Saturday, February 9, 2013

Should I go for the Wheat Belly diet?

A few months ago I read the book "Wheat Belly".  My husband and I went on the diet for a while.  We were  both losing weight.  Of course, he was eating worse than me and losing more weight.  It worked fine until I went on my trip to Europe.  So have you ever been  to Paris and not eaten wheat?  Well I certainly haven't

So should I go back and give this one another try.  If I intend to keep the weight off long term and this one didn't work long term  why try again.  But then is it the fault of the diet or the fault of the dieter.  Is there any diet that will work long term.  I have to decide where I'm starting soon.   Maybe I need to wait another week so I can get this figured out.  That way I get another week to eat what I want, but one week longer to making my gut disappears and to tighten up those butt muscles.

Countdown 1 more day!   Maybe?

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