Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's My motivation?

I woke up this morning at 6:45, after going to bed at 1:15.  My dog came to my bed and wated to go out or I would still be dozing happily away.  I'm thinking should I go back to sleep or do I need to get moving for the day,   This is a non-gym day, but I have oodles to get done.

My husband needs some help on something he is working on today. I loaded the tax program yesterday, need to get those taxes done. I have got to get an exercise routine planned for my non-gym days. If I continue to just wing it day to day I won't get anything down. That's pretty much how it went on Tuesday. I didn't have a plan in place, and I had a list in my head of other things to get done, so the other things won out. A true plan is harder to skip over.

My eating went very well yesterday. Now I am laying here thinking how great some sweets would be.  I am a sugaraholic.  This reminds me of the delicious macaroons in France. You can even by them at McDonald's,  Of course, on my last trio I took pictures. So I'll post one for you.

I think I am going to take a little nap. When I get up I promise to exercise.  I can't let my one loyal reader down, can I?

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  1. Hi Betty!

    I found you at Mary Fran's blog. I'm 61, and back to losing weight (once again.) Nice to find someone close to my age in the blogging/dieting world! Good luck!


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