Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh My Aching Body! Did I Overdo At The Gym?

Today is a new day! This is the only day that counts!

I went to the gym yesterday for the first time since last Thursday.  I got a late start leaving home and I had to meet a couple of my husbands friends for lunch.  He had to be out of town and they were supposed to meet,  he had worked with them for 30 years before he retired and took a new job.  He had something I needed to take to them.  They meet for breakfast or lunch every so often.

I had to speed through my workout so I wouldn't be late for lunch.  I decided to just do a hard leg workout.  I probably increased my reps too quickly.  I haven't been really sore since I started back to working out two weeks ago.  I thought I wasn't pushing myself hard enough .   So, I pushed hard yesterday.  I am really sore today.  I feel really good though.  I feel like I accomplished something.

This morning I was prepared to start my new workout at home.  It is called KettleWorx.  I looked at the CDs and decided I should stay away from something that did too much in the way of legs.  I decided to do the CD for the core.

Believe it or not I liked the exercises, but the CD is not so great.  It feels like the CD is skipping like an old record.  There is a large repetition of the exercises, which wouldn't be too bad, the workouts are only twenty minutes.  They were put together cheaply.  Each time an exercise is repeated the same part if the tape is repeated.  So you get to hear him say the exact same things over and over.  At first I thought something was wrong with it, then I realized that's the way they made it.  You have 3 CDs one for core, one for cardio, and one for resistance.  Then each have 6 levels, it is supposed to be a six week workout.  They tell you to do one on Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Friday.  There are 3 additional CDs.  An introductory workout explaining the program, with a sample workout.  The others are Fast Abs and Fast Fat Burn.

It also includes a Fat Free in 42, which is a healthy eating guide to go along with the program.

I guess on the days that you do the regular twenty minute workout you can add a supplemental workout to go with it.  Today since I was sore I just went with the Core workout alone.

I bought this program for $20.00 on a clearance table.  If it gets me started on a routine workout for a while until I can figure out what else I wan to do it will be well worth the money.

Sounds like hot tub time this evening!!!

Oh yeah, I had a three hour lunch at Steak n Shake yesterday with my husbands friends.  We caught up on old times, talked about genealogy research, which is my new thing, I have a couple of blogs on that too, and just had a really good time.  They told me that I should start coming to eat with them instead of my husband.

Here are my genealogy blogs if anyone is interested.  My mom's family and my dad's family.


  1. Good for you, on pushing it! We never know what we can accomplish until we try, do we?

    Cute guys that said you should start coming to the luncheons instead of your husband. LOL

  2. I bought the Steak and Shake seasoning. It's good!

  3. Hi Betty, Where have you been? I'm so glad that you found my blog. We have alot in common. I have struggled with my weight all of my adult life. I've lost 100 pounds SEVERAL times throughout the years... I finally developed Pre-Diabetes --and it scared me... In April of 2011---I started back to Weight Watchers (this time online)---at about 244 pounds. I worked hard and lost all of my weight by August of 2012. I got down to 140 (the least I had weight since college). It is now almost March and I have kept the weight OFF so far. But--I'll tell you the truth... Keeping it off is MUCH harder than losing it. I am having to work very very hard. I am 70---so walking or hiking is my exercise. I drink about 100 oz of fluid each day... I stay at 1500 calories in mantenance ---and the main key: I write down everything which goes in my mouth---every bite... I'm being honest with myself for the first time. I weigh every Friday (some people weigh every single day while on maintenance) ---without fail.

    The thing which I have learned in maintenance is to keep on eating healthy ---and staying on my 1000-1200 calories of healthy food. Then I can ADD about 200 calories of something special --like ice cream or a piece of toast with F.F. cream cheese... It's working for me so far ---and I'm pretty darn determined now...

    I'll be glad to talk more to you if you are interested. We can compare notes. My email is I'm also BIG in Genealogy --so we do have things in common.

    The key --and it sounds like you have it --is for YOU to want to do this just for YOU. Nobody else can shame us into it --like my mother used to do to me years ago...That just made me eat more! It's discipline ---and there are things which I truly do not keep in my house. Luckily, my hubby is very supportive --so that helps tremendously.

    Hope to hear from you.
    Please take off that Word Verification. I cannot read that thing... Thanks!


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