Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Day, Another hurdle!

I had a wonderful time with family today. My daughter's house was the location of a party for her two sons. The oldest one turns ten in March, the little one was five last week. Today's party was a combined party for the two of them with family. We had a large group of people there. There was a birthday cake for each birthday boy. They served snacks and pizza.

I feel like I did pretty well at the party. I didn't even go near the cake and ice cream. She had wings, I only ate one. They were a few other unhealthy looking things. I stayed away from those. I ate a small piece of supreme pizza and a small piece of cheese pizza. Seriously, they were very small pieces. I think I did okay. Those things are not something that cause me to go haywire. If I had eaten the cake, I would have gone off on a sugar high. I would have been scouring my kitchen this evening looking for something sweet to put into my mouth.

I AM A SUGAR ADDICT!!!! I can not handle sugar responsibly.

I haven't gotten any exercise in today. I didn't really yesterday either, but running around keeping up with five year olds used up lots of energy.

I am changing my gym schedule. I was going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I don't like the gym on those days. It is too crowded and I have to wait on equipment. Since Monday is President's Day and my son will be home from school, it is a good week to change. My plan is to go on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. It shouldn't be nearly as crowded and I can accomplish more during my time there.


  1. Congrats on the 2nd day of avoiding cake!!! And it sounds like a wise decision re the gym. :)

  2. I always bring whatever I want to eat to family events. Usually my family eats it all up!! yumm yumm


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