Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tomorrow- The Start of My Transformation

Okay I keep telling myself this is going to work!  I am going to change my diet and lifestyle forever.  Of course, I still have today to eat anything I want.  Oh, if only I could go to Paris and eat today.  I was in Paris twice in the past year, and the food there is heavenly.  Truth is, I walked so much while I was there that I came home a couple of pounds lighter.

Paris, the city of beauty and food.  I have the most wonderful dreams of eating more meals like this in Paris. This was my lunch one day in a little bistro.  The place was packed and the food was fabulous.  My friend's pasta had a egg yolk on top of it too!  You can see it in the back of the picture. s

Ok, I am still sitting in my house, no fantastic meal sitting in front of me.  My husband wants to go eat at Olive Garden.  Is that an appropriate last meal before my life changes.  It really doesn't sound all that exciting, but someone else is cooking it for me, so I'll go for it.

Check back tomorrow for the start of things to come!

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