Saturday, February 23, 2013

I didn't exercise at all yesterday! I am okay with that!

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

You would think that since I missed my gym day yesterday I would be upset.  This time I am not upset at all.  I didn't go into a room and dance as some suggested.  I am one person who has absolutely no ability to dance.  I just don't hear the music.  People find this hard to believe, because apparently most people just feel it in their bodies.  My husband and son are so musically intoned.  Music makes them come to life.  They need music.  I don't feel the music.  I have absolutely no sense of rhythm. (I guess I can't spell it either, I had to look it up). Oh well enough about that.

We were frozen in yesterday for a good part of the day.  My eighteen year old son and my husband were at home.  My son and I have been doing a challenge to complete a check-off list of items in a book celebrating the 150th anniversaries of the Civil War battles.  One of the items on the check off was to watch Gone With The Wind.  The movie is 233 minutes. That's almost four hours.  I have watched the movie several times but it has been years since I have seen it.  

We had family time and the three of us watched the movie together. At the end of the first side of the DVD we called Pizza King which is pretty close to us in our little town and went and picked up a pizza and breadsticks.  This really isn't on my eating plan, but I didn't overdo.  We spent the day hanging out together and having a great family time.  My son, will be moving away to college in about six months.  We probably aren't going to have many more days like that.  When the roads had thawed by late evening my son went off to do things with his friends and my husband and I went to Wendy's and had a reasonably healthy snack and spent time at Barnes & Noble.

It was a great day so I have no regrets.  I will go to the gym next week.  I will try to get some good movement in over the weekend.

I have three children in their thirties and I have my eighteen year old.  I know the times like yesterday are going to fewer and further apart as the time goes by.  I am very close to my older children, but we don't get to spend that much time just being together. I do occasionally spend the day going to the Indianapolis Colts game with one of the older boys. They both have sets of season tickets.  My daughter is so busy raising her family now, but we get some time together.  I value the quality time with my children.

Life is about taking moments when they come with no regrets.  I need to be healthy to enjoy life and be around longer, so exercise and diet is a priority.  My first priority is to myself and my family.  Part of being healthy is being happy.  My family makes me happy!


  1. To me, it's kind of a conflict. Although I totally understand the 'special moments like this will be few and far between in the near future', and enjoying them for what they are....another (new) part of me says "no reason you can't enjoy those very same moments yet also choose more wisely for one's self when it comes to what I eat during those times.'

    I would always have been in the first camp, but now my brain is moving me into the second camp. But each of us has to decide that for themselves. I'm only giving you another perspective. :)

  2. Thanks for your perspective. If they had been eating sweets I would have not eaten with them because once I get that in my system I have a hard time going back. The pizza was fine, and I am right back on track. No problem. I feel like if you take all enjoyment away, it is hard to maintain. I'm sure it is different for each person.


  3. As I read your post I had grand plans on what I was going to comment. But you stole the words out of my mouth. This is life. That means accepting that some days are not meant to be and moving on with grace and a smile on your face! :-) You've got this!!!


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