more about this later in another prompt.

I raised the 3 kids until they were almost grown and then I married again.  When I was moving in on 40 I decided to see if I could still have children.  Why not?  

So I had another one.  Only 18 years after the last one.  I guess I just wasn't ready for an empty house.  

So the last 19 years have been really busy raising my youngest son. We have had loads of fun and done lots of traveling.  He left for college a couple of weeks ago.  

My husband and I have been trying to figure out how to deal with an empty nest.  We think we have a plan!

The plan is to start dating each other again and act like we are in our twenties.  Fun, fun, fun!!  We are starting the next phase of our lives and hoping it lasts for an incredibly long time.

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My Life

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My Life


  1. I love reading other people's stories, it is always interesting... I have done a couple of these but early on when I started my blog. I might have do do another one in the near future :)

  2. It sounds like you have had a very full life so far! I hope you and your husband have a lot of fun dating again! :)

  3. Loved reading your life story. I too remarried later in life - but no more children! A fun readBetty!

  4. You have a very interesting story! I've never heard of anyone not having a recorded birth! Good luck with your empty nest! We have a 13 year old and have decided more kids isn't for us so we are in the same stage of deciding what we want to do once the kiddo has flown the coop!

  5. Sounds romantic and like fun to re-date your husband!

  6. Wow! My grandmother was the oldest of 14 and was born at home... I'm not even sure she ever had an official birth certificate either lol! Nice to "meet" you!

  7. Enjoyed reading your story. I married at 35. No kids though.

  8. Hi, Thank you so much for linking up with my blog challenge. I enjoyed reading your life post. You had a very interesting birth and life. I will enjoy reading your posts. Thanks again,

  9. What a way to come into the world!!
    I still have two grown children at home. They are gone doing their own thing, so we have started spending a lot of quality alone time. I love it!!!


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