Saturday, February 16, 2013

Party one is over!

Today I went to my older grandson's basketball game.  They lost!  Next, it was on to the friends party.  It was a party at a indoor play area, with bouncing and climbing, lazer tag, and arcades.  A five years olds party with 13 in attendance.  Needless to day, I was exhausting, but fun.

I could smell the birthday cake!  There was pizza, birthday cake, and ice cream.  I stopped by Panera between the game and the party and got a bowl of black bean soup and an apple.  At the party I had water.

Well I made it through the first party.  Tomorrow's party is the family party.  It is more difficult to get through, but I am determined to make it.

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  1. YAY for you!!!! Congrats! One down, one to go!


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