Friday, February 8, 2013

My Husband - One of Biggest Obstacles

Okay, so now my husband had started a diet.  His idea of a diet is to pretty much eat what he wants.  I think he has cut back some on desserts, and maybe just eating a little less of other things.  But guess what?  He has already lost weight.

Why, oh why is it that he can eat anything he wants and really never gain more than 15 pounds?  Are you husbands like that to?

Then to top it off he is always offering me food, like I don't know what I should eat.  I can't eat the stuff he eats.  It's hard enough to not eat things, but when someone is putting them right in your face and says, "Why can't you have just a little?"

Okay that's my rant for the moment.  I am still thinking about starting this diet thing.  You never start a diet before Monday.

Oh yeah, and he decided we needed to go to a bar and have 1/2 price appetizers tonight.  Fried pickles and hot wings.  Ok, so I had already blown it.  To top it off I ate a banana with Nutella  and whipped cream on it.  Delicious!!

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