Monday, February 18, 2013

Why is Exercise Such A Difficult Issue?

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I have been giving some thought to my exercise options.  I love going to the gym.  Once I get there I have no excuses for not working out.  I'm there, I should do it.  

My problem is I live in a small rural area.  It is a 1/2 hour drive to the gym.  With gas prices that just seems crazy.  My friend says she might go with me in March, but her big issue is the cost of the gym and the cost of gas.

I was sitting thinking today.  I know several people who have done well on the P90X program.  I have the original program.  I haven't used it, but I do have it.  I have been thinking it might be a good idea to see if one of the churches would let us have a workout class there.  We could just use the P90X tapes and do our workout together.  I know it is a hard workout, but I'm sure there could be modification.  I don't know if I could get others involved.  It would be difficult finding people who are available in the mornings.  I have to do mornings, as soon as baseball season starts I will be going to games in the evening.  

I have been thinking that if it an issue for the two of us, others may have the same thoughts.  

It would be inexpensive.  There would not be any charge for the class unless we have to pay a fee for the room.  Sometimes the churches will allow people to use their rooms if you aren't making money on it.

Any ideas?  Does this sound like a dumb idea?  I would be building my own support group. 


  1. When I started, day #1 .... I just walked. That was it. I committed to walking. Everyday I would do at least 20 minutes. Best thing about walking is you can chit chat with your friends and still get a little wsweat on.... baby steps :)

  2. I just don't enjoy walking by myself and the weather is still miserable here. I know...excuses. As soon as the weather warms up I'll pull out my headphones and walk a few days a week. Right now I have to do something indoors. You are so right though as long as I do something I will be better about myself.


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