Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to Get Healthy And Enjoy It!

This is day 3 and I am really pumped up today.  The days I go to the gym I am so much more motivated all day long.  The problem is the gym is 30 minutes away and costs me lots of gas money.  I had decided to only go 3 times per week, so I have to find something that motivates me on the other days.  I need to find something fun and that I really enjoy doing.  

Seriously, after the workout today I came home and had so much energy I started doing major house cleaning.  So I really got a second workout.  Now, how can I get that feeling every day?  It would be great to feel like really cleaning house every day?

My son graduates high school in June.  I have to plan an open house here.  I really need to totally clean out everything.  And when I was cleaning the floors in the kitchen today, I decided I really need to repaint.  I have been sitting around for a few months and not thinking like this.  I'm telling you that's what exercise does to me.

I ate pretty well today too!  I skipped breakfast (bad idea).  I had too many things to do and didn't want to take the time. After workout I was starving.  I stopped at Panera, by myself, and ate a bowl of their vegetable soup (150 calories) and had an apple, with a large glass of water.  My dinner this evening was a large salad and pork.  I cooked a pork roast in the crockpot today.  I'm sure I'll be crunching on carrot and celery sticks later.

I still have to come up with an enjoyable exercise for the non-gym days.  One of my friends will occasionally call to walk in the state park.  She works lots though, so that's not very often.  The state park is 30 minutes away also. so that doesn't help with the gas situation.  I really enjoy the walks in the park.  We can walk for an hour or two and talk.  It is up and down steep hills.  If I could find a friend who is available on the non-gym days and a great place to walk nearby that would work.

When I do things that take an hour round trip and an hour of more of workout it also eats up a lot of my day.  
I need to do things other than exercise.  Maybe in the spring I could just ride my bike around my home area. Still that's boring to do by yourself and since I'm in a little town, I have to stop at all the streets.

Well I guess there it more work to figuring out those non-gym days.  Any suggestions?

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